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High-impact nonprofit Realm of Caring and cannabis brand, VidaCann, have partnered to bring more research and education to families around the world in regards to cannabinoid therapies. VidaCann is now a Realm of Caring (RoC) approved brand in Florida and has passed their strict quality standards.  VidaCann’s products are recommended to RoC clients and VidaCann’s clients can utilize RoC’s services including research programs and care team guidance to help with their journey on cannabinoid therapy.

“Compassion is everything. From plant to patient at VidaCann, we show we care. Which is why we’re excited to announce our partnership with Realm of Caring.  Known for their profound familial impact and innovative programs, their trained specialists provide patients with personalized product and administration recommendations. We’re confident Realm of Caring will enhance our patients’ walk with plant-based wellness,” Peyton Moseley, VP of Product Development at VidaCann.

This partnership benefits thousands of medical cannabis users in Florida.

“We are excited for this partnership because many more clients in Florida will have access to quality products from VidaCann with concierge service from our knowledgeable care team, ” writes Heather Jackson, CEO of the RoC.

Complementary missions of both VidaCann and Realm of Caring make this a powerhouse partnership.  More families will be served and innovative research accomplished with Johns Hopkins UniversityUniversity of Pennsylvania, and others.  Further research on cannabinoid therapies is needed to bridge the knowledge gap and bring more options to families who don’t know where to turn and lack choices.

VidaCann is the most advanced and innovative medical cannabis company in Florida. Offering offer high-quality medical grade cannabis products, including vape cartridges, concentrates, tinctures, and capsules.  VidaCann is a vertically integrated business, giving a unique opportunity to exercise oversight and control in every aspect of the product manufacturing process. It’s the only way to make certain that every VidaCann product sold meets the highest possible standards for safety, purity, and consistency.

Realm of Caring is a 501(c)3 nonprofit located in Colorado Springs serving more than 55,000 clients worldwide. RoC is redefining cannabis through innovative research, revolutionary education, and empowering global community connections. To learn about becoming a RoC approved brand, please email or call 719-347-5400 Ext 100


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