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NirvanaBeing Announces a 20% Discount on Mace Pepper Spray

Betty Tűndik



Mace Brand Hot Pink Pocket Defense Pepper Spray - Photo Source:
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This valentine is going to be safer and better with NirvanaBeing’s drive to popularize Mace Safety Spray by offering a discount

NirvanaBeing, the company that is known for marketing quality products that improves the quality of life has announced to give 20% discount on the Mace Pepper Spraym this Valentine. The company spokesperson told the media in New Delhi that in keeping with the company’s policy to promote and provide quality products to the people, the company in the true spirit of Nirvana is giving 20% discount on the number one safety product, their Mace Pepper Spray.

With women safety increasingly becoming a cause of concern it is high time women took their safety in their own hand, as much as they can. Though police might be doing their job to protect them but if the daily newspapers reports are to be believed, there are glaring gaps in the security net, especially in the metros.

A can of Mace which has a solution of Traditional Chemical Mace (CN) is classified as an irritant and is similar to police-grade tear gas. It’s always a good idea to carry Mace spray cans especially if someone has to commute late. It immobilizes the attacker for 15 to 30 minutes providing an opportunity of a window to call for help or run from the scene. It is perfectly safe as its effect is temporary and is legal to keep and use. It is not for nothing that Mace has become synonymous with women safety around the world. It has become an essential carry on item, not just for women but for children and elderly people.

Mr. Jai Dhar Gupta, CEO, NirvanaBeing, at the press conference elaborated his plan to popularize the Mace Pepper Spray and mentioned that it was the need of the hour. “We are just trying to make women feel safe and confident with Pepper Spray which is considered the best device for women safety. There could be no occasion better than the Valentines Day to promote it”, said Mr. Gupta.

When asked what made him diversify from environmental products to the safety product he was very clear about the reason, “We lack an emergency response mechanism in India. Every day, our news is full of horror stories. Mace has created a range of non-lethal tools for self-defense – we have alarms for children and pepper sprays for adults. Mace is all about empowerment. I strongly believe in making a fear free environment for one and all!”

Jai Gupta, Founder of NirvanaBeing is best described as an activist, environmentalist and an innovative entrepreneur who has been striving hard to make the lives of the people better by introducing innovative products that sustain life and that can help protect our families. He is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business and is on the South AsiaBoard for the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO).

Under the brand, NirvanaBeing, Jai is focused on launching sustainable, stylish, reusable and affordable environmental products that have a mass market in India but the company is open to launch any product that it feels is need of the hour and would improve upon the quality of the life of fellow Indians. NirvanaBeing has recently launched its first flagship store at Khan Market, New Delhi and is looking at expanding throughout India.

SOURCE: NirvanaBeing


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Consumer & Cosmetics

Essilor India Unveils Crizal Sapphire 360° UV Lenses for Millennial

Vlad Poptamas



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Essilor, who was ranked for the 7th consecutive year by Forbes among the 100 most innovative companies of the world, launched a new lens of Crizal named Crizal Sapphire 360°UV with the thought of, ‘Making the invisible, a new visible’, targeted towards the millennial.

The millennial are not an easy demography to crack, but marketers are tapping their love for technology, innovation, minimalistic lifestyle to grab their attention, and this time Crizal in an effort to market the millennial and their individualism, launched Crizal Sapphire 360° UV, a nearly invisible anti – reflective lenses with the notion of making the invisible a new visible.

Crizal Sapphire 360°UV coating is the latest innovation in the 25 years history of one of the Group’s flagship brands – Crizal, first launched in 1992 to improve visual comfort by reducing glare and enhancing the transparency and durability of lenses.

The world is changing and so is Essilor. Maarten Geraets, CEO, Greater India said, “Our business serves an essential purpose of improving lives by improving sight and at Essilor we constantly strive to be relevant with changing times. Keeping in mind the minimalistic design preference of the millennials, the nearly invisible Crizal Sapphire 360° UV helps them enjoy uninterrupted and more vivid vision.” He further added, “Through an in-depth study of the changes in our daily light environment as well as consumer expectations, Essilor R&D teams set out to improve visual comfort through better anti-reflective performance and lens transparency with another level of innovation. Crizal Sapphire 360° UV is a revolutionary vision solution targeted towards the millennial, who are the game changers in today’s dynamic market.”

Crizal Sapphire 360° UV

Today, we are increasingly exposed to multiple light sources at all angles, which causes discomfort. In fact, 80 percent of wearers try to combat reflections by moving their head, changing posture, or taking off their glasses. The nearly invisible, Crizal Sapphire 360° UV No-Glare Lenses feature the new Multi-Angular Technology to reduce reflections from any angle of light for less distracting glare, better aesthetics and safer night-time driving. It offers best-in-class transparency and clarity, as well as superior durability and clean ability. It enhances the UV protection in a clear lens.

Better clarity of vision:

  • Vision is virtually cleared from disturbing reflections, light sheen, ghost images and backside reflections.

Superior Aesthetics:

  • Offers the best-in-class transparency that helps to see better, look better, and feel better.
  • Vision becomes uninterrupted & images are more vivid.
  • Provides complete protection from reflection, scratches, smudges, dust and water.
  • Provides optimum protection against harmful UV rays from front and back surface.

Crizal Sapphire reflects the youthful persona and is clearly the best for the young Indians.

Ramachandran P, COO, Essilor India said, “When it comes to innovation, Essilor is the leader in the ophthalmic lens category and with the launch of Crizal Sapphire 360° UV we are taking another step forward. Through a new consumer-focused approach, we are offering nearly invisible anti-reflective lenses with the best in class transparency.”

Indicative Price:*Rs 3,820 onwards (For single vision lenses)

Available: All leading optical stores


SOURCE Essilor

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One in Four Consumers Stopped Doing Business with Companies Due to Lack of Personalized Communications

Vlad Poptamas



Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. survey captures communications impact on customer experience
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Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: BR), a global Fintech and customer communications leader, today released a study revealing that personalization in communications is significantly impacting customer loyalty. Over one-third (35 percent) of 3,004 consumers surveyed in the U.S. and Canada say that the companies they patron need to improve communication experiences. Moreover, one in four (25 percent) have stopped doing business with a company specifically due to poorly personalized communications. This grows to one in three (35 percent) among Millennials.

“Consumer expectations have changed dramatically in the digital age and brands need to increasingly look to engage their customers in meaningful ways,” said Matt Swain, managing director and practice lead for communications consulting services, Broadridge. “Essential communications, like bills and statements, offer a unique, yet often underutilized, opportunity to provide a personalized experience for customers. This can do more than build brand loyalty, it can also drive the bottom line.”

Interestingly, the survey found one-in-five consumers has purchased a new product or service because they received a message in a bill or statement, a significant conversion rate and opportunity for companies to deepen customer relationships.

Digital Adoption Hinges on Quality Communication Experiences, Especially Mobile

Broadridge found that most consumers (69 percent) are likely to convert to paperless if providers make digital experiences more engaging. In fact, if a company’s mobile device experience is poor, more than half (57 percent) of respondents said they’d be less likely to go paperless. That said, most consumers (62 percent) have converted at least one bill or statement to paperless delivery within the last year, with Millennials and households with children leading the migration.

“Companies recognize that digital communications are attractive because they can reduce operational and call center costs by creating more self-service experiences for customers; but, consumers now demand digital experiences that are far better than print. They want personalized digital communications that deliver real value,” said Swain. “We help companies transform their businesses by enriching customer engagement and optimizing efficiency.”

While digital transformation in billing is trending upwards, half (50 percent) of consumers say that printed bills and statements are important or vital to them, and one-third (34 percent) believe that print will maintain this importance to them over the next five years. If companies ceased mail communications and completely converted customers to digital channels, this would upset or annoy 49 percent of Baby Boomers – and even 38 percent of Millennials.

New Technology Brings New Conveniences for Digital Converts

As the digital landscape evolves, companies should look to introduce next-generation technologies to the communication experience. Broadridge’s survey results indicate that consumers already prefer to receive payment-due reminders via email and text message rather than by physical mail. Millennials, 30 percent of whom have missed a payment due date in the last 12 months, prefer to receive payment reminders via text, email or mobile app notifications.

Looking at new technological capabilities, more than one-third (36 percent) of consumers want to view bills and statements in one digital location – a key advantage of personal cloud storage, like Google Drive and Dropbox. Responses suggest that consumers like cloud channels due to the convenient location/access, the ability to create an overview of monthly expenses and investments, and the ease it allows to predict future expenses.

Broadridge found that in the next wave of communications, consumers would be interested in customizing the layout of their bills and statements themselves, incorporating touch ID and facial recognition into mobile experiences, leveraging AI in customer service to get more immediate responses to simple questions, and adding personalized informational videos in digital communications.

Visit to view a summary of the study results. For more information about how Broadridge supports customer communications, please visit

Broadridge provides communications, technology, data and analytics solutions to help clients drive business transformation, enrich client engagement, optimize efficiency and generate revenue growth. Its essential communications services reach 80 percent of North American mailboxes on behalf of more than 5,000 brands each year. Broadridge helps clients across industries create more fluid omni-channel experiences designed to increase communications clarity, engagement, and digital adoption.This research is the latest in its effort to help clients better understand consumers and gain insight into customer communication preferences.


Broadridge Customer Communications commissioned Engine to conduct a CARAVAN Omnibus Survey. The 53-question survey was administered between November 29 and December 6, 2018 to 3,004 U.S. and Canadian residents ages 25 and older. The sample was weighted to current U.S. and Canadian Census data for age, gender and region. The figures are statistically significant at the 95 percent confidence level with a margin of error of ±2 percentage points.

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MSI Unveils Their New Gaming Laptop Line-up in India With the Latest NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™

Vlad Poptamas



Photo source:
Reading Time: 4 minutes


  • Also Introduces Range of Professional Laptops and Mobile Workstations
  • The laptops are now available in India at MSI exclusive stores across India and leading e-commerce websites Flipkart and Amazon

MSI, a world leader in gaming hardware, recently announced the launch of its new gaming laptop line-up with the latest NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ GPU in India, including the brand new GS65 Stealth laptop. Recently unveiled at CES 2019, the laptops will be available starting Jan. 29th, 2019 at MSI’s exclusive stores across New DelhiBangaloreKolkataand Pune. The products will also be available on leading e-commerce websites – Flipkart and Amazon.

The price of the Gaming Series starts from INR 79,990 and goes upto INR 399,990 while the price of the Prestige Series starts from INR 77,990 and goes upto 159,990. (All the prices mentioned are Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price – MSRP)

“MSI continues to be devoted to the gaming community and with our first line-up of RTX Laptops in India, we aim to take the gaming experience to the next level. With these new additions to our product portfolio, we aim to offer gamers an extremely immersive gaming experience with incredible performance and sharper design. We will bring in the best-in-class products for the Indian market to ensure a flawless gaming experience for our customers,” Green, Chang-Ching Lin, Regional Marketing Manager said.

On the professional series, he further added, “Gone are the days when there was a limited usage of professional workstations. The consumers today are looking for laptops that can cater to both their personal and professional needs and can switch seamlessly. Our Prestige Series and Mobile Work Stations are powered by the latest and fastest processors that allows users un-parallel experience.”

With real-time ray tracing and AI-enhanced gaming experience, NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ graphics pushes the boundaries of laptop graphics. This powerful graphics takes the gaming out the frame, enabling an experience of realism. Aside from the performance boost, the new GeForce RTX™ goes beyond the traditional rendering techniques to present better in-game lighting with detailed reflections, shadows, and shaders. To take full advantage of the new graphics, MSI has also enhanced its exclusive Cooler Boost design, effectively reducing operating temperatures.

The New India Lineup includes the GT, GS, GE, GL Series which are Ready For GeForce RTX™ Gaming

The GT Titian, the epic-class flagship gaming laptop, is able to develop the greatest potential for gamers through the latest RTX™ GPU and overclockable i9 CPU. This uncaged monster is not just powerful, but also faster than ever. To ensure ultimate power, Cooler Boost Titan greatly reduces the operating temperature for taking performance to the extreme. With 4K UHD display, the GT Titan delivers stunning, lifelike details on game screen. The GT Titan and its top-notch performance is the perfect choice for desktop replacements.

The GS series breaks the stereotype of bulky and heavy gaming laptops, and it offers exceptional on-the-go gaming experience. If one prefers this series, the award-winning classic 15.6″ is the GS65 Stealth Thin, which is a great choice, weighing less than 2 kg and featuring the latest GPU and CPU.

Powered by Intel® Core™ i7 Processors, the GE75 Raider is the first 17″ laptop with a NVIDIA® GeForce RTX 2080 GPU. Aggressively crafted for the enthusiasts, the reflective diamond-cut trims form a one-of-a-kind ‘3D Dragon Spine’ design, made from a three-dimensional surface with red anodized finish, showing a unique yet aggressive aesthetic that’s guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. In addition, the GE75 features the exclusive MSI Cooler Boost 5 technology with two dedicated fans and seven copper heat pipes, a per-key RGB gaming keyboard by SteelSeries, MSI’s App Playerfor seamless gaming experience between mobile and PC, and 5X bigger Giant Speakers and sound by Dynaudio.

Looking for a more accessible option without compromising utmost performance? The GL series, now upgraded with new power from GeForce RTX™ graphics, is more powerful and faster than ever. The Giant Speakers by Dynaudio allow gamers to further immerse in sound. The 17.3″ model is available with 120Hz display, offering clear and sharp gameplay. The GL series features all the essentials and offers the best bang for your buck.

Prestige Series – Essence of Elite 

The Prestige series, independent from the gaming line-up, is casted for content creators and new modern elites by offering sophisticated portable design and powerful performance.

To provide more advanced technology for creators, MSI has unveiled the P65 Creator. A new proprietary software ‘Creator Center’ has also been released for optimizing the system for a wide variety of creator software. With all system status at a glance, tuning performance and configuration no longer requires digging through complex Windows settings.

The PS63 on the other hand, takes mobility to the next level. It enriches the series with mature reflection and exploratory spirit. This 15.6-inch IPS-level display is crafted in a compact thin bezel chassis and features a featherweight design; at 1.65 kg and 15.9 mm, it fits perfectly into a brief case. Nowadays, all-day productivity becomes a must for mobile users; with up to 16 hours battery life and Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 3.0, this laptop not only provides day-long productivity, but is also able to support the phone charge unrestrainedly. Even when charging is required, the slim power adapter only takes up a fraction of the space and weight. In addition, it is Quiet Mark certified, ensuring a silent working environment by diminishing noise distractions. With mobile design in mind, the PS63 is easily carried wherever the inspiration goes.

The modern laptop turns creative ideas into realities with selected features. With up to the latest 8th Gen Intel® Core i7 processor and NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 graphics, the creation shows its powerful performance on multitasking and graphic rendering. MSI exclusive Cooler Boost 3 can efficiently reduce operating temperature, making the laptop perform at its best without overheating. With the thin bezel display and drop-down hinge design, the PS63 is able to provide more screen real estate to maximize the visual experience. The extra-large touchpad offers responsive and accurate input with its silky smooth glass texture, while also supporting multi-finger gestures. A fingerprint sensor can also be found for added biometric security, keeping the users work safe and secure. The carbon gray with unique blue diamond cut makes the laptop elegant and eye-catching. The PS63 is not only high-performance but also good-looking.

For purchase and availability details, please visit: or

For high-res images, please visit:


MSI Facebook:

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MSI YouTube:

MSI Twitter:

Subscribe to MSI RSS Feeds via for real-time news and more product info.

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