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FLAME University’s Entrepreneurship Centre all Set to Catalyze the Indian Startup Ecosystem

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  • BLAZE– Igniting Ideas, its flagship start-up summit brings together a stellar group of successful entrepreneurs, Investors and business leaders to support deserving start-ups
  • Invites applications from start-ups with less than five lakhs revenue seeking to fund and scale their ventures 
  • Announces business competition to incentivize students with game changing ideas to pursue entrepreneurship as a career choice

FLAME University, the pioneer of liberal education in India, will bring together a stellar group of successful entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders at BLAZE – its flagship start-up summit on March 1-2, 2019 at its campus in Pune. Designed with the aim of supporting and growing start-ups, the summit will be led by Darshan Doshi, Director of the FLAME Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (FCEI).


Making the announcement, Professor Dishan Kamdar, Vice Chancellor, FLAME University, said, “BLAZE is an initiative by FCEI at FLAME that envisions to bring together thought leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders on a common platform to support deserving entrepreneurs. We will provide them the opportunity and incentive to reach their potential and hope that they build ventures that will create jobs and wealth in the future.”

The theme of BLAZE is to understand the challenges faced by innovators and startups in their journey to scale through workshops, talks and panel discussions with trailblazers in this space and give aspiring entrepreneurs an opportunity to grow through the new venture competition. As a part of this, FCEI will select 15 truly amazing new ventures and business ideas from applicants across India to present their business-pitch to an ‘Investor Panel’, comprising of eminent names from the industry and the start-up world.

Outlining the value-add that BLAZE will provide to start-ups and idea stage venturesDarshan Doshi, Director of FLAME Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (FCEI) at FLAME, said, “BLAZE will play the role of a catalyst in accelerating the growth of entrepreneurship across the country. What differentiates BLAZE is that it offers a multifold ROI to the promising ideas and selected ventures. We will partner with the entrepreneurs to identify their growth areas, solve their challenges and hand-hold them till they are ready to go to market. We will also connect them with prospective customers and Investors for potential funding support and provide them the much needed boost to grow and scale their ventures confidently.”

The agenda for the two-day summit and the speakers who are expected to speak at the summit is as follows:

Friday March 1, 2019 (1pm – 8pm)

  • Opening address by Dr. Dishan Kamdar, Vice Chancellor, FLAME University
  • ‘Startup Opportunities from the eye of an investor’ by Pranav Pai, Partner 3one4 Capital
  • ‘Scaling & Exiting a Fintech Startup’ by Patanjali Somayaji, CTO, Capital Float and Co-founder, Walnut App
  • Investor Panel Discussion: ‘What Investors want to see in Startups’ with Pranav Pai, Vaibhav Domkumdwar, Sachin OswalAbhishek Prasad

DEMO Day – Eight Early-stage startups Pitch to Investors

  • ‘Building a Brand in India‘ by Riya Shah, founder, The Quick Wok
  • ‘Indian Startup Ecosystem: Deriving benefits from events, incubators, accelerators’ workshop by Praveen Dorna, Co-founder, StartupByte
  • Product Showcase – Student Exhibits across FLAME Campus

Saturday March 2, 2019 (9am – 6pm)

  • ‘How to Build Scalable Global Startups from India‘ by Tarun Davda, Partner & MD, Matrix Partners
  • ‘RealLives to Real Life – Training Youth in Empathy, Sustainable Development & Change making’ by Dr. Parag Mankeekar, Ashoka Fellow, Leader – RealLives Global Scaling, Founder Director – NeetiMr. Bennychan Solutions, Founder – YoungChangeMakers Conference
  • ‘Enterprise AI Landscape and Data Science General Practices’ by Rohit Pandharkar, Head of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at Mahindra Group

BLAZE New Venture Competition – 15 Selected Startups Pitch to Investors

  • ‘Changing Global Trends in Media Consumption’ by Tapas Sen, Co-founder & CPO RadioMirchi
  • ‘Working with Legends in the Indian Music Industry’ by Shameer Tandon, Founder, Music Boutique
  • ‘Should I Startup | Succeed not Fail’ workshop by Vikas Kumar, serial entrepreneur, investor and founder, LoanTap

Key Initiatives at BLAZE – Igniting Ideas:

  • New Venture Competition – Startups with less than INR 5 lacs in annual revenue as well as game-changing new business ideas from students from universities, technical and management schools across India are eligible to apply before February 22, 2019Top three winners will receive INR 85,000 in cash prizes while 15 startupsselected to pitch to the investors will receive an opportunity to incubate their ideas at the FLAME Incubator Program to achieve next stage of growth. New Venture Competition Application Link:
  • FLAME Origins Program Demo Day – FCEI’s startup accelerator initiative, the FLAME Origins Program, has accelerated eight early stage startups across India over the last five months. These startups will make their business pitch to prominent angel investors and venture capitalists.
  • Product Showcase – Over 30 FLAME entrepreneurship undergraduate and postgraduate student groups will display a range of products created over this academic year.
  • Workshops, Speakers and Networking – Aspiring entrepreneurs and students can attend the two-day event for free upon registration and get the opportunity to network with prominent business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs and talented students. Individuals interested to attend BLAZE startup summit can register here:




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Alliance School of Business Hosted the International Conference in Management Studies

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Delegates and student volunteers along with Dr. Furqan Qamar (PRNewsfoto/Alliance University)
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Alliance School of Business, Alliance University, held the International Conference on Global Challenges and Local Prospects in Management Studies [AMSICON] at its central campus in Bengaluru, between 11th and 13th April, 2019.

The conference served as the interactive forum for three days to present and discuss research results about the evolution of the international economics, business and the global financial system. The conference emphasised on the development of emerging market economies and their impact on international trade and commerce and their regulation. Thus, the conference presented varied tracks such as Social Media Analytics, Block-Chain Technology, Financial Analytics, Business Intelligence & Green Buildings, Feminism & LGBT Studies, Cultural Discourse & Developmental Studies.

On 11th April, 2019, delivering the key note speech, Dr. Furqan Qamar, Secretary General, Association of Indian Universities, said, “Research has to be an integral part of teaching, and the subjects taught must invariably be from the area of research. The new generation must be given the opportunity and autonomy to choose the subjects and the learning patterns. It is high time we adapt to novel demands of teaching and learning process.”

Dr. Asha Kaul, Professor, Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad, during her key note Address on 13th April, 2019, spoke upon ‘Decoding Communication through Social Media’. Dr. Kaul emphasized the significance of effective communication in organizations to secure both reputation and trust in the digital age with respect to consumers.

The conference witnessed a myriad of unique international experts in the field of management studies, researchers, academicians, practitioners, leaders, policy makers, who shared their diverse experiences through fruitful discussions and debates and suggested solutions to the issues related to the challenges in business and society at large.

The following received the best research paper awards:

The research paper titled ‘Digital Aided Image Construction: Research Insights on Virtual Social Selves’ by Dr. Ray Titus, Dr. Alex Fenton and Sejal Valera, in the area of Marketing, Operations & Systems.

The research paper titled ‘Understanding Influence of Communication Satisfaction On Organizational Identification and Organizational Citizenship Behaviours: A Qualitative Study Among Knowledge Workers’ by Mr. Aniisu K Verghese in the area of Organizational Behaviour & Human Resources.

The research paper titled ‘Financial Development – Economic Growth Nexus in India‘ by Nithya Ramalingam and Bhavna Ranjan Ahuja in the area of Statistics, Finance & Economics,

The research paper titled ‘Aesthetizing The Cyborg Entity: Showing and Telling the Post human in Shelley Jackson’sPatchwork Girl’ by Jaya Sarkar from Birla Institute of Technology and Science- Pilani, Hyderabad Campus, India, in the area of Business Communication & Gender Studies.

The conference concluded with the valedictory session with an announcement of the AMISCON – 2020 in the month of January, by the conference organisers.


SOURCE Alliance Business School

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Center For Humane Technology’s Tristan Harris And Aza Raskin Launch Humane: A New Agenda For Tech

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Center For Humane Technology’s Tristan Harris And Aza Raskin Launch Humane: A New Agenda For Tech
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SFJAZZ Center –– Over 300 people, representing a broad and influential spectrum of leaders, decision makers and scholars from in and around the technology industry, gathered today at San Francisco’s SFJAZZ Center to hear Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin, Co-Founders of the Center for Humane Technology (CHT), launch Humane: A New Agenda for Tech – a powerful, more hopeful path for technology. Human downgrading is a systems-level explanation for how we ended up in the middle of a technology-driven existential crisis due to increasing the extraction of human attention. CHT’s new agenda calls on all technology creators to approach innovation to protect a deeper understanding of our basic human nature and focus on benefitting rather than “downgrading” humanity.

To help catalyze this Agenda with urgency that matches the globally accelerating scale of the issue, CHT announced a number of steps to engage the technology community in a positive direction forward:

  • A new and shared “systems-level” language and diagnosis that accurately describes the entire surface area of the global crisis connecting issues such as information overload, addiction, social isolation, outrage, polarization and election hacking, which downgrade our attention spans, relationships, children’s development, mental health, civility and democracy.
  • Public events leading up to a Humane Technology conference in the next year.
  • Design guides to facilitate assessment across human sensitivities and social spaces to help guide designers in redesigning their products.
  • Launching “Your Undivided Attention” –– a new podcast hosted by Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin with interviews from some of the most sophisticated experts in human nature, giving us all new insight into how to diagnose and accurately address human downgrading.

Human Downgrading

While our technology has been feverishly and profitably upgraded, humanity has been downgraded

While most conversation around technology and AI was concerned with when it would surpass human intelligence, we forgot to think about what would happen when it surpassed human weakness. We are in that moment today. CHT’s New Agenda for Tech posits that all human beings are born with the same root vulnerabilities and that when they are exploited across billions of people over decades, the result is widespread systemic failure: addiction leading to depression and suicide, polarization leading to isolation and radicalization, election hacking leading to untrusted results, loss of attention, loss of ability to think critically, sleep disorders, etc. This is human downgrading.

A system-level understanding of the problem brings unified language to set a new course across every discipline informing tech and human interaction:

  • Policymakers — create policies that incentivize humane technologies, recognizing the limits of human nature and protecting citizens from human downgrading.
  • Designers — instead of extracting attention by exploiting human sensitivities, design to protect our minds from manipulation and repair our shared social fabric.
  • Technologists — hold their employers accountable for human downgrading.
  • Media — create surround-sound public pressure to discuss and reverse human downgrading.
  • Researchers — accelerate a unified study of how attention extraction and human downgrading harm society.

“As a lone Product Manager and Design Ethicist at Google in 2013 trying to get a few people to pay attention, I had very little hope,” said Tristan Harris, Co-Founder of CHT. “Thanks to people like CHT Advisors Roger McNamee, Sandy ParakilasRenee DiResta, our Co-Founder Aza, brilliant storytellers like Max Stossel, scientists like Guillaume Chaslot, and far too many others to name who’ve come forward with similar knowledge and experience, the conversation has dramatically shifted to holding tech’s feet to the fire of its deep accountability. The Center for Humane Technology is very excited to move beyond the cacophony of minor product grievances and to build a broad movement of concerned technologists setting a positive, hopeful path forward.”

Humane: A New Agenda for Tech was live-streamed on CHT’s newly-updated website, and was attended by icons, founders, VCs, CEOs, designers and innovators from across the industry. A replay of the event will be available on CHT’s website soon at For more information about how you can get involved in our Humane Agenda, go to


SOURCE Center for Humane Technology

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Ryerson’s Chang School of Continuing Education Will Offer Business of Cannabis Course in Brampton This Spring

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Ryerson University’s Raymond G. Chang School of Continuing Education announced today that it will be offering its course on The Business of Cannabis (CZEN 420) in Brampton. Classes will run from May 8 to July 31 on Wednesdays, from 6:30 p.m.–9:30 p.m.

Offering this cannabis course in Brampton is a natural progression, given that the City of Brampton was one of the first Ontario cities to open a cannabis retail store earlier this month.

“The legalization of recreational cannabis has presented an exciting array of employment and business opportunities throughout the Canadian market,” said Marie Bountrogianni, Dean of The Chang School. “We look forward to bringing the Business of Cannabis to the Brampton community to help adult learners build their capacity to contribute to this dynamic and growing industry.”

Building on Ryerson’s expertise in entrepreneurship education, The Business of Cannabis explores a range of topics including financing for cannabis businesses and the complex regulations pertaining to the cultivation, processing, and distribution, marketing and selling of cannabis. Students learn how to apply entrepreneurship principles such as opportunity identification and evaluation, lean methods and bootstrapping. They will also have the opportunity to create a business plan and get in-person access to key cannabis industry leaders during planned panel discussions.

“Our programming is shaped by a diverse group of advisors who lead the way in the industry. Their expertise in business strategy and development, branding, science, health, as well as law and regulation has allowed Ryerson to offer this one-of-a-kind program. This is extremely important for an area that is complex and continues to change at a breakneck speed,” said Linda Koechli, Program Director, Business.

The Chang School of Continuing Education recognizes the societal need for education and awareness about cannabis in order to support this growing and changing industry. The objective of the course is to give Canadian entrepreneurs a competitive edge in seizing the opportunities available in what has become a billion dollar business in Canada. The course will increase employability for those seeking entry- or intermediate-level functional positions in the cannabis industry.

The Business of Cannabis is just one of many innovative and forward-thinking courses offered by The Chang School in Brampton. The institution has been offering courses on cybersecurity since January 2019. For spring, The Chang School will once again be offering courses in in this timely subject area: Digital Forensics Systems (CKDF 130) and Continuity and Risk Management (CSCI 243) will be available to help meet the demand for skills needed in the field.

Visit this website for more information about The Chang School’s The Business of Cannabis course.

Ryerson University’s G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education is Canada’s foremost provider of university-based adult education, facilitating access to the university’s renowned, professionally relevant courses and programs. Our mission is to provide accessible lifelong learning through innovative programming that empowers adults to reach their life and career goals. We offer 81 certificate programs (31 of which can be completed entirely online), 12 part-time degree programs, and 65 course series. Our Experiential Learning Exchange (ELX) offers self-driven instruction that emphasizes hands-on, project-based learning and connects students with experienced industry leaders through coaching, master classes, and professional networking.

SOURCE Ryerson University

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