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Testerday, HUAWEI CLOUD 2019 Hong Kong AI Developer Contest opened for registration, which is held by HUAWEI CLOUD, Hong Kong Artificial Intelligence and Robot Society (HKSAIR), and Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP). Participants can visit HUAWEI CLOUD’s official website to learn more information.

HUAWEI CLOUD aims to encourage Hong Kong universities’ students to actively develop AI, select technical talents, and promote AI technologies to solve practical problems by the contest.

This contest is a competition cloud platform for AI developers, and will continue to hold a series of competitions in multiple cities in China. The contest questions will be issued on February 12, and judged by experts from HKSAIR. The results will be announced on HUAWEI CLOUD Summit on March 19th in Hong Kong.

Contestants will develop AI based on the Huawei Cloud EI ModelArts, which is a faster and more inclusive one-stop AI development platform, involving data labeling and preparation, and model training, optimization, and deployment. It delivers end-to-end AI application development.

In March 2018, HUAWEI CLOUD Hong Kong region opened, helping Chinese companies expand their business to the Asia-Pacific region, overseas companies expanded their business to the Chinese market and business innovation for local companies in Hong Kong. HUAWEI CLOUD has enabled the digitization of Hong Kong’s different industries, including financial, Internet and park industries, helping Hong Kong’s governments and enterprises to grow with intelligence.

HUAWEI CLOUD believes that artificial intelligence technology is promoting industrial intelligent upgrades and profoundly changing every industry, every organization, everyone. Since HUAWEI CLOUD EI’s (Enterprise Intelligence) launchin 2017, it has provided 56 services and 159 functions, covering essential platform services, general APIs, advanced APIs, and pre-integration solutions. These services and functions make inclusive AI possible, satisfying the needs of different groups including AI senior data scientists, data engineers, common IT engineers, and business personnel. In addition, Huawei Cloud EI has explored over 200 projects across eight industries, covering cities, manufacturing, logistics, and the Internet. EI drives industry modernization in three scenarios, including repetitive and high-volume work, tasks that require expert experience, and work that needs multi-domain collaboration. These will help improve efficiency, pass on expertise, and break the limits of human intelligence.

In addition, HUAWEI CLOUD will also hold summit in Hong Kong on March 19th, bringing together industry experts, customers, partners, technical experts and developers to explore how cloud services can helping companies embrace the intelligent future. For more information, please log in: