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he Bay Area Commercial & Multifamily (BACOMM) Investment Club is organizing STOP OVERPAYING ON TAXES: Discover Surprising Ways to Keep your Wealth, at the Trianon Theatre in Downtown San Jose on Thursday, February 28 from 6 – 9 PM.

Right now, we are at the peak end of the longest economic expansion in our nation’s history, and many investors are looking to sell off highly appreciated assets to re-invest, or just to hold on to cash. The problem is that capital gains taxes can eat up to 50% of hard earned gains, and many investors do not know that they have options, so they are not selling their primary residences, investment properties, stocks, and businesses.

This flagship community event brings together three experts who represent a wide range of capital gains deferral strategies, including 1031 exchange, Delaware Statutory Trust, Deferred Sales Trust, Monetized Installment Sale, Conservation Easements, Opportunity Zones and much more. Some of these strategies even allow investors to legally defer gains from the sale of one asset to non-like kind assets.

Event tickets are only $40. To learn more about the event, or how you can promote your business, please visit

Bay Area Commercial & Multifamily (BACOMM) is a real estate investment club that caters to investors of all experience levels looking to advance from rental homes and move up to the big leagues of commercial and multifamily real estate investing. Members will also have the opportunity to invest passively in institutional grade investments for as little as $50k.


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