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First Look at the HUAWEI CLOUD Singapore Summit

Vlad Poptamas



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The 2019 HUAWEI CLOUD Singapore Summit will be held from April 24 to 25 to discuss digital transformations with representatives, experts, and technical directors from public agencies, financial institutions, Internet companies, logistics operators, retail companies, and a long list of other sectors. The event will showcase innovative products and practices from cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and big data. HUAWEI CLOUD will be launching its cloud and AI services in Singapore on February 20, just days prior to the event.

Cloud + AI – Enabling Digital Transformations

Enterprises are generally familiar with the maturing cloud technology and how it helps accelerate their businesses. However, AI is set to be the driver for the next round of industry transformation. The AI market in Singapore is expected to reach nearly $1 billion USD by 2022, with an annual growth of more than 42%. The market will achieve a business value of $16 billion USD by 2030.

HUAWEI CLOUD provides full-stack, all-scenario AI solutions to help enterprises in Singapore and the Asia Pacific achieve their digital transformations while grafting in new levels of intelligence. Huawei has launched more than 160 cloud services and 140 solutions. Coverage for the cloud arm of the company has extended to 40 available regions in 23 geographic regions around the world. The AI services in HUAWEI CLOUD includes 59 types of services and 159 functions.

Other exciting highlights to look forward to at the summit in Singapore include:

Demonstration of the full-stack and AI capabilities of the HUAWEI CLOUD platform. Joint presentation of solutions and case practices in Smart City, Internet, finance, campus, logistics, and retail sectors with such partners as the M1, Singapore Computer Society (SCS), F5 Networks, Veritas, Esri, and Imap.

In the intelligent computing exhibition area, you will be able to experience the high-precision facial recognition system, intelligent management software for server, and a wide range of Huawei intelligent computing products, including completely liquid-cooled cabinets, intelligent server FusionServer Pro, TaiShan ARM server, AI computing platform Atlas 200/300/500, intelligent acceleration components SSD, iNIC and FPGA cards, and the recently launched Huawei-grown high-performance AI chip Ascend 310 and high-performance ARM chip Kunpeng 920.

The event will also feature an AI experience zone that will allow participants to test drive the one-stop AI development platform ModelArts and OCR batch identification services. Participants will also be able to interact with robots.

Huawei will also be displaying innovative intelligent server product FusioServer Pro, the powerful AI computing platform Atlas, and multiple cloud services and solutions. HUAWEI CLOUD will also sign MoUs with multiple Singapore and Asia-Pacific regional partners and further solidify cooperation in cloud computing and AI with release of partner development programs.

More than 500 government departments, enterprise representatives, and experts in the Asia Pacific region will discuss how organization can cope with the challenges and explore the potential of digital transformation in the 5G and AI era. Huawei will explain how its full-stack cloud platform and AI services have helped accelerate the transformations in many industries. Speakers from SAP and Intel in addition to the Singapore Info-Communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) and Singapore Economic Development Bureau (EDB) will deliver keynote speeches and participate in roundtable discussions focusing on AI and technological innovation.

In addition, breakout sessions centering on Smart Finance, Internet innovations, and AI developments will be held to facilitate sharing amongst Huawei, customers, and partners on the latest applications and project practices.




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Artificial Intelligence

Mercari Opens Cambridge Engineering Offices

Vlad Poptamas



Reading Time: 1 minute

Mercari, The Selling App, today announced the opening of engineering offices in Cambridge, MA, advised by two renowned professors at the adjacent Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Mercari is the number-one marketplace in Japan. Since entering the U.S. in 2014, more than 45 million Americans have downloaded the app.

At the moment, Mercari’s team in Cambridge is focused on better understanding sellers and buyers, and predicting their intentions ahead of their actions. This helps Mercari deliver a more personalized experience using its recommendation engine. The team is applying machine learning on massive amounts of data to better personalize the user experience based on their preferences, history and interactions.

More broadly, this team is pursuing applied research projects in machine learning, computer vision and other emerging technologies that can help Mercari to make selling even easier than buying.

“Opening the Mercari engineering offices in Cambridge is an important addition to our global technology centers in Palo Alto and Tokyo,” said Dr. Mok Oh, chief technology officer for Mercari U.S. “The expectations of Mercari sellers and buyers are always evolving, so it’s vital that we harness emerging technologies to continuously improve our app and services.”

Advising the team are Dr. Frédo Durand and Dr. Wojciech Matusik of MIT.

Dr. Frédo Durand is a renowned researcher and professor in computer vision and computational photography. He is a professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT, and a member of MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL).

Dr. Wojciech Matusik is widely-recognized professor and entrepreneur in machine learning, 3D vision, and 3D fabrications. He is a professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at MIT, where co-directs the Computer Graphics Group and teaches machine learning courses

Mercari is looking for talented people to join its technology teams in Palo Alto and Cambridge. A list of all current U.S. openings is here.


SOURCE Mercari

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Artificial Intelligence

Chinsay’s Intelligent Contract Platform Enables Rio Tinto & Cargill to Complete the First Fully Digitalised Iron Ore Trade

Vlad Poptamas



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Reading Time: 1 minute


Chinsay, the leading provider of contract digitalisation solutions in the commodity and freight markets, is announcing today the completion of the first fully digitalised iron ore trade, through a trial achieved in partnership with Rio Tinto and Cargill‘s Metals business on Chinsay’s Intelligent Contract Platform (ICP).

In using ICP, Rio Tinto and Cargill collaborated on a single platform to dramatically reduce the time it takes to create, issue and approve commodity contracts from several days to under two hours. The digitalisation of this fundamental trade process creates the opportunity to automate and deliver post-trade efficiencies by linking front-, middle- and back-office functions.

Colin Hayward, Chinsay CEO, said: “This is a technological milestone for the industry, and we are delighted Rio Tinto and Cargill Metals chose to partner with us and use our ICP as the core technology to create this advance. We are constantly collaborating with clients, market participants, tech vendors and industry consortia to extend digitalisation further along the commodity trade lifecycle.”

“The Intelligent Contract Platform is a great tool that has the potential to benefit the entire ferrous industry,” said Lee Kirk, Managing Director for Cargill’s Metals business. “This is a great example of how we can leverage advancements in technology to benefit from increased speed, transparency and efficiencies that enable us to serve our customers and suppliers better.”

ICP is state-of-the-art technology which allows companies to digitalise pre-trade processes early in the deal lifecycle, creating an agreed contract dataset that can be seamlessly integrated with other operational systems, functions and processes, enabling transparency and traceability across the supply chain.  ICP prepares clients for the use of technologies such as blockchain, ML, AI and electronic trade documentation solutions.


SOURCE Chinsay

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Artificial Intelligence

Aiozium Launched SaaS-based Marketing Intelligence Tool Powered by AI

Vlad Poptamas



Aiozium- AI for Marketing
Reading Time: 2 minutes


Aiozium, a new launch of Crowdnik Networks Private Limited, is a SaaS-based platform for marketers powered by machine learning techniques in a different way. The tool has intelligence for self-correction and self-learning for better campaign optimization and high ROI.

Aiozium is a multi-dimensional platform that not only reads the data, makes sense of all the data and generate actionable insights on them, but also gives the real-time information about customer behavior. It builds the trend of the customers based on a various emotional and behavioral algorithm which leads to prediction and results in an increase of leads by selecting the best marketing mix and marketing strategies for optimum use of resources which results in greater ROI.

Reason Why Every Marketer Needs Aiozium

Aiozium is marketing ally, it is a tool for all the marketers which makes life simpler and completes the customer journey with ease.

– Emotional Algo: It is said that the only difference between Robot and Human is the emotions or the feel factor. Emotional algo consists of human psychological ethos. It analyses the behavior basis on different kinds of emotions exhibited by humans. It helps in analyzing the marketing communications, activities and asses their value. It also measures and analyses the emotions of a person towards buying the product.

– Contextual Algo: It analyses the content across various channels viz. website, email and all communication platforms based on multiple parameters such as aggression, transaction, emotion etc. It also analyses whether the user is persuaded with the interaction or not, basis on which it predicts the usefulness of the content.

– Behavior Algo: Based on historical and real-time customer behavior across all channels with prospective data listening mechanism, this model can learn, react and predict the most accurate customer flow for maximum conversion. It predicts the probability of the rate of conversion through Machine Learning, Deep learning, Natural Language processing and Augmented Visualization.

How Is It Going To Benefit The End-users:

On-boarding with Aiozium will reduce the marketing expenses by cutting down the misspend funds and optimizing the campaign to increase the ROI. It remembers and recollects the historical hand burns and successful campaigns and accordingly suggests marketers the most accurate pathway to follow. It also learns the customer behavior towards marketer’s product line. The best part of Aiozium is that it works across channels and sync with all the digital assets in a single click.

Automate, Sit Back and Relax

Aiozium is inviting the industry experts to have a test drive on their AI Marketing Ally. To book a slot, schedule a demo at

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