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New Line Of Supplements And Protein Powders

Betty Tűndik



Shauna Reiter, Founder of Alaya Naturals
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Alaya Naturals Develops a Clean, Nourishing Line of Supplements and Powders that Exceed the Highest Level of Standards

Alaya Naturals is excited to launch their debut line of supplements and protein powders nationwide. This new line was built on the belief that foods can and should heal the physical and mental body, and was developed from the cleanest, purest ingredients.

Alaya was developed to help those looking to live a natural, clean lifestyle to achieve the mental clarity, stamina, and level of wellness that they desire. Born with an autoimmune disease that suppresses white blood cells, Founder Shauna Reiter, spent years battling oppressive ailments and knew that her body needed healing. She spent years researching, testing and finally perfecting her line of products, all of which are Non-GMO, and includes vegan USDA certified organic powders.

“Developing Alaya Naturals has been my passion for years, and now, looking back, every doctor visit, every test, brought me to this point. I feel more present in every aspect of my life and I want others to feel that too.” – Shauna Reiter, Founder of Alaya Naturals.

“I am always looking for things that are top quality, and one of the things I fell in love with right off the bat was Alaya Naturals Green Superblend. I loved the ingredient blend, texture of the powder and the flavor when adding to my morning shakes.  It gets me all my superfoods, antioxidants, and adaptogens in one serving!  Plus, it’s certified organic and ethically sourced.  For all these reasons I flat out fell in love with the brand and reached out to Shauna to invest.” – Jillian Michaels wellness coach, businesswoman, author and television personality.


SOURCE: Alaya Naturals

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Through my career I have also been a Hotel Manager and owned a Bar/Restaurant & Internet Cafe. My online marketing and social media interactivity experience was gained when me and my husband started a business with an online/organic webshop & healthy lifestyle consultancy.

I've improved my English at Cambridge Academy of English - 2003, in Cambridge. I live a conscious lifestyle, and try to protect the ecosystem. Animal lover and capable of helping others without judgement or negative reactions, this is thanked to my knowledge in holistic therapies and the naturopathy courses I've followed.

I cannot leave far my spiritual growth and the continuous development in alternative and holistic therapies, so I'm learning at Kyron School of New Consciousness, receiving a Bio Energo-therapist diploma.

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What Trends Are Shaping The Cannabis Industry In 2019?

Alex Marginean



Photo by Drew Taylor on Unsplash
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Cannabis has been on the path of an upward spiral ever since the news of legalization broke from the west. The trend is slowly catching up on various parts of the world. More research, news, and information to expand the knowledge of people around the globe about cannabis have also begun to emerge. Today people from everywhere are excited to learn about the miracle plant and understand how to incorporate its usage to benefit them. Even the legal ties around the plant are slowly vanishing with an expanding body of research, and we can understand cannabis in its entirety very soon. The global market for the product is also expanding, with more industries looking to include cannabis-based products in their range. Investments, new medical and non-medical applications, legalization, cultivation, and so much more are in line for cannabis as its trends in 2019. Some of the most popular trends of 2019 around this plant that has captured the world’s attention are listed here.



1. Binging with Weed beverages: Cannabis edibles have been an innate part of the cannabis industry. While the legal terms around cannabis edibles are still rocky, CBD, the non-psychoactive cousin of THC in cannabis is taking over the world by storm. CBD has become the base for the cannabis beverage trends that promise a whole new level of flavored drinks and energy drinks. Hemp-derived beverages have started making a place in the regulated dispensary channels, whereas towards the end of the year, the possibility of further commercialization is visible. The farm bill is an encouraging front that promises the possibility of such progress. Beverages are more result focussed, such as drinking coffee for energy or tea for relaxation as compared to food in general. Hence the emergence of cannabis in this market is a trend to watch out. Historical top brands are looking at possible tie-ups and partnerships to introduce cannabis-infused lines that could change the course of the cannabis industry within the next few years.


2. The Blurring lines of Legalization: While legalization started with medicinal use of marijuana in focus, the latest trends show the line thinning between recreational and medicinal use. The regulations imposed in most places seem to help control the use of recreational marijuana. It indicates that marijuana sales for multipurpose consumption without restrictions on the application will become more common in the days to come. The line between medicinal and adult-use channels is dull, and there is a lot of crossover between these applications. Consumers are evolving through cannabis trends such as edibles, beverages, topicals, etc. With cannabis becoming such an integral part of their lifestyle, the lines may thin further.



3. Alleviating approachability:  The digital market platforms available have eased the process of shopping in every segment. Cannabis is no exception to this trend, as online market platforms have become a personal favourite for most weed consumers. While legalization started in various areas, issues such as location and accessibility of dispensaries posed as a problem for consumers to try this plant. But online shopping platforms promise high quality, are easier to browse, you can shop with tons of more choices than in a dispensary. One should know the particular information about when to harvest cannabis ?. After that, all they have to do is order indoor cannabis seeds and start growing. Smooth delivery at home is possible to enjoy your cannabis is complete ease.


4. Climbing the social ladder: After many years of constant turmoil and social degradation as a drug, cannabis has managed to remove the stigma around it in the past few years. More consumers are becoming aware of the plant and its benefits, and hence it is finding its way into mainstream social gatherings. Cannabis themed cafes and restaurants, and cannabis-friendly gatherings are popping up in various locations across the world. Also, consumption in places such as lounges is becoming common in certain areas. Coffee shops, pubs are keeping up with the evolving trend to stay on top of their games. It is an important trend as cannabis is gradually becoming a social situation stimulant. It could be good news as some believe that the expansion of cannabis could eventually bring down tobacco consumption.


5. The Cannabinoids in Command: Cannabinoids are the hotshot cousins of THC that have taken over the cannabis world in the past few months. Being a non-psychoactive ingredient, CBD has been able to pave way for marijuana beyond the boundaries of dispensaries into general stores and markets. The education among users to understand the difference between THC and CBD is slowly spreading. A lot of understanding regarding the different terpenes and cannabinoids of cannabis is underway. The current market for CBD is mostly relying on ingestible forms such as CBD oil Canada and tinctures. But the future holds a wider range of options such as infusion in vitamins, beverages, supplements, food, pills, and most of all, inhalable.


6.Dependable Distribution roots: While the past years witnessed a boom in cannabis business at cultivation and retail levels, this year is all about emerging in the distribution channel. The number of distribution-based companies primarily focused on segments such as packaging, labeling based on licenses is emerging into the sector. One such trusted company is get kush. One should buy from as they have a plethora of high-quality CBD strains at affordable prices. The scope for these companies is large, and a boom in this market is promising for tons of new companies to emerge. With laws such as Multi-States Operators rule, which is also the latest development in the cannabis industry, the opportunities for these companies are ample.


The past few years have shown tremendous growth in the cannabis sector. The years to come promise improvements in cultivation techniques, distribution channels, better market access to consumers, and opportunities in new sectors. These improvements will help us witness the evolution of cannabis.

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Guest Articles

Photogrammetry And its Various Types

Alex Marginean



Reading Time: 6 minutes

Photogrammetry is the strategy that allows measurements of two points on the land or some other surface utilizing a 2D photo bringing about a study map that gives a detailed idea about the spatial circulation of items superficially. The change of the mapped picture should be possible utilizing the size of the photogrammetric picture. Photogrammetry likewise permits the mapping of movements superficially utilizing rapid photography utilizing computational models giving an inexorably precise comprehension of relative movements. One should learn ArcGis for using photogrammetry.


The word photogrammetry originates from “photograph” signifying “light”, “gram” signifying “drawing” and “metry” signifying “measurement”.

Colonel Aimé Laussedat is alluded to as the father of Photogrammetry who utilized earthbound photos to determine land maps of a territory in 1849. In any case, the primary reference of photogrammetry goes similarly as 1480 when Leonardo da Vinci utilized the specialty of point of view and undertaking geometry in a large number of his works. In 1865 the photogoniometer was created by Geodesist Porro which contributed to a great extent to the present day photogrammetry by expelling focal point contortion. Meydenbauer presented the expression “photogrammetry” in the year 1893. Another milestone improvement was the presentation of the ethereal camera, by the American Brock siblings in the year 1914, which could be mounted on a plane rather than physically holding it by the side.

In 1957 the first analytical plotter was created by Helava. The advancement of the systematic plotter helped in computerized handling during the 70s with the improvement of PCs. During the 2000s the better and much complex programming was created and utilized for handling photogrammetric maps.


How Does Photogrammetry Work?

Photogrammetry depends on the idea of “point of view geometry”. It is fundamentally the same as the manner in which our minds convert pictures utilizing the idea of crossing point estimation. Photogrammetry works by utilizing various pictures of the scene taken from various positions and points.

Taking into account that the viewpoint focus is the camera focal point, whose central length is known, and the light beams going through the middle mirror the picture of a point from the scene then the edges of the light beams from the scene can be adjusted to yield separation between the focuses. On the off chance that at a given scene 3 points are viewed as whose 3D arranges are known regarding a facilitate framework then the situation of the viewpoint focus can be resolved alongside the direction of the picture concerning the organizing framework.

With the information on the position and direction of the picture that is shaped the 3D vector can be resolved through the point of view focus in connection to each light beam. Covering pictures with realized 3D vectors will decide the genuine 3D places of the general purposes of the scene.


Types of Photogrammetry

The most widely recognized approach to characterize photogrammetry depends on the situation of the camera that takes the photos to be examined. There are two essential kinds of photogrammetry dependent on the camera position.


  1. Aerial Photogrammetry
  2. Terrestrial and Close-Range Photogrammetry


Aerial Photogrammetry: In this kind of photogrammetry the camera is mounted on an aircraft which can take many photographs of the area from different edges. For this, an exactness photogrammetric camera is utilized to get top-notch pictures, which is mounted on a flying machine, UAVs or automatons. Every now and again satellite pictures are utilized too. The Aerial photogrammetry model is utilized for geographical examinations, land and soil studies, structural designing for urban improvement, coordinations, military knowledge, and others.

There are different sorts of photos that can be utilized in Aerial Photogrammetry. They include:

  • Oblique Photographs: In Vertical photos is the place the hub of the camera is vertical to the area with the end goal that the focal point hub is opposite to the outside of the earth. The subsequent photo is of a lot littler region yet looks like the maps over level landscapes.
  • Sideways Photographs: Here, the hub of the camera is in a slanted situation when contrasted with the vertical line. These photos are fundamentally utilized as an enhancement map. Be that as it may, the zone secured is moderately little and is in the state of a trapezoid. The perspective on the photos is considerably more like the genuine territory not at all like the vertical photos because of the way that pivot is slanted and thus gives a reasonable thought of the landscape height.
  • Convergent Photographs: In joined photos, the photos are taken with a couple of wide-calculated cameras with a solitary focal point or with a solitary twin-focal point wide-calculated camera. The camera or cameras are mounted with the end goal that the hub of the two focal points unites when tilted by a specific edge from the vertical pivot a lot of like the human eyes.
  • Trimetrogon Photogrammetry: The trimetrogon photograms are a party of three photos of the area that are taken at a time including one vertical and two corner to corner pictures. The course of the vertical purpose of intermingling is at a correct edge to the line of flight and the obliques are taken at an edge of 60 degrees from the vertical along these lines passing on composite pictures from skyline to skyline.


Terrestrial and Close-Range Photogrammetry

In this procedure for photogrammetry the camera is either hand-held or mounted on a tripod or post. The camera is masterminded on the ground and pictures were taken are non-topographic in nature and are ordinarily recommended as picture-based outlining. No exceptional kind of camera is required for short region photogrammetry. The standard camera or telephone cameras can be utilized to quantify building structures, inclines, rocks, stores, mines, and so forth.

In the earthbound and short proximity photogrammetry, the subject is under 1000ft away from the camera. There are numerous reasons that make CRP the liked and regularly a useful asset for geospatial experts. The essential explanation being the appearance of 3D photogrammetry likewise called multi-beam photogrammetry.

The increased intrigue and utilization of unmanned elevated frameworks have assisted the utilization of CRP as these frameworks depend exclusively on the short proximity photos that are stereo-combined and afterward transformed into 3D point mists. Because of the way that the earthly and short proximity photogrammetry can utilize the ordinary regular cameras the cost required for any investigation is decreased altogether.


Photogrammetry Improvement and Programming

Photogrammetry systems have seen critical changes throughout the years. More changes happened with the appearance of computational photogrammetry which computerized the figuring as well as expanded the precision and pace of transformation of 2D pictures to 3D geometric portrayals of a surface.

In the underlying stages, photogrammetry was increasingly a plane table portrayal which at that point created to the Analog structure in the early and mid-1900s. With the improvement of PCs and programming, Analytical photogrammetry appeared. Presently the computerized type of photogrammetry is significant and well known like the DEM or advanced height models, computerized maps and others.


A portion of the present programming that is being utilized for photogrammetry are:

  • Context Capture & Acute 3D: This product arrangement permits the generation of high-goals 3D models from basic photos frequently alluded to as Reality Modeling.
  • Photo Modeler: This product produces 3D models and estimations from photos by picture based displaying and short proximity stereo photogrammetry.
  • Photosynth: It breaks down advanced photos and produces 3D models of photographs and a point haze of shot items.
  • Pix4dMapper: This product utilizes PC vision calculations and photogrammetry to change multispectral and warm pictures into 3D models and maps.
  • Reality Capture: This photogrammetric programming makes 3D models from unordered photos or laser examines. It is generally utilized in full-body checking, gaming, reviewing, making enhanced visualizations, and so on.
  • Socet Set: This product inputs stereo presentation photos and consequently creates a DEM, computerized include vector information and orthorectified pictures.
  • Data Mapper: DataMapper written in PHP is an Object Relational Mapper which is intended to translate and outline tables into straightforward articles.
  • Drone Deploy: This is a Drone and UAV mapping stage that catches pictures, makes maps and 3D models.
  • DAT/EM International Summit Evolution: This product incorporates CAD and GIS interfaces that give an incredible asset to catching and deciphering 3D data from stereo information.
  • Intergraph Z/I Imaging: This is a conventional bundle utilized as a mapping stage that accompanies a huge organization advanced camera with expanded picture catch and goals limit.
  • KLT Associates ATLAS: This is a 3D map information assortment and altering programming utilized for digitizing map information.
  • PCI Geomatica: This is a remote detecting programming bundle for handling earth perception information into 3D pictures.
  • GSI V-Stars: This is a specific photogrammetric bundle which is planned to give profoundly exact estimations. It is fused with the camera and estimation application that takes pictures and translates them with precision.

Because of the expanding straightforwardness and precision of photogrammetry, various applications have been advanced utilizing this mapping innovation. Photogrammetry has opened the ways to the many-sided mapping required in different sciences and land contemplates. This is a developing field and will see significantly more progression with the reconciliation of computerized innovation.

There are different programming and sites that enable free access to learn and apply photogrammetry. The entrance to pictures has rearranged with the utilization of UAV, automatons, and UAS utilizing photogrammetry a lot more straightforward and available to most.

To get in-depth knowledge about Photogrammetry you can enroll for live ArcGIS Training by Edunbox with 24/7 support and lifetime access.

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Craft coffee roasters from Poland KawePale reinforce their position in UAE at SIAL Middle East expo

Zoltán Tűndik



Reading Time: 3 minutes


After successful market entries in China and the United Arab Emirates earlier this year, specialty coffee roastery from Warsaw, KawePale, will showcase its newest products at one of the biggest industry events in the region – SIAL Middle East 2019. Besides the classic blends, all coffee lovers and professionals will have an exclusive opportunity to try their brand new bottled cold brew. 

In 2014, when two coffee fanatics Piotr Wilczewski and Piotr Mietelski founded KawePale, no one really knew what specialty coffee is. Only big European “hipster” café hubs, such as London, Berlin or Warsaw had some interest in it. Product of such quality can’t be mass-produced, so naturally, it has a relatively high price tag. But it didn’t scare the consumers – quite the contrary. Once they tried it, they didn’t want to go back to the standard premium brands. Craft coffees took the European market by storm and it didn’t stop there.

“We found our niche in Warsaw and other neighboring cities, but we both knew it was just the beginning. We needed another, even bigger challenge, so we seized the opportunity to exhibit in China and UAE. We saw the growth rates in multiple market research analysis and we decided to get out of our comfort zone and explore the markets” – said Piotr Wilczewski, founder, and CEO of KawePale.

Indeed, the numbers for both China and UAE speak for themselves. In 2019, coffee consumption in China grew by 20% – it’s 2% above the worldwide rate (source: Chinabgao). It doesn’t look like a huge difference, but taking into consideration the size of the Chinese market, it’s absolutely massive. And it’s no less impressive in the UAE – according to Gulf News, sales at Emirati coffee houses have seen a 70% growth in the last year.

“Dallah coffee pot is one of the symbols of the Emirati culture and we’ve always been aware of the Arabic coffee heritage. That’s why we were even more excited to witness a shift in the way people consume coffee during our business trip to Dubai. You can buy cold brews in a bottle or enjoy it straight from the tap, just like beer. It makes perfect sense in such a hot climate. As it is our second visit to UAE, we’re now confident that our cold brew will fit in the trend nicely” – comments Piotr Mietelski, vice-president and barista at KawePale.

“Interestingly, the biggest international brands such as Starbucks or Costa Coffee seem to miss the opportunity resulting from the specialty coffee boom. They simply can’t produce small batches and adapt to different tastes around the world like us. What’s more, coffee traders want something new. It gives us a competitive edge we could only dream of just a couple of years ago when we started” – adds the CEO Piotr Wilczewski.

Last year’s edition of SIAL Middle East welcomed 28,324 trade attendees and hosted 1089 exhibitors from all over the world and the numbers are expected to be even bigger this year. All participants will have a chance to try KawePale’s products at stand P077 in Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre from 9th to 11th December. More information about the company is available at

Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund in the framework of the operational programme Smart Growth.

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