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YOYOW Completed Mainnet Swap in OKEx and Opened Deposit & Withdrawal Service

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OKEx officially supported the YOYOW mainnet token swap and token migration on March 4, 2019. At 14:00 (HKT) on the same day, YOYO deposit & withdrawal service was opened. Since then, the user’s token in OKEx will automatically switch to the mainnet token, with no other operations needed.

Note: After the mainnet swap, OKEx will generate a new YOYO deposit address. The users need to use this new YOYO address to make deposits. Otherwise, the token will be lost if the users deposit in the original YOYO address.

Since the YOYOW mainnet was officially launched on September 6, 2017, the YOYOW mainnet has undergone several upgrades of feature and security, and has been running stably. During this period, the YOYOW mainnet has been listed on a large number of high-quality trading platforms and updated many product features. At the moment, the YOYOW team is actively cooperating with the OKEx ( trading platform, one of the world’s largest digital asset trading platforms.




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Money20/20 Asia’s featured speakers share 2019 FinTech Forecast

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Money20/20 is the world’s leading platform where the Financial Services, Payments and FinTech community connect and create the future of money. The Asian edition – Money20/20 Asia will bring over 300 industry leading speakers to reveal their top company strategies, share unique opinions on the hottest topics and predict the future trends.

The entire industry is eager to see what industry-shaping trends, new technologies and innovation will define 2019. Money20/20 Asia has released six FinTech forecasts and predictions from some of their featured speakers, which provides a taste of what the global audience will learn from the event.

Sreeram Iyer, COO, Institutional Banking at ANZ Banking Group provided his banking perspective on the long-standing industry topic  blockchain applications.

Though not a commonly-held view, Corporate & Institutional Banking will certainly witness the maturity, practical adoption, and benefit-realisations of *private* Blockchain applications and gear up for traction in 2020. These will have significant customer experience improvements and internal productivity gains – not only in Trade, but in Lending & Global Markets alike.” Sreeram Iyer will join the Panel Session ‘The incumbents’ response’ at 12.10pm on 20th March.

Jakub Zakrzewski, General Manager, APAC from one of the strongest challenger banks, Revolut, shared his insider view on the key elements to strengthen the competitive advantages of challenger banks in 2019.

“A big trend to look out for in 2019 will be the increased use of automation, machine learning and AI, which will enable banking challengers to automate, accelerate and improve the quality of their decision-making. This will help them across the business, but particularly when it comes to tackling financial crime faster and far more accurately than outdated, manual processes. Jakub Zakrzewski will join the Panel Session ‘Fintech challengers’ at 3.50pm on 20thMarch.

Nilanshuk Haldar, Head of Financial Services Partnerships, APAC at Amazon Web Services shares his point of view on financial cloud technology adoption in Financial Services.

Financial institutions are adopting the cloud to innovate at the speed of fintech startups, and to ensure greater security, flexibility, and the ability to scale up as needed efficiently and quickly. In 2019, expect many more incumbents and challenger banks to run critical parts of their business – and sometimes their entire infrastructure – on the cloud.” Commented by Nilanshuk Haldar will speak in the Session titled ‘When to move to the cloud? Business cases and implementation hurdles’ at 4.25pm on 20th March.

Dr. Kfir Bar, Chief Scientist at Basis Technology predicted blockchain and cryptocurrencies impact in Financial Services in 2019.

“The future is uncertain for blockchain and cryptocurrencies in financial services. There’s no doubt digital value protocols, distributed ledgers, and smart contracts have a compelling hypothetical value proposition for the industry, but real-world applications have been noticeably lacking. I think they can have a significant impact, but it’s hard to predict what it will be.” Dr. Kfir Bar will speak on Panel Session ‘Are we using it right? Learnings from (perceived) AI applications in financial services’ at 3.55pm on 19th March.

Theodora Lau, Founder at Unconventional Venture commented on predicted Fintech & Bank partnerships in 2019.

2019 is the year of autonomous banking – when we move from insights to action. The winners will be those who leverage emerging technologies such as AI and advanced analytics to become truly trusted advisor for their customers  automating their day-to-day finances and empowering them towards a more financially secure future.” Theodora Lau, Founder at Unconventional Venture who will be moderating ‘Reverse Pitch: Why you (fintech) should take my money (VC)! ‘ at 4.20pm on 19th March; and Case study: HSBC and Google Cloud at 4.05pm on 20th March.

James Lloyd, Asia-Pacific FinTech Leader at EY shared his view on the 2019 trend of FinTech and TechFin partner ecosystems.

The emergence of digital challenger banks is a global trend. Taking learnings from other markets and inspired by the success of major TechFin players in China, platform-enabled challengers in Asia-Pacific are likely to be among the most innovative – creating and participating in partner ecosystems extending beyond finance into such areas as retail, transportation, travel, and telecommunications.” James Lloyd will speak in his session titled ‘The evolution of the challenger bank model’ at 3.30pm on 20th March; Session ‘Platform challengers’ at 4.20pm on 20th March; Session ‘Hong Kong Virtual License Status Check’ at 5pm on 20th March and Session ‘Building a bank from scratch’ at 2.40pmon 21st March.

Money20/20 Asia’s full agenda features over 300 of the world’s leading innovators delivering expert insights into the critical themes and developments on how businesses and people spend, manage, save, borrow, share and protect money. Curated by independent industry experts, the agenda runs across 3 full days and 6 unique stages and will give businesses the knowledge and tools they need to prepare for tomorrow’s Financial Services marketplace. See the full agenda

On 19-21 March 2019, Money 20/20 Asia will take place at Marina Bay Sands in SingaporeParticipants will get access to real-life case studies, insights, stories of successes and failures, workshops and more that will enable them to understand the ways in which they can evolve their business to grow across Asia and beyond. Find out more on


SOURCE Ascential Events PLC


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As blockchain breaks through barriers, the HashKey International Digital Asset Summit 2019 brings the industry together to boost, invest and incubate

Vlad Poptamas



Reading Time: 2 minutes


The countdown to the HashKey International Digital Asset Summit 2019 (HIDA2019) is in full swing with HashKey Group fully focused on powering the blockchain and digital asset industry in Hong Kong and rest of the region.

At HIDA2019 on 21st March at The Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong, some of the world’s leading blockchain experts will convene to discuss how digital assets are moving mainstream.

HashKey Group, who is co-hosting the summit with Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, with the support of Cyberport, DBS, Fintech Association of Hong Kong and ZhongAn Technologies International Group Ltd, is a new fintech group based in Hong Kong. Led by financial and technology veterans, the group focuses on developing the blockchain and digital asset industry with a commitment to build a global ecosystem for the long-term in coordination with leading institutions, technology partners and governmental bodies.

HIDA2019 is being held in Hong Kong over other financial centres because the territory has a great technology infrastructure, a fantastic talent pool and is already a global financial and legal centre. “With this summit we are really aspiring to put on something unique. We want to ‘professionalize’ the market and think beyond the tech. To do this we are bringing different parts of the industry together to help map out the future. We are delighted that so many global blockchain experts and technology players will join us to share their views, experience and case studies with the wider community,” said Michel Lee, Executive President of HashKey Group.

“Our role is to build markets that catalyze the next internet, provide liquidity in the market by investing and incubating companies and produce ‘intellectual capital’ to help educate the industry at large,” said Ben El-Baz, CSO of HashKey Pro, a secure and trustworthy digital asset exchange platform provided by HashKey Group.

Since HashKey was founded last year, the company has been at the forefront of efforts to spur innovation onwards. The company is playing an active role on the committee for the FinTech Association of Hong Kong and has run a symposium at Cyberport to help educate startups about digital assets. It continues to collaborate with local universities such as Hong Kong University and has successfully launched an incubator, engaging a large number of participants.

During the summit, delegates will hear from Abdul Raof Latiff, Managing Director, DBS Bank, who will help to educate institutional investors, including the trends, challenges and opportunities for blockchain-based applications. He leads the strategy and delivery of DBS’ digital solutions for large corporate customers, financial institutions and SMEs, and he will outline real-world solutions through his keynote address entitled Digital Transformation and Blockchain Application in Supply Chain Trade Finance.

The summit is also delighted to welcome Paul Yuen, General Counsel, Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), to discuss recent developments in the financial sector.

Delegates will also hear from Ken Lo, Founding Member of pioneering fintech internet insurance company ZhongAn International; Qu Junjie, CTO of next generation data sharing platform PlatON and Aaron L. Kaplan, Founder and co-CEO, Prometheum, Inc, which is creating the world’s first blockchain ecosystem for the fully compliant issuance, trading, clearing and settling of tokenized securities.

Panelists and speakers will also discuss the adoption of blockchain technology by financial institutions, including JP Morgan’s recent implementation of the JPM Coin, which represents yet another important milestone in blockchain technology going mainstream.

To purchase tickets, please visit the website

To find out more about the Summit speakers and agenda, please click here


SOURCE HashKey Group

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Taiwanese Startup ioeX Partners with ThinkSmart Sub Brand “QUUBE” to Develop World’s First Blockchain TV (QuuMoney TV) with Decentralized Applications

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Taiwanese startup ioeX announces partnership with QUUBE to develop the world’s first blockchain TV (QuuMoney TV) with decentralized applications. The product will launch and ship with JVC smart TV products in the second half of 2019. Photo/provided by ioeX
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Taiwanese startup ioeX extends partnership with ThinkSmart to further their global partnerships. After the conclusion of CES2019 in January, ioeX has officially announced a partnership with QUUBE to combine QUUBE software with the ioeX network to build the world’s first blockchain TV product line (QuuMoney TV) with decentralized applications. QUUBE software will be loaded on JVC smart TVs starting in the second half of 2019 for sale in countries such as North AmericaWestern EuropeJapan, Korea, Mainland ChinaTaiwanHong Kong, and Macau.

ioeX User Reward Mechanism Expects Integration of Blockchain Tech into Daily Life

QuuMoney TV is built upon Android TV Platform (Android 9.0) and provides decentralized, point-to-point communications and applications. Users can use QuuMoney TV to watch designated programmes and earn “Quu Coin (QUUBE)” in addition to earning IOEX when contributing to the ioeX network. Users can use Quu to purchase QUUBE services, such as movies and deductions to their monthly TV bills; additionally, Quu will be tradeable with other cryptocurrencies listed in exchanges.

ioeX founder and CEO, Aryan Hung stated, “Our partnership with QUUBE will help ioeX to accumulate additional experience, abilitiesand the energy required for building smart lifestyles. We expect to truly integrate blockchain technology into daily life in a way undetectable to users so that true value of blockchain can be presented.”

QUUBE CEO Richard Houng stated, “QUUBE and ioeX will release the world’s first TV with blockchain applications in August 2019 throughout the U.S. market. I’m very confident in the strong technical abilities of the team at ioeX and I look forward to the results of this partnership.”

Joint Building of a Personalized Ecosystem for Blockchain TVs, ioeX Ups Ante with Distributed Network Integration

The blockchain series of QuuMoney TVs will be developed with functions, including: QuuShare — allows users to use QuuMoney TV as a private cloud for remote data access and backup; QuuChat — allows users to chat privately without any intermediaries using decentralization and QuuMoney TV — creates a platform where users can watch and share user generated content (UGC).

ioeX will also be implementing the DID functions of Elastos into the QuuMoney TV series of products. DID was implemented in Liberty Korea Party’s blockchain voting and petition system that allowed consumers to use decentralized login mechanisms and better protect personal data without needing to learn new steps. ioeX has developed many decentralized applications on Elastos Carrier and constructed a distributed network for enterprise purposes to support multi-faceted enterprise and commercial servicessuch as enterprise file backup and software OTA updates. ioeX will support QUUBE TV in continued development, updates, and upgrades. Throughout 2019, ioeX will complete development on various application functions for users to truly experience smart decentralized applications. ioeX will be integrated into the smart products of major brands through strategic partnerships and brings decentralized mechanisms to traditional functions and effectively scale networks through the sale of branded products to provide even better services.


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