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The Art Institute Of Austin Expands Opportunities For Students In Creative Industries

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Studio Enterprise, an education services company that uses education and training as a platform to impact the creative industries, is partnering with The Art Institute of Austin, a branch of The Art Institute of Houston and New Republic Studios (NRS) to offer college students opportunities that will expand their skills to bring them closer to employment in their chosen fields.

Studio Enterprise recently partnered with The Art Institute of Austin to provide student centric support through relevant educational and professional work opportunities before and after graduation in the creative sector.

This collaboration will provide the college students, with “last-mile” training to give them a leg up on entering the job market by providing NRS facilities, backlots and production assets for training programs, seminars, master classes, workshops, festivals and co-productions. The partnership will be an extension to the current media arts programs including training experiences and hands-on projects as well as mentoring, networking and internships, that can lead to better employment opportunities in the creative industries in Texas.

The Art Institute of Austin has served as an important source of creative professionals in the Austin community for more than a decade. It is one of The Art Institutes, a system of private, nonprofit schools located throughout the United Statesthat extends back to 1921. The school offers diploma through bachelor’s degrees in design, media arts, culinary and fashion and has already successfully placed students and alumni into the NRS internship program. This new formal partnership will deepen this relationship and give way to more student opportunities built with, and for, The Art Institute of Austin.

NRS provides an innovative, multi-platform experience by allowing companies the opportunity to produce the best in content and technology. The creative campus unites film, TV, commercial, new media, altered reality/virtual reality and immersive media all under one roof. They strive to be a focal point of the content community in Texas with their philosophy that the sum is greater than the individual parts.

“We have enjoyed working with students of The Art Institute of Austin through our internship program for many years. They are well trained, talented and professional,” said Mindy Raymond, president of NRS. “We now look forward to a more robust schedule of events that will continue to place the students and NRS at the fulcrum of the film industry in Austin.”

“We are proud to expand opportunities for students through this partnership with Studio Enterprise and New Republic Studios,” said Dana Hagen, campus president of The Art Institute of Austin. “These two organizations will be critical in further providing programs, training and experiences that help students to land that all-important first job out of college.”


SOURCE Studio Enterprise; The Art Institute of Austin


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