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750,000+ Celebrate the Future of the Mobility Industry at 2019 NAIAS

Vlad Poptamas



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The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) wrapped up a 16-day peek behind the curtain of the latest mobility innovations, including industry-shaping announcements and global reveals, all while welcoming hundreds of thousands of people from around the world to experience what the new product and technology buzz was all about.

The show wrapped up tonight with a strong finish of 100,757 attendees, bringing total ticketed attendance for 2019 NAIAS to 774,179. David Sowerby, CFA, Managing Director, Portfolio Manager, Ancora, reports the 2019 show has an estimated economic impact of $430 million to the regional economy. Sowerby notes that the impact of the entire show is equivalent to holding nearly two NFL Super Bowls a year in Detroit.

“Detroit displayed every facet of the mobility industry over the past two weeks, welcoming visitors from across the globe,” said 2019 NAIAS Chairman Bill Golling. “From startups showcasing their innovative technologies to executive discussions on a driverless future to industry giants standing on the world stage revealing brand-defining products and technologies, NAIAS was an incredible platform for one of the most exciting times in the history of our industry.”

NAIAS – often considered six shows in one – opened with The Gallery, marking its 13th year and attracting over 500 attendees, The Gallery featured a $10 million collection of some of the most exclusive automobiles in the world.

NAIAS Press Preview and AutoMobili-D featured a keynote by Volvo Car USA CEO, Anders Gustafsson, who discussed the role subscription plays in future mobility and the opportunities it brings to the experience. Bill Ford also headlined “The Final Word” on the closing day of AutoMobili-D with Detroit News columnist Daniel Howes.

AutoMobili-D expanded with a 46 percent increase in exhibitors from around the world. The mobility showcase featured nearly 215 different brands with 65 startups, in addition to global automakers, suppliers, universities and government organizations. A powerful A-list, including some of the best minds from top universities such as Kettering University and Michigan State University, participated in AutoMobili-D symposiums and panel discussions.

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) brought unparalleled opportunities in the mobility sector back for the second year through matchmaking business development meetings and the Future Automotive Career Exposition (FACE) for AutoMobili-D exhibitors. Match Meetings forge new business and industry connections – which was a first-ever for an auto show in 2018. In addition, FACE connected thousands of people interested in working in all aspects of the mobility industry with AutoMobili-D exhibiting companies.

“The biggest testament to the fact that the mobility industry is being redefined here in Detroit is best illustrated by the thousands of media that travel from across the globe to the Motor City so they can report on the industry-leading news being delivered by top executives at our show,” said NAIAS Executive Director Rod Alberts.

Alberts reported the 2019 NAIAS drew over 4,568 journalists from 60 countries. Media in attendance saw 44 vehicles revealed in total, 31 being world debuts.

Following Press Preview, 35,185 automotive and mobility experts and innovators from nearly 2,000 companies and 26 countries engaged in emerging mobility technologies and trends at Industry Preview. AutoMobili-D symposiums continued through Industry Preview, helping set the framework for product benchmarking and technology immersion. NAIAS is the only show in North America with dedicated “industry” days.

While new products and technologies took center stage during Press Preview and Industry Preview, the heart of the Motor City was on display for the world to see at Charity Preview. Four million dollars was raised for children’s charities in Detroit. In all, 10,000+ people attended the black-tie gala, recognized as the largest annual single-night fundraiser in the world.

Charity Preview has raised over $121 million for southeastern Michigan children’s charities since the Detroit Auto Dealers Association established the gala 42 years ago.

The momentum that began during preview week continued throughout the Public Show generating large crowds at Cobo Center each day. The 700-plus vehicles on display under one roof and the many interactive displays served as a magnet for auto show visitors.

2019 NAIAS Highlights

The Gallery

  • The Gallery, hosted at MGM Grand, displayed nearly $10 million of the most acclaimed automobiles in the world, including the North American debut of the 2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan


  • A 150,000 square feet exposition of the latest technology available to the industry
  • 46 percent increase in exhibitor participation from around the world
  • 65+ Startups participated
  • More than 200 different brands in addition to global organizations, all showcasing and discussing future mobility platforms
  • Four days of mobility-themed content – topics ranging from suppliers driving mobility technology, V2I connectivity, urban mobility, smart cities, building a mobility workforce, riding sharing, mobility subscriptions, ride sharing, cyber security and autonomous technologies

Press Preview

  • 4,568 journalists from 60 different countries
  • 44 vehicles revealed in total, 31 making their world debut

Industry Preview

  • Only show in North America with dedicated “industry” days.
  • Attracted 35,185 auto and tech industry executives, designers, developers and analysts from 1,679 companies and 26 countries.

Charity Preview

  • 10,072 people attended the world’s largest annual single-night fundraiser, generating $4,028,800 million for children’s charities in Detroit.
  • More than $121 million raised since 1976 when the Detroit Auto Dealers Association established Charity Preview.
  • Special performance by Your Generation in Concert

Total Ticketed Attendance

  • 774,179

Economic Impact

  • Estimated economic impact of $430 million to the regional economy (per David Sowerby, CFA, Managing Director, Portfolio Manager, Ancora)
  • Equivalent to nearly two Super Bowls every year in Detroit



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Kreative Kustomz 305 Debuts Unique New Bag Secured Apparel Collection

Vlad Poptamas



Kreative Kustomz 305
Reading Time: 1 minute


A good entrepreneur knows when to seize an opportunity and customer requests were the foundation that drove Kebby Thervil, owner of Kreative Kustomz 305, into the apparel industry. The Bag Secured Collection will be the first to drop under the brand.

“Kreative Kustomz 305 is a brand that embodies creativity and personality, this collection will show that,” said Thervil.

The Bag Secured collection features T-shirts, crop tops & dad hats. The fashionable garments appeal to millennials by way of vivid illustrations and pop culture.

The most notable of the collection is the Bagman T-shirt. Available in black & white, it pays homage to the Pac-Man ghosts collecting hundred-dollar bills and securing the bag. The premium cotton fabric has a highly aesthetic look that’s also durable. The Bagman tee is also available in a black crop top ranging in sizes XS to Large.

Shoppers will also find the creative Money Bag Shark T-shirt within the collection stamped with a shark leaping out of money green waters. The collection also includes the Pineapple Money Bag Tee and dad hat.

The hat will also be available in denim, pink, white and khaki. One size fits most and it features matching sweatbands and brass buckle closures for a desired fit and is embroidered with the moneybag pineapple.

As a bonus the first 50 orders include a free Mini Money Bag. Fashioned with a drawstring closure, the canvas mesh bag is ideal for storing personal belongings on the go and can also be purchased separately.

The launch of the Bag Secured apparel line by Kreative Kustomz 305 provides streetwear culture with a unique new brand that’s equally appealing as the major ones. The collection is inspired by a vibrant, youthful and multi-cultural audience.


SOURCE Kreative Kustomz 305

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Fourth Annual Advisor Authority Study Profiles Unique Needs of Millennials to Help RIAs and Fee-Based Advisors Engage with Expanding Market of Emerging Investors

Vlad Poptamas



Photo source:
Reading Time: 4 minutes


A new Special Report from the fourth annual Advisor AuthorityStudy commissioned by Nationwide Advisory Solutions, formerly known as Jefferson National, takes an in-depth look at Millennials (ages 18 to 37) with investable assets of $100,000 or more, to profile the unique needs of this expanding market of emerging investors—and how they differ from the cohorts of Gen-X, Baby Boomers, and Matures who precede them. RIAs and fee-based advisors can tap into these insights to understand this younger generation and compete more effectively to win their business. Conducted online by The Harris Poll, the Advisor Authority study surveyed roughly 1,700 financial advisors and individual investors nationwide.

“Year-over-year, RIAs and fee-based advisors say that adding new clients is the number-one driver of profitability, and Millennials are a prime target—poised to grow more wealth and inherit their share of the $30 trillion Great Wealth Transfer,” said Craig Hawley, Head of Nationwide Advisory Solutions. “But this generation faces distinct challenges and fosters unique preferences—which advisors must understand in order to build productive relationships. Our latest Advisor Authority Special Report uncovers the key factors RIAs and fee-based advisors need to know to attract and retain Millennial investors, drive greater client satisfaction—and unlock greater growth.”

The opportunity is substantial. Millennials now make up over a third of the U.S. population, and are the most diverse and most educated generation so far.i But this generation is not without their challenges, according to this latest Advisor Authority Special Report, “Looking to the Future—Reaching Millennial Investors.” Coming of age in the wake of 9/11, the Market Crash of 2008 and the Great Recession, has impacted Millennials’ financial concerns, investing habits, and future earnings potential.ii They are proceeding with caution, and this aversion to risk may impact their ability to reach their future financial goals. Yet, four in 10 of these younger investors (40%) still do not have a financial advisor—and could benefit from long-term holistic planning.

Understanding Millennials: Life and Debt
Millennials are much less likely than Gen-X and Boomers to have a mortgage, but much more likely to have student loans.iii Perhaps as a result, Millennials say that managing debt (31%) is their number-two financial concern over the next 12 months. In comparison, managing debt is rated fourth by Gen-X (25%) and does not break the top five for Boomers (13%) or Matures (4%). This younger generation may be dealing with the repercussions of their debt for decades to come. Millennials are far more concerned than other generations with financing a large expense, rating it fourth (20% vs Gen-X 6%, Boomers 6%, Matures 4%), and financing a home (19% vs Gen-X 8%, Boomers 1%, Matures 3%), rating it fifth.

While taxes are among the top three financial concerns for every generation, only Millennials rate taxes as their number-one financial concern (33% vs Gen-X 29%, Boomers 31%, Matures 30%), and needing help managing their taxes as their number-four reason for having an advisor. They are also among the most likely to say that tax reform will increase the likelihood that they will work with an advisor in the next 12 months (46% vs Gen-X 38%, Boomers 18%, Matures 8%).

Planning for Everything—Even Retirement 
Impacted by their proximity to the Market Crash of 2008 and the Great Recession, Millennials are risk averse and reluctant to invest in the stock market.iv Numerous studies show that they favor cash for long-term investing, ahead of stocks, bonds and other asset classes—and are likely to hold twice as much cash as any other generation in their investment portfolios.v There is a tremendous opportunity for advisors to help them start early and establish a lifetime of smart investing habits to reach their financial goals.

Given their younger age, it may be somewhat surprising that Millennials are already focused on saving for retirement, which is tied for fourth (20%) among their top financial concerns and concern for saving enough for retirement is rated third (13%) among their reasons for having an advisor. Meanwhile, Millennials (76%) are also as likely as Gen-X (68%), Boomers (75%), and Matures (77%) to say that they have a strategy to help protect themselves against outliving their savings.

Likewise, a majority of Millennials (53%) say that they have a strategy in place to protect their portfolio against market risk. And among those who have a strategy, they are somewhat more likely than other generations to rely on liquid alternatives as their top solution (50% vs Gen-X 27%, Boomers 33%, Matures 22%) and somewhat less likely to rely on traditional diversification as the foundation for risk management (43% vs Gen-X 77%, Boomers 76%, Matures 58%). Millennials are also generally somewhat more likely to use fixed index annuities (47%), fixed annuities (40%) and market-linked CDs (39%), and somewhat more likely to rely on sophisticated instruments such as put options (20%) and smart beta ETFs (16%).

Top Factors for Attracting Millennials
When choosing an advisor, Millennials focus on different values and priorities compared to other generations. Millennial investors, like all other generations, say experience matters most (35%, Gen-X 49%, Boomers 49%, Matures 67%). However, Millennials are the only generation to say that socially responsible investing is rated within the top two factors for choosing an advisor, suggesting that this generation cares deeply about where their money goes (26% vs Gen-X 9%, Boomers 10%, Matures 9%). Reducing fees for younger clients rounds out Millennials’ top three (25% vs Gen-X 16%, Boomers 3%, Matures 6%).

While all other generations say that serving clients using a fee-based fiduciary standard is among their top four (Gen-X 29%, Boomers 22%, Matures 28%), Millennials (16%) rated it as less important than factors such as historical performance (19%), increased use of mobile technology (18%), increased use of social media (17%) and robust cyber security procedures (17%). A significant departure—and important opportunity—for advisors to provide more education on the importance of finding an advisor who puts clients’ best interests first.

It’s not surprising that Millennials, often referred to as “digital natives,” are the generation most familiar with Artificial Intelligence (47% very/extremely familiar vs Gen-X 18%, Boomers 15%, Matures 9%). Yet, among these younger tech-savvy investors who have a financial advisor, they still say that their preferred form of communication is face-to-face (35%), surpassing phone calls (26%) and all other digital channels such as emails (11%), social media (7%), video chat (6%) and text messages (3%). For Millennials, the human touch still wins, hands down.

To learn more about the unique needs of Millennial investors, financial professionals can download the Advisor Authority 2018 Special Report, “Looking to the Future – Reaching Millennial Investors.”

For additional insights on Millennial investors, financial professionals can also download the latest Advisor Authority 2018 infographic at:

The fourth annual Advisor Authority study explores the investing and advising issues confronting RIAs, fee-based advisors and investors—and the innovative techniques that they need to succeed in today’s complex market. It features a special focus on the most successful advisors and the most affluent investors. This is the fourth and final Special Report in a series of ongoing Special Reports from the fourth annual study.


SOURCE Nationwide Advisory Solutions

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Robust ACH Network Growth Continues in Fourth Quarter; Same Day ACH Volume Marks a Milestone

Vlad Poptamas



Reading Time: 1 minute


ACH Network volume saw its biggest quarterly growth in more than a decade during the fourth quarter of 2018. Same Day ACH payments also passed a significant milestone.

More than 5.9 billion ACH payments were made in the final quarter of last year: 3.5 billion debits and 2.4 billion credits. That’s up 8.7 percent from the same time in 2017, and is the highest quarterly growth rate in 11 years.

Fourth quarter Same Day ACH volume was more than 51.3 million payments, marking the first time Same Day ACH payments surpassed the 50 million threshold. Same Day ACH volume increased 46 percent over the fourth quarter of 2017.

“The ACH Network is stronger than ever,” said NACHA Chief Operating Officer Jane Larimer. “There is robust growth across many ACH transaction types, and the numbers for Same Day ACH show it is being embraced by consumers, businesses and financial institutions.”

The fourth quarter saw overall ACH Network volume grow by nearly half a billion transactions compared to a year earlier. There were strong volume gains in several major transaction types, including an 11.5 percent increase in business-to-business (B2B) payments, to 930 million, a 14.5 percent rise in internet transactions, to 1.6 billion, and a nearly 47 percent jump in person-to-person (P2P) payments, to 37.9 million.

An infographic detailing fourth quarter ACH network volume is available for download.

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Fourth Annual Advisor Authority Study Profiles Unique Needs of Millennials to Help RIAs and Fee-Based Advisors Engage with Expanding Market of Emerging Investors

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