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Health Horizons, India’s sole manufacturers of Ayurvedic hemp products, have successfully launched their line of hemp soaps in the commercial market. After their commendable stint in consumable goods, the company branched out into the skincare industry during the mid-week of December.

The hype around hemp beauty products has been on the rise but for all the right reasons. Having read about the health benefits of Omega 3 and Omega 6, it’s a given that hemp is the only plant that contains them both in the appropriate ratio of 3:1. Due to which, hemp seed oil is described as ‘Nature’s most perfectly balanced oil’.

Moreover, hemp is loaded with the good stuff. Contrary to one’s imagination, hemp is an extraordinaire miracle plant that can treat major skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema, to name a few. The soaps made from hemp oil are also highly moisturizing and do not strip the skin of its natural oils.

It is again a gentle cleanser that leaves the skin smooth and naturally beautiful. Not just that, hemp soaps suit every skin type – be it dry, oily or combinational – as its fatty acid profile has an inherent capability to mimic the skin. It does not end there; Hemp soaps are excellent as anti-aging products, since their tendency to slow down the oxidation of the skin is noted well by researchers.

Keeping these characteristics in mind, Hemp Horizons Pvt. Ltd. ingeniously combined hemp soaps with pure and natural ingredients – rose, activated charcoal, shea butter, honey, neem and tulsi under their brand name ‘Health Horizons’. The six varieties made available on major e-commerce platforms, including their own, are handcrafted with love and shipped across the nation for delivery.

The Director of Health Horizons, Rohit Shah said, “We are extremely ecstatic and delighted to be stepping into skincare as we aspire to preserve natural skin with natural ingredients. Our forefathers swore by these ingredients and through our line of products we want the nation to realize the same.” Kanishk Yadav, the fellow Director agreed with his statement while subtly hinting that the company had more to offer in the upcoming days. But for now, they would like to keep it under wraps.

SOURCE: Health Horizons