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Canada is going to construct the first mixed-use, multi-unit residential high-rise net-zero energy building in London’s West 5 sustainable community. Kate Young, Member of Parliament for London West, announced an investment of $3.9 million towards the project.

The building aims to demonstrate the feasibility of net-zero energy at a community level and inspire change across Canada’s construction industry. Net-zero buildings are designed and constructed to produce at least as much energy as they consume on an annual basis.

Canadians made it clear that clean energy solutions are not a luxury but a necessity for Canada’s low-carbon future. Canada will continue to support clean energy projects that create jobs, support investment and industry competitiveness.

“This project will demonstrate first-of-its-kind net-zero energy construction in high-rise residential buildings, making it a model for the future. Through energy-efficient practices and the use of renewable energy technologies, this project is creating new jobs and protecting our environment,” says Amarjeet Sohi, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources.

Kate Young, Member of Parliament for London West said, “Energy efficiency is one-way Canadian companies can get involved in taking real action to support our move to a cleaner, greener future. Our government is proud to partner with Sifton Properties on this innovative and groundbreaking project.”

“Helio will be the most energy-efficient high-rise in Canada, designed and constructed to be 77 percent more efficient than a similar building built under the current Ontario Building Code. This is quite an accomplishment, and there is no doubt that the Energy Innovation Program has enabled us to push Helio further than thought possible. It will be an incredible addition to West 5,” Says Richard Sifton, President, Sifton Properties.