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IBERIABANK has announced its investment in the New Orleans Music Economy (NOME) initiative, led by Greater New Orleans Inc. (GNO Inc.). The NOME initiative was created to jumpstart a thriving full music economy in Greater New Orleans that provides jobs and wealth to support musicians, intellectual property managers, publishers, agents, labels, professional services, creative services, and all other aspects of the “business of music.”

Daryl G. Byrd, President and Chief Executive Officer, commented, “IBERIABANK and our Sports & Entertainment banking division are looking forward to this partnership. Our team specialises in and understands the unique financial needs musicians, athletes, and actors have, and we are dedicated to work alongside the musicians to educate and achieve their goals.”

“For years people have talked about building a true music economy in New Orleans,” said Michael Hecht, President & Chief Executive Officer of GNO Inc. “The difference this time is that the business community is fully committed, with firms like IBERIABANK now taking the lead. The significance of IBERIABANK Sports & Entertainment partnering with GNO, Inc. for the New Orleans Music Economy Initiative is profound – it means that, for the first time, music is being embraced as both a cultural and an economic opportunity.”