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Industrial policy: recommendations to support Europe’s leadership in six strategic business areas

Vlad Poptamas



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Today, the Commission publishes recommendations by a group of experts, the Strategic Forum on Important Projects of Common European Interest, to boost Europe’s competitiveness and global leadership in six strategic and future-oriented industrial sectors: Connected, clean and autonomous vehicles; Hydrogen technologies and systems; Smart health; Industrial Internet of Things; Low-carbon industry; and Cybersecurity.

Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska, responsible for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, said: Our single market, one of the largest markets in the world, is a unique springboard for our industry to compete globally. To make the most of it, we need to collectively invest in being at the forefront of technological development. We have made a good start in areas such as batteries, plastic recycling and high-performance computing. And we can do more. In that vein, I welcome today’s expert group recommendations for six additional strategic value chains that the EU’s industrial policy should focus on.”

Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEIs) comprise innovative research projects that often entail significant risks and require joint, well-coordinated efforts and transnational investments by public authorities and industries from several Member States. By investing jointly in Europe’s industrial strengths and assets, the EU can generate jobs and growth across sectors and regions and strengthen its role on the global stage.

In addition to recommendations specific to each of the value chains, the report also identifies horizontal enabling actions:

  • Pooling public and private resources at EU, national and regional levels; The EU should coordinate these joint investments, targeting first industrial deployment and the commercialisation of new technologies;
  • Deepening and integrating the single market through regulations and new standards;
  • Mapping and developing the skills needed across the value chains;
  • Making innovation systems in Europe more dynamic, with a focus on regional strengths and public-private partnerships;
  • Setting a governance process to monitor technological and industrial changes, identify emerging strategic value chains and evaluate the progress of work on these value chains.

The report is part of the Juncker Commission’s efforts to strengthen Europe’s industrial base. It will also contribute to the next Commission’s work on a new long-term strategy for Europe’s industrial future.


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How Can I Get a Free Laptop for low-Income Families?

Alexandru Marginean



Reading Time: 3 minutes

Free government internet and laptop may be unbelievable to know because laptops and the internet are not cheap at all. But it is true that there is a simple process to get free government internet and laptop indeed. Now that you have known that free government internet and laptop is existing and you may also qualify to get this in your life.

Low-income families and the students who are underprivileged can easily get free government internet and laptop. They can study online and research with the help of a laptop with the internet. So you can know how to get free government internet and laptop in this article.

Free laptop from Freecycle

Freecycle is a worldwide organization that provides laptop at free cost. The authority of Freecycle firstly understands the needs of the laptop for an individual. After that, they give away a free laptop if an individual meets the criteria. So an individual may visit this site and how free laptop distribution works.

Free laptop from PCs for People

PCs For People is a non-profit organization that works to develop the community people. People who need a laptop may apply to this organization and get a laptop. The nature of the laptop is refurbished. It is also important to note that this organization donates different generation’s computers that have windows 10 licensed copies. So you may visit their site to make sure you are eligible or not.

Free laptop from St Vincent De Paul

In the United States of America, it is easy to get a free laptop from different non-profit organizations. There are a number of a non-profit organization that works to develop the community people. Part of this fact, they provide a free laptop to make sure people can get facilities for using the internet and computers.

St Vincent De Paul is one of the non-profit organization that arranges free laptop for the individual who needs for their works. So the best advice we may suggest that you visit their website and follow their instructions to get a free laptop.

Free laptop from The one Laptop Per child

The One Laptop per Child is an organization that gives free laptops for children. They believe that every child should grow up with technological skills to be a future tech-based profession. Part of this fact, this organization provides own low-power, low-cost rugged laptop. So to get this laptop, you may visit their website.

Free laptop from the state department of social services

The state department of social services works relentlessly for the betterment of the people. They provide information on which organization gives away a free laptop. So it is important to stay touch on this government site as they update different news on the free laptops as well.

Free Laptop from The Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse

In every state of the United States of America, there is an organization named the Alliance for Technology refurbishing and reuse. It is happy news to know that this organization provides a laptop for needy people.

Free Laptop from an Online Public School

Online school is popular in the age of the internet and most of the school is going online. So students may attend the class online and they need a laptop and internet. These types of online schools provide laptops freely with unlimited internet. So you may seek this type of school to get free laptops and the internet.

Free Laptop from getting Causes

Get causes is a charity group which gives away free laptop for the people who don’t afford to buy a laptop. The specific people who are from the veteran’s family, the military family are eligible to get this free laptop. But now some low-income families may apply to get free laptops from this organization. So you make sure what criteria they follow to manage a laptop for individuals.

Free Laptop from Open Education

Open Education is run by online and they provide laptop at free cost. This is one of the major tools to attend an online class. In this case, you may search for the school and colleges which provide laptops and the internet. You may visit their official website to get a free laptop.


A laptop with the internet is not just about a form of entertainment. It is an essential part of communication, study, and research. So many people may study or research which can contribute to the country’s overall development. Government, non-profit organization and online school and college manage a free laptop for the people who need for study and research purposes.

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Amusement Parks and Tourist Attractions 

Top 7 reasons why you must keep visiting Paris

Alexandru Marginean



Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Paris, capital of France, is a romantic tourist destination. It is famous for its monuments, battlefields, wineries, fashion, art, and culture. It attracts solo travelers, couples, and a group of friends from various countries, making it the most visited destination in the world. The remarkable combination of trends, history, and cultures from traditional to contemporary gives all the more reason why Paris should be in your bucket list. Here are the seven reasons why you must visit Paris at least once in a lifetime.


  1. For every food lover

Paris is a paradise for food lovers. France is famous for its pastries, bread, macaroons, and more. When in Paris, start your day with a warm croissant with some jam and a french coffee. Get ready to exercise your taste buds with the traditional French cuisines. Other than the French cuisine, you will also find, Korean, Mediterranean, West African, Japanese, and Mexican foods. Visit the oldest brasseries in Paris, Le Bouillon Chartier, that dates back to 1896. They provide authentic French cuisine at a reasonable price. Whether you want to go for fine dining in the Eiffel Tower or to enjoy a relaxed affair in a traditional Parisian Bistro, Paris will satisfy every foodie’s classic or adventurous desire.


  1. For every romantic couple

Some mystery in the air of Paris makes it magical and romantic. This magic in the city has been enticing people from all around the world. The banks of the Seine river, the art, and the architecture of this city will charm even the most hardened hearts. The romance of sitting at the top of the Eiffel tower and enjoying a glass of champagne with your partner is every couple’s fantasy. It is not just the Eiffel Tower that makes the city special. Even the cobblestone streets, fallen leaves, fancy tea salons, and soft crust pies add to the charm of this place. Enjoy a romantic ride at cobblestone streets which takes you to an island. It is a common belief that kissing your partner at the center of the folly strengthens your love. Capture your memories while taking a stroll along the Seine river. Also, visit the Sacré Coeur Basilica church, which will blow your mind with its Roman-style marvelous architecture.


  1. For the art lovers

Architectures in Paris are very iconic that even if you are not much into art, you are going to appreciate it. The classic design throughout the city shares the stories of Paris’s rich history. Did you know that the Roman city of Lutetia was the name of present-day Paris? As architects built Paris around a river, bridges play an essential role in their landscape. There are approximately 37 bridges in the city. The Pont Neuf is the first and oldest bridge in Paris. Visit them in the evenings to enjoy the panoramic view of the sunset. The museums in Paris are impressive with their display of art. The most significant museum, Musee du Louvre, is enormous with its overwhelming look. Paris is heaven for art lovers. It hosts the Musée de l’Orangerie, Musée du Quai Branly (African and Asian art), and the Musée Rodin that will satisfy the artist inside you.


  1. For the fashionista in you

Paris is a city of beauty and style, which makes it the fashion capital of the western world. From expensive clothes to kitchen appliances, you can experience a unique style in every district of Paris. For people who consider shopping as an art, then Paris will not disappoint you. Find the most expressive and trendiest in the district of Le Marais. You will find the Parisians carrying themselves in colorful patterns and prints. Twice in a year, Paris hosts the world-famous Paris Fashion Week, which attracts globally recognized fashion brands to gather in the city to showcase their creativity. Let your inner fashionista, scan the streets of Paris, and even window shopping is fun.


  1. Take a walk into the history

Travel with your kids to give them the ultimate dose of Parisian culture. Take a peek into Paris’s past by taking them to Montmartre, also known as an artist’s enclave. Basilica of the Sacre Coeur is at the top of the mountain Montmarte. It is also the highest point in the city. This majestic church is a mixture of art and worship. Museums like Musée Rodin, showcase the famous gardens and sculptures. Walk into the 13th-century Sorbonne at the medieval streets of Latin Quarter and move on to the St-Germain-de-Pres, which is full of gothic literary legends.


  1. WW1 Battlefields

As Normandy reminds of the World War II battle, Paris is also about World War I battle. Visit the World War I trenches by taking a train from Paris for a one day trip. Explore the history and battlefields where the dramatic battles took place. There are many tours scheduled with excellent tour guides, who will passionately explain to you about development and ancient discoveries. You can even book this tour for a day or two.


  1. Appreciate the beauty of stained-glass

In Paris, you will discover beautiful architecture along with the delicacy of stained-glass art. These windows depict scenes from the zodiac or the Bible. The Chartres Cathedral has one of the oldest stained-glass windows and is 80kms south of Paris. This Gothic-style cathedral has 176 stained-glass windows, each one of them showcasing different scenes. The entire architecture of this cathedral blends very well with the windows. Another cathedral is Notre Dame, which is near the river Seine. The highest interior is in the Notre Dame d’Amiens Cathedral, which is about 42.30 meters high. Though over the years, the original stained-glass window lost its beauty, yet the gothic display of sculptures makes it outstanding. When visiting here, capture the beauty of the Weeping Angel, a small angel, behind the high altar.



The above are the seven reasons why you must keep visiting Paris. This magnificent city is going to leave you dazzled by its beauty. Paris has plenty of architecture, restaurants, parks, shops, and museums for you to fall in love with this place. This modern, historical, and timeless city has something to offer for everyone. Once you complete your visit to Paris, preserve these beautiful memories on a well-designed carte a gratter. Young or old, fashion lovers, adventurers, party lovers, and dessert lovers, there are so many reasons why you must come back to Paris.


Author Bio: Emma Gill is a passionate writer & guest blogger. Writing helps her to improve her knowledge, skills & understanding about the specific industry. She loves writing & sharing her knowledge, she is currently working with “elitetechgarage” who deal with garage door repairs. Apart from writing, she loves traveling & cooking.

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Guest Articles

How to Keep a Water Heater Well-Maintained

Alexandru Marginean



Photo by Zhang Kenny on Unsplash
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Here’s the thing with water heaters – they represent probably one of the most useful and well-beloved appliances in your home, but if things go awry, they can turn into major inconveniences at best, and proper death traps at worst.

The important thing to understand about these water-heating appliances is that no matter how well they’re built, they still can break after a while. There are a couple of things that can go wrong with these appliances – their insulation can get damaged, the pipes can start leaking, or there may be a problem with the wiring, which can be very dangerous. (Any situation where there are some electrical wires in combination with water can be a potentially dangerous one.)

In this article, we’re going to talk about the steps you can take to ensure your water heater is well-maintained and ‘healthy’, so that you can avoid some of the aforementioned disasters. As you will see, performing small preventive checkups and fixes pays off much better in the long run than waiting for the thing to break completely and then scrambling to mend the issue.

Right then, folks, here’s the deal.


1) Insulate the Heater

In case the insulation on your water heater has gone bust, (or some of its parts have gone bust) what you should do is get some insulation blanket, and use it to re-deck the entirety of the oblong water heater.

There’s a wide variety of insulating blankets out there on the market, so you pick whatever model you want as long as it can do the job of wrapping the water heater well.

To do a thorough insulating job, make sure to cut several holes for all the gauges, the pipe endings, as well as the TPR valve. This way, you’ll be sure that every part of the blanket fits well with the rest of the water heater, so you won’t have to worry too much about it.


2) Insulate the Pipes

The goal of insulating a water heater is to protect any part that comes in contact with water – because it’s water that freezes in the winter and condenses like crazy during the summer. So, the pipes shouldn’t be omitted as an important part of the insulation scheme, so to speak. (Especially since pipes can not only get frozen as a result of a lack of insulation. They can also break and burst, too.)

The easiest way to do this by far would be to simply wrap some self-sticking insulation to the pipes. This thing is relatively inexpensive and easy to set up because it doesn’t require any previous expertise. Doing this will prevent frozen pipes and other sorts of troubles down the line. (It’s always less expensive to change a couple of pieces of foam than an entire pipe structure.)


3) Adjust the Temperature

One of the adjustable functions of a water heater would certainly be its thermostat. But many people don’t even know they can set this to a value they want.

The thing is, this thermostat can be used to set the desired temperature your water heater will heat water to. The standard value here is about 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 degrees Celsius), and chances are that the water heater was already set to this value when you received it.

That said, you can always change this. (Although it’s not recommended to set it to a value higher than 120 degrees. You can go lower, though.) All you need to do is unscrew the protective casing and then set the thermostat using a flathead screwdriver more often than not.


4) Check the TPR Valve

The TPR (temperature pressure release) valve serves the purpose of releasing any accumulated pressure from the tank. This is why this valve represents an important part of every water heater, because without it – there could be a nasty explosion of hot water all over your bathroom.

So, if you suspect that this valve doesn’t function properly, you can always hire the services of a team providing hot water system repairs, and take care of the problem before it becomes too large to tackle, so to speak.

The bottom line, taking care of your water heater can be a great way of ensuring it runs well and that you won’t need to invest more money down the road for fixing bigger issues. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.


About the author: Kate Mclean, a civil engineer interested in handy jobs like plumbing and piping and totally home improvement care. When I am free I write blogs about home improvement issues to help home owners to renovate their house effortlessly. You can find me on Twitter

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