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æternity has announced that its blockchain will immortalize urban street art with the launch of the Drone Graffiti Project, a collaboration with leading art studios and tech startups. Marking the launch, modified drones will complete the world’s first live urban art installation powered by blockchain during Mexico City’s Art Week.

Three artists have been selected to work with Drone Graffiti, including US artist Tom Edwards. Leveraging core features of the æternity blockchain; state channels (for the execution of private off-chain smart contracts between parties) and oracles (for attesting to the integrity of data being transmitted), these features make it the ideal platform for the street art to be archived and authenticated indefinitely, while making it accessible to a global audience.

Yanislav Malahov, founder of æternity blockchain and visionary behind The Drone Graffiti Project said: “Urban art has always been a medium for expression, but is all-too-often fleeting in nature. By anchoring these temporary works of art in a digital ledger, they become permanent and their message amplified. No longer is viewership limited to people passing a wall, but it’s permanently open to the world.”

Building the hardware and software needed for this groundbreaking project were æternity blockchain, Voliro AG , SPH Engineering, DRONEMASTERS and Mexico-based urban art legends All City Canvas, among others. æternity linked the blockchain to the drones but having them modified to be able to paint artwork via an app was the work of Janis Kuzefrom SPH Engineering who said: “Enabling a drone to be the tool of graffiti artists has been technically challenging as the drone has to fly near to a wall, vertically and horizontally and the flight path has to create a painting.”

The æternity blockchain provides a verifiable digital identity for urban art that will put an end to the risks of fraud (Is that Banksy really a Banksy?), while tokenization offers immense opportunity for street art to become highly valuable in the future.

SOURCE æternity