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Celltick Demonstrates Disaster Management Solution

Vlad Poptamas



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Celltick is an established leader in creating content-based mobile engagement products and services for mobile operators, device manufacturers and app developers, and is a leading supplier of Mass Alert solutions for disaster management. On Thursday, 30th January 2019, Celltick demonstrated the functionality of a cell broadcast-based Mass Alert solution for disaster management purposes. A service that is critical for state government agencies, disaster management agencies and law enforcement, and is invaluable in sending out real-time alerts to citizens in a targeted location within minutes in any kind of emergency situations, including natural disasters, civil disturbances, terror attacks or any other crises situations that may arise.

Catastrophic events affect millions of lives every year. Celltick Mass Alert is a pioneering mobile technology capable of alerting millions in one go. It broadcasts interactive alerts without overloading the network resource. Moreover, it transmits messages even in local languages and is free to the end user.

Supervising the demonstration, Mr. Abraham Punnoose, Managing Director – Celltick Mobile India said, “Disaster preparedness is a necessity and having a disaster alert communicated in real time to the populace is essential for saving lives. Our solution can reach millions at the touch of a button within minutes in a targeted location that is affected and can be customised in more than nine Indian local languages.”

Celltick platform is currently live and integrated with four mobile operators in India namely Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and BSNL providing a combined reach to over 950 million mobile subscribers in India. Over 750 million live SIM cards are embedded with the Celltick applet and 27-30 million new SIMs with the Celltick applet are added every month in new SIM sales. The solution works across devices, including feature phones, Android/Apple/Blackberry, etc.


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