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Tus Collaborative E-government Platform, a data platform making trusted data exchange possible, has been independently developed by Tus Data Asset, a Chinese blockchain and data asset operation company.

The company announced the launch of this product on March 6th. The platform is based on the Tus Trusted Exchange (T.Ex) technology, the core idea of which is “replacing data exchange with algorithm exchange”. It can safely achieve cross-departmental, cross-hierarchical, and cross-regional data sharing and exchange without the need of centralizing, crawling, or publicizing the data, thus realizing the separation of data ownership, right of use and right of execution. The platform can effectively integrate heterogeneous data resources and eliminate “information islands” between government departments, realizing intelligent and efficient data exchange and sharing. It serves as critical enabling technology for government collaboration, joint service delivery, and data governance.

The T.Ex technology is developed by the team of Haogang Zhu, the chief scientist of Tus Data Asset, member of the National E-government Committee, and professor of computing in Beihang University. The new technology implements Federated Computing architecture, avoiding copying operation during data usage, and enabling the collaboration of data, algorithms, and computing power on heterogeneous resources and asynchronous networks. Thus it can provide efficient and safe solutions for the integration and service convergence of isolated data systems.

Tus Data Asset is a state-owned holding company invested by Tus-Holdings. It integrates technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and cryptographic algorithms to achieve safe and trusted data exchange as well as smart and efficient business collaboration. The company aims to contribute to the construction of network power, Digital China, and Smart Society. It is making good use of knowledge and data from all over the world with advanced trading mechanismand value transmission. Currently the enterprise has industrial applications in government affairs, energy exchange, medical knowledge sharing, cross-border trades, data assetization service platforms, and fin-tech.


SOURCE Tus Data Asset