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A major hub for innovation in Southeast AsiaSingapore has established itself as a home for trailblazing new ideas, technology, and start-up culture. CNN International Correspondent Will Ripley meets with pioneers across multiple industries, exploring how the city-state is being used as a playground to imagine and create future realities.

He tours the city’s test tracks to discuss the future of self-driving technology, investigates how cryptocurrencies could reshape the finance industry, and meets with the CEO of Razer — an industry leader of gaming hardware production — to discuss the potential boom of eSports.

Highlights of the three segments:

The Billion-Dollar Company that Started with a Click:

Valued at almost $2 billionSingapore-based Razer is a 14-year-old tech giant, with a product web that stretches across smartphones, laptops, VR headsets, consoles and more. But it all started with a single product: a mouse. Now, Razer is considered the “Apple” of gaming, and is the company of choice for gamers across the world — an industry worth $130 billion, and growing. Ahead of eSports official debut at the SEA Games this year, CNN speaks to Razer’s CEO to discuss the growing need for gamer-specific products in the tech market, and the challenges of catering to them.

The Tiny Nation Leading ‘Arms Race’ for Self-Driving Tech:

Self-driving cars may still be a rarity on our roads, but by 2030, it’s an industry that could be worth hundreds of billions. Countries globally — from China to the US — are in an arms race to become industry leaders, but the tiny island state of Singapore has already established it as one of the world’s best. Ranked #2 in the world and #1 in the region, Singapore is a playground for start-ups globally to take this smart car technology to the next level. CNN enters the test tracks to see how far along this technology has developed, and how much further we still have to go.

The Cryptocurrency Capital of Asia:

Singapore is considered one of the most “crypto friendly” places on earth — and industry disruptors from around the world are flocking to the island state to play, breaking and redefining the boundaries of financial technology. One such company is British start-up, Maecenas, which is flipping the billion-dollar art industry on its head. Using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Maecenas auctions off shares in million-dollar art works, and then allows multiple share owners to trade their stake.

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SOURCE: CNN International