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masterQueue Selected To Present CCPA Data Privacy Solution For Debt Collection At FinovateFall

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Intellaegis, dba “masterQueue”, a leader in debt collections software, was selected to present at FinovateFall in New York City September 23-25th, 2019.

“masterQueue launched as an Artificial Intelligence based Debt Collection software at FinovateSpring in 2011, well before A.I. became a well-known strategy in FinTech. We’re excited to see the Compliance and Data Privacy solutions they’re launching at FinovateFall,” said Greg Palmer, VP FinTech strategy at Finovate.

masterQueue has become the dominant FinTech solution where Debt Collection process management change using FinTech has been identified by innovative Financial Institutions in Auto Finance, Credit Card and other verticals as a solution to improve on older, manual, legacy Debt Collection processes that need a makeover.

masterQueue was created to automate the skip tracing process by automatically gathering consumer data to streamline the method of finding customers that financial institutions have lost touch with. masterQueue’s CEO and Founder John Lewis was a former Skip Tracing lead trainer at Chrysler Financial, and in 1988, John and his wife/business partner Perla built the first skip tracing company and masterQueue is their 9th start up within the auto finance vertical.

“In prior years, we helped build niche industries around the Skip Tracing and Repossession processes. This changed how lenders managed this part of their portfolios. While those companies we built became pioneers of billion dollar niche industries in auto finance, what masterQueue, and eventually what all debt collection platforms will do in regard to data, efficiency and compliance, I believe, will completely transform the entire Debt Collection industry. It will shift from an old school, labor intensive, manual process driven business model to an efficient, well-oiled machine that embraces and utilizes all the great parts of FinTech,” Lewis said.

In addition to efficiency gains, the reason masterQueue is presenting again at Finovate has more to do with the new Data Privacy laws like CCPA, and with the CFPB and different States constantly updating the regulatory rules around Debt Collection.

“Our clients face complex challenges in finding and contacting customers in a compliant manner. We’re in an environment where the rules are constantly changing and new Data Privacy laws require FI’s and their vendors to track and secure every piece of data on every person whose data they come into touch with. That’s not easy without a solid FinTech platform built around a comprehensive data mapping and data hygiene plan,” commented Lance Suder, masterQueue’s Director of Operations.

With this dynamic in play, one of their long-time clients approached masterQueue to collaborate and build a solution to address these regulatory challenges to help them pro-actively stay ahead of the curve in protecting their customers data and privacy.

“No lender cares more about their customers, and they set the bar on how Financial Institutions should treat consumers. It was no surprise when they came to us to build a feature in masterQueue to protect and respect their customers data. We’re excited that’s been nominated for a collaboration award at FinovateFall,” Lewis said.

This project, and all of the masterQueue compliance and efficiency features will be showcased at FinovateFall, and at the Auto Intel Summit (AIS) July 23-25th in Raleigh, NC.

At AIS, Lewis will be speaking on a Data Privacy panel that will be moderated by Rod Arends, VP of Loan Servicing at Southeast Toyota Financial. He’ll be joined by Mary Ross, co-author of the California Consumer Privacy Act; David Lincicum, General Atty at the Federal Trade Commission, and Becky Kuehn, Partner, & Chair of the Credit, Reporting, Privacy and Data Security Practice Group at Hudson Cook, LLP.

The following day, Lewis, Ross and Kuehn will be joined in a data privacy workshop by Jessie Herdrich, VP of Compliance and Operations at PAR North America, a long time masterQueue customer and an innovator in third party vendor servicing. A masterQueue user conference, also moderated by Rod Arends, will then be held from 11AM to 1PM on 7/25 to close out AIS.


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