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New Research Uncovers Most Effective Content Marketing Strategies and Tactics for Small B2C Companies

Vlad Poptamas



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Matcha, the leading content marketing platform for small businesses, today released their first annual Content Marketing Benchmark Report. Matcha’s report is the only analysis of content marketing results specifically for small brands. Uniquely, it analyzes real content marketing performance data instead of self-reported survey data often found in benchmark reports.

The report aggregates data from hundreds of businesses who rely on Matcha to publish content, distribute it on Facebook, and analyze their results. The report’s insights are based on 10,000 articles published, 5,000 Facebook ads managed, and 9 million readers reached in 2018. Key findings include:

  • Readers continue to love listicle-type articles. Listicles score well in reader engagement and promotional efficiency. In an analysis of the best-performing content, listicles represent the best engagement rates, scroll depth, and cost-per-click (CPC) and click-through rate (CTR) on Facebook ads.
  • Top-performing long-form articles are easy to read. Long-form articles with the best reader engagement had an average of 5.7 images and 4.5 subheadlines, keeping readers’ attention by breaking the text into smaller, consumable blocks.
  • Facebook ads promoting content drastically outperform average CTRs and CPCs. Facebook ads featuring content achieved an astonishing $0.19 CPC—89% less expensive than the average Facebook CPC of $1.72. At 2.1%, CTRs on content ads are more than double the industry average of 0.9%.
  • Licensed content performs as well as original content. Licensed content showed engagement rates comparable to original content. Licensed content allows small teams to publish high-quality articles at a fraction of the cost and time.

“This report is invaluable for small businesses, particularly in e-commerce. For the first time, they have a research-backed roadmap to grow their businesses using content marketing,” says Fynn Glover, Matcha CEO. “Great content is a critical ingredient for acquiring and keeping customers. Now, SMBs know exactly what to expect in terms of performance.”

Download the 2019 Content Marketing Benchmark Report for Small Businesses now.


SOURCE Matcha Inc.


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In Just 6 Months of Launch, a Korean Startup Company’s Platform Caught Global Designer’s Attention

Vlad Poptamas



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Reading Time: 1 minute


In just six months after its launch, the world’s largest product design platform named SHAPL is attracting the attention of designers around the world.

The platform is created by the Korean startup and it’s being used in 119 countries.

SHAPL launched its first service in June 2018, and is a platform of producing and selling products with the participation of consumers and designers. It is a service that produces selected designs reflecting consumers ‘LIKE’ clicks and sells them directly to consumers at highly affordable prices.

Currently, there are 3460 designers from 49 countries that have participated in the platform including Korea, the United StatesChinaIndia, the United KingdomGermanyIran, and South Africa.

“Like other creators that earn money from created contents, we wanted to create a business structure that product designers would get profit from their own designs. Luckily most designers sympathize with our vision and it seems to have led to their amazing participation,” said Changsoo Jin, the CEO of SHAPL. He also mentioned about releasing the first product through SHAPL. “The new product will be launched in this year. This means a lot to the team because it’s our first one that made with the participation of designers and consumers. We will try to be the more attractive platform, and releasing well-designed product is definitely one way to do it.”

Currently, there is a design contest going on the SHAPL website ( It’s the final voting for designs that have participated in 49 countries. The total prize for the winner is $100,000 and a 30% discount coupon will be distributed to all voted people.



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Banking/Financial Services

Upbit to List Chain Token (CRO), Testnet Date Set

Vlad Poptamas



Upbit to List Chain Token (CRO)
Reading Time: 1 minute, the pioneering payments and cryptocurrency platform, announced that its Chain Token (CRO) will be listed today on Upbit, a leading global digital asset exchange based in South Korea.

The Chain is a high-performing public blockchain powering Pay, which allows customers to pay for goods and services with cryptocurrency while receiving generous cashback rewards. For merchants, Pay offers the option to get paid in any crypto without being exposed to its inherent volatility and enjoy greatly reduced processing fees and near instant settlement.

Kris Marszalek, Co-Founder and CEO of said, “We’re thankful to Upbit for their support of our project. Our Chain team is on a tear recently – the Pay SDK shipped to merchant partners last week. On top of opening of the Pay platform to our 400,000 users this week, our team has scheduled to open-source the first version of Chain Testnet on Wednesday, March 20th as a part of a broader Dev Update. This is another milestone achieved ahead of schedule communicated in the CRO whitepaper.”

CRO is now trading on Upbit. Learn more about the Chain by visiting:

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AI CRYPTO Announces Version 2.0 of its AI Blockchain Platform

Vlad Poptamas



Reading Time: 1 minute


AI CRYPTO released the second version of Dapp (Decentralized Application) on March 15th. It has added the key practical functions that users need after launching the world’s first Dapp for artificial intelligence(AI) development in October last year.

The newly developed key functions of AI Crypto Dapp are AiCrypto Deeplearning Service (ADS) and payment machanism with AIC (Ai Crypto’s Coin). ADS is consisted of Learning Service; AI model learns by virtual GPU bound with multiple high performance hardware in Mining Pool and Distribution Service, which then distributes the learned model to Mining Pool servers.

Users can utilize its deep learning technology with ADS after logging in to Ai Crypto Dapp via Metamask by paying the expenses in AIC. The current service is for general developers and planned to be expanded for the business related customers in the future.



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