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Real Coin, Real Tech “ECP+”, a global cryptocurrency company successfully completed its second meetup at COEX on June 27.

At the second ECP+ meetup, which was attended by about 1,500 people, the company announced ECP+ mainnet and ECP+ DAPP, which received great attention and responsefrom the attendees.

In addition to achieving the largest number of user and allied stores, ECP+ has made strides in a variety of lifestyle areas. ECP+ developed with the aim of practical use enables various economic activities such as remittance, payment and exchange of money through its own application.

In particular, it boasts the best technology based on patented next-generation blockchain technology.

In this meetup, the company explained that it has become more competitive as services in various domestic and foreign sectors can be linked through blockchain ecosystem platform based on next-generation blockchain complementary technology and blockchain technology through authentication and settlement provided by mainnet through release of MARS blockchain mainnet and ECP+ DAPP.

As the main point of the cryptocurrency currency’s biggest success based on blockchain technology lies in “commercialization,” it is expected that ECP+, which is leading the way in this generality, will perform.

ECP+ is a global cryptocurrency that is currently promoting global fintech services in Asian countries (Chinathe PhilippinesJapanSouth Korea, etc.) while partner agreements are underway with local exchanges around the world, listed in HOTIT and COIN2X exchanges.

Cryptographic currency technology and ECP+ DAPP platform that can be used conveniently and safely in real life such as password currency trading, remittance service and global payment through fast payment system were launched.

ECP+ is also expected to increase its value in terms of profitability, as it participated in Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019 in March, where it communicated with blockchain specialists from around the world and was recognized as an A+-class cryptocurrency.

TEO CONSULTING GROUP, which operates ECP+.INC., said it plans new development projects to nurture the tourism industry and build infrastructure, along with lower-tier operators and partners, as well as companies based on tourism, casino, online casino, casino-related leases, resort casinos, licenses, development solutions and operations management, resort casino construction projects based in Southeast Asia, and that it is expanding its use on and off-line through ECP+ DAPP.

Stressing that it is the most practical cryptocurrency currency in the country, it also said, “As we are pushing for the application of the tourism industry and the real economy based on MARS blockchain technology, we can look forward to future projects.”