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WORBLI, an enterprise-grade, compliance-focused blockchain platform, has expanded its application repertoire and offering to users by partnering with WordProof, an innovative company bringing trust, protection, and transparency to online content. Through an intuitive application, WordProof’s users are able to timestamp their content, enabling true ownership, trust and proof of content authenticity.

With an emerging online presence of misinformation, plagiarism, and distrust, WordProof is at the cutting edge of a revolution that will bring trust and credibility back to online content using blockchain technology. The Timestamp Plugin was initially designed for WordPress, one of the largest online ecosystems, powering roughly 33% of all websites in the world. WordProof is well-positioned to play a significant role in this ecosystem, as more content and website creators begin to discover how blockchain technology can increase their credibility and safeguard their hard work.

WORBLI CEO and Co-founder Domenic Thomas mentioned that “with the recent impetus from blockchain technology, we now have the unprecedented ability to have truths immutably recorded and digitally stored safely. This immutability will become the standard and anyone not subscribing to this standard will eventually see the trust in their content diminish.”

The WordProof product has been designed to allow users to easily timestamp and protect their content, with an intuitive front end and quick set up process. For those who aren’t familiar with blockchain technology, WordProof recently released its We Stamp For You protocol, allowing the blockchain uninitiated to have their content automatically timestamped without the steep learning curve.

“We’re thrilled about this partnership. There is so much false and misleading information out there floating around, it’s important that the WordProof Timestamp Plugin exists. We’re proud to be part of this cutting-edge product that’s easy enough for anyone and everyone to use,” said Sean Anderson, Director of Business Development for WORBLI.

WordProof, based in the Netherlands, will soon offer the Timestamp Plugin for all content management systems, expanding their reach to all websites.