Securechain announces launch of Finmail e-mail digital asset client on Microsoft Office Store

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Securechain ApS (“Securechain”), a blockchain company headquartered in Copenhagen, is excited to announce that Finmail, its tool for sending digital assets via e-mail, is now available for customer download on the Microsoft Office Store. Finmail is the first web and desktop add-on approved by Microsoft for transferring digital assets.

The Finmail add-on, available for Outlook and Hotmail, allows users to send and transfer digital assets within e-mails to other Finmail users. By clicking a button for “new message,” Finmail users can make payments, transfer cryptocurrency, and automatically synchronize transactions—all without having to use a digital wallet.

“The Finmail add-on helps people send both email and cryptocurrency at the same time, says Zhang, founder and director of Securechain. “With Finmail, a regular user can use just a single e-mail client to easily handle both information and value transfer with similar transfer performance, which improves productivity.”

Digital wallets, the long-standing peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transfer tool, requires having to memorize complex alphanumeric addresses. Finmail saves users the burden of having to remember a string of 16 random digits; the only address needed is for e-mail with other Finmail users. Not only will Finmail make digital asset transfer that much easier for longtime cryptocurrency enthusiasts, the product has the potential to open cryptocurrency as a mobile payment platform to a near-universal audience.

“The idea for Finmail came out of a realization that postal mail and payments systems have a lot in common: they’re both forms of communication with several connection points in between,” said Zhang. “The Internet equivalents, e-mail and digital currency, share a similar relationship; though given the speed and global networking that online communication affords, they have the power to effect change that much more quickly and profoundly. Finmail will forge the analog-digital divide for cryptocurrencies.”

At present the Finmail add-on is only available for Microsoft Hotmail and Outlook, though plans are in the works for other e-mail clients.


SOURCE Securechain ApS