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Universal Logic, Inc. announced that Neocortex is now being used by 50% of the top ten retailers in the United States. Neocortex is the software “brain” that allows robots to do material handling work traditionally requiring humans. This adoption is driven by the strength of their business cases: top line revenue generation, bottom line cost savings, and board-level risk mitigation.

Neocortex improves top line revenue, driving variability and inconsistencies out of the supply chain. What was once manual is now digital, providing superb data insight for improving forecasting and inventory control. Supply chain agility more closely mirrors market demand, leading to improved customer retention and revenue growth.

Bottom line cost savings range from labor reduction, to reduced liability expense, to improved order-to-cash and supply chain throughput inherent with precision automation.

Board-level risk mitigation results from reduced risks from injury and disability litigation. As well, the adoption of Neocortex builds a barrier against lagging competitors.

Neocortex empowers robots to handle millions of objects with precision at speeds faster than humans. It works with any type of robot, sensor, or end-of-arm-tool at any size or scale. The software also deploys on a client’s existing robotic investments, to increase their ROI. See Neocortex broad capabilities here:

After a decade of successfully delivering on our roadmap, Neocortex version 5.0 can now replace most manual activities on supply chains today. During this time, Universal has solved countless problems. With this depth and breadth of experience, the Company’s team of system integration experts can solve the full spectrum of material handling problems.

The digitization of the physical world is possible with Neocortex like never before, empowering robots to handle extreme variability with speed, agility, and accuracy.

SOURCE Universal Logic, Inc.

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