theracann International announces successful integration between their OS2 Software Solution and Merrco Payment’s Payment Platform

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theracann International Benchmark Corporation, a leading full service international cannabis business and technology firm (“theracann”) is pleased to announce we successfully completed integration of our ERP+C, OS2 with the Merrco Payments Inc. (“Merrco”) payment platform, introducing a seamless offering  to process patients to licensed producers transactions in Canada.

This milestone provides licensed producers a robust platform to manage the online transactions, coming from the integrated Patient Portal in OS2, which serves as an online store front, and it also allows patients to have a history of all their purchases and easy communication with their provider.

theracann’s vision on the legal medicinal cannabis market is to provide the platform to demonstrate that not only every gram can be traced and tracked but also every penny, and the ability to track cannabis product through its entire lifecycle from inception through to consumption, destruction and / or recall.

Oswaldo Bello, Chief Information Officer of theracann International, says “We are innovating in solutions that fit the needs of the licensed producers, not only in Canada but worldwide. Our ERP+C, OS2 is designed to help the licensed producers run their global cannabis operation seamlessly and consolidate in a single place all the data  required for traceability, record keeping, and compliance,”

Fern Glowinsky, President and CEO of Merrco  stated, “We are proud to partner with theracann International to provide seamless, secure and compliant payment processing solutions to the cannabis industry. With this integration, theracann customers can benefit from a robust seed-to-sale and payment processing platform.” 

According to Chris Bolton, Chief Operating Officer of theracann International, “in the end it’s all about cannabis industry stabilization to impede, if not eliminate, black market activity and cannabis diversion and by giving international banking the comfort it needs to manage international wire transfers that cannabis being bought and sold is only from licensed facilities.  Our integration with Merrco together with our supply chain and blockchain features of OS2 puts us in a unique position to assist both law enforcement, regulatory bodies and licensed producers in a way that meets and exceeds the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs – United Nations Office on Drugs.”


SOURCE TheraCann Canada Benchmark Corp.