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CEEK VR – The award-winning, premium, streaming platform with patent-granted products, and service, designed to bring the world of Virtual Reality to the masses via entertainment, education and healthcare today announced that it has made history as the first VR company to launch a gift card designed to scale VR entertainment transition from a niche product to mass adoption.

The dire lack of premium content for VR headset buyers often results in high device return rates at retail, but the CEEK VR streaming platform makes it easy to access a variety of premium entertainment experiences. From music concerts to documentaries and independent movies in 360 VR, Interactive VR, True 3D and 2D in social VR environments, the first ever Virtual Reality Gift Card CEEK VR ensures that no matter what Virtual reality headset consumers purchase, people can have access to premium VR content.

Target will be the first retailer to offer Ceekers (CEEK VR customers) the CEEK Virtual Reality Gift Cards in store, alongside Gift Cards from the likes of StarbucksiTunes and Google Play. With the VR Blockchain integration, the points never expire.

Last year CEEK integrated with Apple iTunes Card which is available on all our products, and now the CEEK Virtual Reality Card makes it even simpler for Ceekers to access our platform.

We are getting great reception in this highly competitive retail space because of our award-winning, patent-granted innovative immersive solutions featuring a growing library of premium content from the likes of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, U2, originals from Grammy winning artists, over 100 concerts from iconic and emerging artists as well as a powerful lineup of exciting Live Streaming concerts planned,” says CEEK VR CEO Mary Spio.