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DigiPlex Announces Nordic Connect Platform

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DigiPlex, the Nordic leader for innovative, sustainable and secure data centres, is announcing its Nordic Connect Platform, which links its main data centres in NorwaySweden and Denmark, creating a unique Nordic data centre ecosystem.

“DigiPlex is continuously developing strong relationships with businesses, carriers, internet exchanges and cloud providers, through our commitment to delivering the most efficient, sustainable and secure data centres possible,”said DigiPlex CEO Gisle M. Eckhoff. “Our Nordic Connect Platform enables our customers to tap into this ecosystem to expand their operations in the Nordics, reach the Edge, and use faster and secure routes to the Cloud – all with fewer layers of complexity and cost.”

Connecting the Nordic Ecosystem

DigiPlex five Nordic sites are home to many of the region’s best-known and most interconnected businesses. Through the DigiPlex Nordic Connect Platform, companies seeking to connect with counterparts across borders can now operate as easily as if they occupied neighbouring racks in the same facility. DigiPlex also offers access to numerous carriers and internet exchanges expanding the reach to networks/fabrics across the globe.

Extending access to the Cloud

DigiPlex Nordic Connect Platform also enables efficient routes to the secure, dedicated and private connections essential to businesses operating in the Cloud. DigiPlex offers connectivity to all major Cloud and Network Service Providers including the first Norwegian deployment of AWS Direct Connect through its Ulven Data centre in Oslo.

Reaching the Edge

The Nordic Connect Platform has also been designed to help DigiPlex’s customers seeking to expand across borders or enter the Nordic market with a single data centre provider. With five Nordic data centres, DigiPlex offers a unique mix of possible Edge deployments in one or several of the region’s capitals; OsloStockholm and Copenhagen. This enables customers to meet demands on for example latency or local regulations such as GDPR.

Nordic Connect

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