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Quality Control, Shipping Speed, and Product Creativity Drive This Exciting Change

Sunwarrior, a leading plant-based protein and superfood company, today announced it has brought the majority of its manufacturing and fulfillment in-house. Four product launches are planned this year, including Plant-Based Collagen Building Protein Peptides. With growing customer demand, bringing these services in-house allows the company to expedite new product launch initiatives, guarantee faster shipping speeds, and provide enhanced quality control.

“As we continue to expand our product line, we are committed to improving our already high standard of quality and service,” said Sunwarrior’s Chief Operations Officer Emerson Carnavale. “By bringing manufacturing and fulfillment in-house, we are able to build orders more quickly and provide next-day shipping. It’s what our customers expect from us.”

Going In-House Has Many Benefits

By bringing manufacturing and fulfillment in-house, Sunwarrior has:

  • The ability to be even more selective in sourcing the finest ingredients for their customers.
  • Greater manufacturing controls, which allow for the timing of production to better align with customers’ order cycles.
  • The ability to have smaller and more frequent batch runs, which result in fresher products to deliver to the customer.
  • Increased inventory visibility, which leads to better quality control and more streamlined order fulfillment.
  • Greater creativity and innovation, as small-batch runs for new product development and exploration will be easier and more cost-effective to create.

“Sunwarrior is a company that was founded on the principles of plant-based nutrition, quality, and service,” said Sunwarrior Co-Founder Denley Fowlke. “We transitioned to in-house manufacturing and fulfillment because we remain focused on those principles. It’s our commitment to continually improve and better serve our customers.”



SOURCE: Sunwarrior