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Dolcas-Tenshi Bioceuticals Targets Sexual Health with All-natural Fortiquin™ Botanical Formula

Betty Tűndik



Dolcas-Tenshi Bioceuticals targets sexual health with all-natural Fortiquin™ botanical formula
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Fortiquin™ Boosts Men’s Sexual Performance Naturally

The new joint venture, DolCas-Tenshi Bioceuticals Inc., is targeting male sexual health in its debut nutraceutical formula, marketed under the name Fortiquin™. This five-ingredient, patent-pending blend of herbal extracts and nutrients has been carefully designed to support sexual stamina and overall wellbeing in healthy men experiencing problems with sexual performance. The company will launch the all-natural, vegan complex at Vitafoods Europe in Geneva on May 7-9, 2018, booth #F200.

Derived from the wisdom of the Ayurvedic medical tradition, Fortiquin is composed of four botanicals: mucuna, cynara, trigonella and ashwanghanda, combined with the amino acid L-arginine. The proprietary blend of natural ingredients works in synergy to nourish and balance multiple systems for the overall enhancement of men’s health and, more specifically, sexual stamina. Comprehensive clinical studies are ongoing.

The symbiotic blend of extracts, in proprietary ratios, are standardized to their bioflavonoid and saponin contents. These two classes of phytochemicals are commonly touted for their therapeutic activity, including their effects on the reproductive, vascular and nervous systems.

“Fortiquin is an all-natural powerhouse blend of botanicals,” says Shavon Jackson-Michel, ND, Director of Medical and Scientific Affairs for DolCas-Tenshi. “The individual herbs coexist as clean-label extracts, rather than powders, delivering not only an enriched profile of the phytochemicals most associated with their functionality and organ affinity, but also ensuring consistent quality from batch to batch.”

“DolCas-Tenshi is attentive to the drive for increased standardization of quality for all aspects of developing natural sexual health products,” adds Vivek A. Parachur, co-founder and CEO of Olene Life Sciences, developer and manufacturer of Fortiquin. “This encompasses sourcing, storage, and proper clinical assessment of bioactivity and efficacy. Lack of such attention can leave the consumer with little confidence in product effectiveness. Pursuing the highest level of consumer confidence in the product is where Fortiquin stands out.”

The supplement market for sexual performance aids is projected to grow exponentially into 2021. Technavio Research forecasts a steady annual growth rate of about 12% over the 5 year period, with a projected market value of about $376 million[i].

Several factors are driving the expansion of this dynamic niche market. Evolvement of societal perceptions and norms regarding sexual intimacy is eliciting increased customer acceptance of sexual enhancement supplements. Additionally, the anonymity and convenience of internet shopping appears to encourage increased e-commerce activity within this sector.

The potential for Fortiquin is vast. The release of the publication proving its clinical effects on sexual function in men is expected in the late spring of this year. The uniqueness of Fortiquin’s composition potentially avails it to other clinical functions, such as sports performance and menopausal support. Dolcas-Tenshi plans to further investigate Fortiquin’s applicability for these additional health areas.

Visit at Vitafoods 2019 in Geneva, booth #F200


SOURCE: DolCas Biotech

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Station Cold Brew Coffee eyes expansion into CBD-infused beverages

Betty Tűndik



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Introducing a true ‘plant-based’ addition to your morning routine

Station Cold Brew Coffee Company, pioneers in the cold brew coffee category in Canada, announced today that they are planning to expand their portfolio by introducing a lineup of CBD-infused beverages in partnership with Canada’s largest craft cannabis organization, Pasha Brands Ltd.

The announcement comes in anticipation of April 20th (also referred to as 4/20), which is affectionately known by the cannabis community as a day to celebrate and consume the plant. Station believes it is no coincidence that April 20th also happens to be National Cold Brew Coffee Day and that the pairing of the two is a natural match. Through this move, the Canadian cold brew coffee manufacturer is positioning themselves to capitalize on the infused beverage market, which is set to become legal in Canada this coming October.

“We firmly believe that non-psychoactive cannabis compound cannabidiol (“CBD”) will become a prominent wellness ingredient within the functional beverage space and that coffee is the perfect vehicle to introduce it to consumers,” said Mitchell Stern, Co-Founder & VP Sales & Marketing for Station. “There is a common misconception that CBD will make you sleepy, which isn’t true. The reality is that CBD delivers a calm, clear and focused feeling which can lead to increased productivity. We believe that when paired with the stimulating effects of caffeine, it creates a unique and beautiful balance that is perfect to start your day with.”

Under the new partnership, Pasha Brands will formulate and manufacture CBD-infused beverages for Station Cold Brew Coffee. The Vancouver-based organization boasts an extensive portfolio of craft cannabis brands with proven capabilities in cannabis cultivation, genetic research and development, product, processing, and retail.

“This is a historic time for the cannabis industry in Canada and we’re glad to be at the forefront,” said Patrick Brauckmann, Executive Chairman of Pasha Brands. “With the legalization of recreational cannabis in October 2018, established brands have begun to realize the potential of expanding their businesses through the introduction of cannabis products. We are delighted to work with Station Cold Brew to create high-quality products which are desired in the cannabis community and adhere to Health Canada regulations.”

Station Cold Brew Coffee will be releasing further details on the CBD-infused beverages in the coming months in line with anticipated regulations for edibles & consumables.

About Station Cold Brew Coffee

Station Cold Brew is Canada’s largest dedicated cold brew coffee company and was born to broaden the possibilities of the coffee ritual. SCB is on a mission to handcraft products that sit at the crossroads of quality and convenience and never sacrifice flavour for function. Station is crafted with purpose to fuel every moment without compromise.

Their line-up of all-natural products can be found in over 1500 retail locations across the country.

About Pasha Brands

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Pasha Brands is a vertically integrated organization that is firmly rooted in BC’s craft cannabis industry, which boasts an international reputation as the home of the world’s finest cannabis. When operating, pre-legalization, the brands under the Pasha Brands portfolio ranked in the top five among revenue-producing cannabis companies in Canada.

With proven capabilities in cannabis cultivation, genetic research and development, product, processing, and retail, Pasha is uniquely positioned in the new legal cannabis market through its network of hundreds of craft cannabis suppliers under the Pasha umbrella.

With its final or late-stage Licenced Producer applicant, Pasha’s subsidiary, BC Craft Supply Co. Ltd. is developing a craft cannabis campus, which is dedicated to bringing craft quality into the newly legal cannabis market in Canada. The LP facility will include a standard cultivation nursery, standard processing facility and an analytical testing laboratory located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. BC Craft Supply Co. Ltd. is driven to assist craft growers in obtaining security clearance and licensing to grow as micro-cultivators, specializing in education and compliance to bring growers into the regulated cannabis supply market.


SOURCE: Station Cold Brew Coffee

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Hemp on the Bayou, a Town Hall-Style Symposium, Explores Opportunities in Hemp on May 1 During New Orleans JazzFest

Betty Tűndik



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What could be better than attending the legendary JazzFest in New Orleans, especially for retailers, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders and others interested in the rapidly growing industrial hemp products market? With over 25,000 uses ranging from full-spectrum CBD hemp extract and hemp superfoods to textiles, building materials and bioplastics, now that hemp is legal in the United States as a result of the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, its impact has the potential to change the world.

Join hosts Morris Beegle and Rick Trojan of the Let’s Talk Hemp Podcast on Wednesday, May 1, 2019, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, at the Central City BBQ, 1201 South Rampart Street, in historic downtown New Orleans for Hemp on the Bayou, held this year during the 2019 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Presented as a town-hall style symposium, Hemp on the Bayou will feature a recap of the sold out NoCo Hemp Expo, educational tracks on hemp market opportunities, USDA and FDA rules and regulations, the 2019/2020 hemp forecast, growing hemp in Louisiana and throughout the U.S, policy predictions and more.

Hemp Experts Gather in New Orleans During JazzFest

Speakers for Hemp on the Bayou feature such industry luminaries as Tim Gordon, President of the Colorado Hemp Industries Association, and Chief Science Officer of leading CBD producer Functional Remedies; Jeffrey Cole, Senior Director of Business Development for Restorative Botanicals, maker of foods and supplements made from full-spectrum hemp extract; Dani Billings, President and Co-founder of the hemp-centric spa Nature’s Root, and founder of the Colorado Hemp Project; biological and agricultural engineer Kristy Hebert, founder of Louisiana-based Cypress Hemp; Eric Steenstra, President of Vote Hemp and Executive Director of the Hemp Industries Association; and other experts and specialists in hemp agriculture, production, sales, marketing, and business development.

“We are beyond thrilled to combine the excitement of the hemp industry with the energy and excitement of JazzFest as we present Hemp on the Bayou to the Louisiana agriculture, entrepreneurial, music and entertainment communities,” said Morris Beegle, Co-founder of Colorado Hemp Company, producer of Hemp on the Bayou and the annual NoCo Hemp Expo, the world’s largest gathering of hemp industry professionals. Beegle is also producer of the upcoming Southern Hemp Expo, Sept. 6-7, 2019, in Nashville, TN.

In addition to educational panels, Hemp on the Bayou will feature networking, community, collaboration, a New Orleans live music “After Party” and “Crawfish Fest,” and more. Presenting Sponsors for the 2019 Hemp on the Bayou include Restorative Botanicals and Seed2System. For tickets and information to participate in Hemp on the Bayou, visit

EarthX: Hemp Can Save the Planet

In addition to hosting the upcoming Hemp on the Bayou in New Orleans on May 1st, Morris Beegle will be a featured speaker at the 2019 EarthX, April 25-28, 2019, in Dallas, TX.

A leading nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire and energize the global community in ways that help create a sustainable world for all living things, and a better, cleaner, healthier world for future generations, this year’s international EarthX conference will feature a special educational track on industrial hemp. In addition to Morris Beegle speaking at the event, Southern Hemp Expo is a Sponsor of EarthX. Visit:

Save the Date: Southern Hemp Expo

Save the date for the 2nd Annual Southern Hemp Expo (SHE), September 6-7, 2019, in Nashville, TN. NoCo Hemp Expo is the largest gathering of hemp industry professionals in the Eastern U.S.

Visit: to learn more.

About Hemp on the Bayou

Hemp on the Bayou is produced by the Colorado Hemp Company, a division of WAFBA LLC (We Are For Better Alternatives), based in Loveland, CO.

WAFBA also is the producer of NoCo Hemp Expo, the world’s largest conference and exposition for hemp industry professionals and advocates, and the 2nd Annual Southern Hemp Expo , Sept. 6-7, 2019, in Nashville, TN. Colorado Hemp Company also is the founder of TreeFreeHemp paper and printing services. Areas of focus include product and brand development, event production, and advocacy. Hemp on the Bayou provides support to nonprofit organizations including the Jack Herer Foundation; and Hemp History Week, celebrating its 10th anniversary in June 2019.

Learn more at

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Sono Motors to Produce Sion in Sweden

Betty Tűndik



Sion - The first Solar Electric Vehicle. A car charging itself. - Photo Source:
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The first series production solar electric vehicle (SEV) developed by the German mobility provider Sono Motors is to be manufactured in Sweden. As Sono Motors officially announced today, the first generation of the Sion will be produced in Trollhättan by National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS). The plant located there was home to the production lines of the long-standing and innovative automobile manufacturer SAAB. In total, an initial 260,000 vehicles will roll off the production line in Trollhättan over an eight-year period. Production will commence in the second half of 2020. After the ramp-up period, approximately 43,000 Sion a year will be manufactured in two-shift operations. Production will be carried out using one hundred percent renewable energy.

“In NEVS, we found the perfect partner for us,” says Thomas Hausch, Chief Operating Officer, Sono Motors. “Together, we share a vision of intelligent and resource-conserving mobility. We also value our partner’s specific expertise based on their many years of experience in traditional automobile development and production in combination with proven expertise in the area of electromobility.”

The innovative vehicle concept of the Sion already represents tomorrow’s mobility today – the aim of which needs to be the reduction of vehicles on the roads through more sustainable and more efficient usage. The Sion will therefore be equipped ex works with integrated sharing options. These enable the owner to share the vehicle itself, individual journeys, or even energy via a mobile application (goSono app), developed by Sono Motors. A bidirectional charging function enables the Sion to both receive and supply electricity, power electrical devices independently, and feed energy to other vehicles or into the electricity grid. Thanks to full-surface solar integration, the vehicle battery can be charged with pure and free solar energy worth up to 34 kilometers’ range per day in addition to its regular WLTP range of 255 kilometers.

For its market launch, the Sion will be rolled out in one single variant version costing 25,500 euros. There are plans afoot to develop other vehicle models based on the vehicle’s platform.

Since the presentation of the prototypes in summer 2017, the Sono Motors team has been going on test drive road shows all over Europe. On the occasion of the cooperation with NEVS, the next road show will take place in Sweden. Sono Motors has so far taken approximately 9,800 partially paid preorders for the Sion.


SOURCE Sono Motors GmbH

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