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As a vegan person, I am not delighted only by food. I am eating, or try to eat well, with great respect for animals. I also think that food is not enough to have a healthy, lifestyle with full of energy and to prevent health issues, being vegan or not. I obtained to use besides vegan food, supplements, and superfoods. Of course, they should be vegan as well. The plant-based supplements are absorbing more effectively. I use reishi, spirulina, chlorella, schizandra, berries, turmeric and lots of other superfoods and natural supplements to maintain proper health and energy. I also do exercises on a daily base, I use those products in capsules or powder forms.

Vitality products are the same, I mean they contain lots of superfoods, they are vegan-friendly and can be easily adapted to our lives. They also use every ingredient in raw forms which is very important. I have no problem with soy products, but some people have, and these products are soy-free, too.  Let’s see for example for boosting energy. Their POWER IRON + ORGANIC SPIRULINA product contains those two major ingredients, spirulina, and iron. The uniqueness of this product is that is also gentle to our stomach. This product also contains vitamin B12, folate, and Vitamin C. They use organic spirulina for the higher absorption of the vitamins. The high level of iron will help to oxygenate the body and in this way, the energy will increase. By using this product will help to increase stamina and to boost brain function.

POWER IRON + ORGANIC SPIRULINA together with Digest+ and B60 Complete – Photo Source:

For those who are pregnant or have an iron deficiency, I think is very suitable and will help a lot without hurting the gut.

Women are also obsessed over the aging issue. Vitality has also some products which have been developed to prevent aging problems and maintain healthy skin and an ageless outlook and shape. Time Release Super Multi+ is a multivitamin with 19 essential vitamins and minerals which are made by plants with benefits for skin, hair, nails, immune system and a great energy booster. This is also suitable for vegans and for those with gluten problems.
VITALITY’s Time Release vitamin tablets are made with plant fibers to slowly release and support absorption of nutrients to benefit your good health – Photo Source:

We can find lots of superfoods and energy products with high absorption on their website. Recently these products were added to the Whole Food Market, Americas biggest online store and supermarket chain, which provides nutritional information, organic products, diets, and health-related special products without chemicals or other harmful ingredients. They have all kind of dietary sections, like vegan, gluten-free, paleo friendly, keto friendly, or lacto-vegetarian. They provide also Kosher, organic sugar-free, low sodium or low-fat products.


SOURCE: Vitality Products Inc.