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Polarization Technology Increases CBD’s Ability to Reduce Inflammation by More Than 500%

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Quanta, Inc. (OTC: QNTA), an applied science company focused on enhancing energy levels in plant matter, including hemp and cannabis, to increase performance within the human body, announced today that they released a new white paper “CBD in the Quantum Era – Polarization and its effects on anti-inflammatory abilities of cannabidiol (CBD)” which shows that Quanta’s patented polarization technology increases the effectiveness of CBD to inhibit the COX 2 enzyme by 572%. In other words, the polarization process greatly increases the ability of CBD to reduce inflammation.

Quanta’s proprietary technology uses quantum mechanics to increase the bio-activity of targeted molecules which enhances the desired effect. The polarization technology is applied to many ingredients, including CBD, to manipulate and stabilize electron spin in naturally occurring elements to increase performance in the body. The Company mission is to create natural, sustainable healing solutions that are as powerful and predictable as pharmaceutical drugs.

The company recently conducted a petri dish study introducing traditional CBD and 2 levels of Polarized CBD to the COX 2 enzyme, which is responsible for inflammation pain and fever. The following key results emerged from the report and are detailed in the white paper:

  • Traditional CBD showed a 12% rate of COX 2 inhibition
  • Medium Intensity Polarized CBD showed a 46% rate of COX 2 inhibition
  • High Intensity Polarized CBD showed a 71% rate of COX 2 inhibition

“We are very pleased and humbled with the results of this study,” said Quanta, Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Eric Rice. “A 572% increase in the effectiveness of CBD as a COX 2 inhibitor is encouraging, considering the importance it will play in the lives of millions of people around the world and the escalating demand for CBD products in today’s marketplace.  We released the white paper to show the capabilities of our technology as we strive to establish ourselves as a leader within the anti-inflammatory and commercial CBD industries.”

The Brightfield Group (a marketing research group specializing in the CBD industry) has estimated that the American CBD market will reach a stunning $22 billion by 2022. This data represents an increase, from a recent forecast made by New York-based investment bank Cowen & Co, which estimated that the market could pull in $15 billion by 2025.

To view the white paper in full, visit:


SOURCE Quanta, Inc.


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