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DoubleDutch, the leading Live Engagement Marketing platform, today announced the partnership with Boomset, a cutting-edge technology platform and app provider for event planners to solve their challenges related to on-site registration, session management, badge printing, and managing disparate systems.

The integration between Boomset and the DoubleDutch Registration Platform offers planners and their attendees a full spectrum of event tools including event website and registration management, onsite check-in, badge printing, session management, and robust reporting.

“An attendee’s interaction with a company’s brand begins months – sometimes years – before the event happens and that is why we are thrilled to announce our partnership with DoubleDutch,” said Kerem Baran, CEO of Boomset. “What we love most of all about this integration is the shared vision that technology should enable – not impede – an event’s overall purpose: to create impactful connections and meaningful live experiences.”

Using the Boomset-DoubleDutch event stack gives way to a comprehensive event management experience before the event even starts. The platforms synchronize to ensure event efficiency and mitigate challenges associated with using disparate systems. In a few clicks, Boomset pulls all event registration data into its platform. This is critical for registration pages that stay up while the event is taking place as well as eliminating manual steps associated with manual list imports.

“We are excited to continue growing our ecosystem of best-in-class technology partners with the addition of Boomset,” said Denise Jacobs, Director of Alliances at DoubleDutch. “Boomset has been making a splash in the industry over the years. After experiencing their technology live and getting to know the team, it was an easy choice to partner. On-site registration is a critical component of our customer’s event strategy and we knew it was a something we needed to incorporate into our tech stack.”

DoubleDutch continues to deliver a truly differentiated experience from the moment an attendee discovers an event through registration to the onsite check-in and badging process. The integrated solution is currently available to customers leveraging the DoubleDutch Registration Platform or the Boomset Solutions Platform.


SOURCE DoubleDutch