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Researchers publish a tool to hunt for hackable robots on the Internet

Vlad Poptamas



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Open sourced by Alias Robotics, the instrument is ready to be used by security researchers interested in robot footprinting and allows to track robots powered by ROS, SROS and other robot technologies 

In a first scan, close to 9000 insecure industrial routers have been reported potentially hosting more connected vulnerable robots. The study showed 1586 of them in Europe, with France and Spain leading the rankingof misconfigured devices
As potential targets for cyberattacks, robots “need to be secured as soon as possible” alert the authors. So far manufacturers are not responding, they claim, but end users are becoming aware of the problem Last summer, the University of Brown published a research on robot visibility on the internet.
They scanned the internet and found over 100 ROS-running internet-connected robots that were potential targets for cybercrime and mischief. This massive security issue got big international echo. Six months later, researchers from the robot cybersecurity startup Alias Robotics found no changes: hundreds of robots are still openly  onnected to the internet and potentially hackable. Moreover, Alias Robotics’ offensive team has extended the scan to other robots not running ROS, and developed a tool that allows security researchers to audit robots in the internet. This open source instrument, called
aztarna (“footprint” in Basque language), allows to locate and
identify robots and robot components, not only in the open internet, but also upon industrial environments where robots operate.
The authors of the piece of research have detected almost 9000 insecure industrial routers worldwide that potentially host more connected hackable robots all around the world. 1586 of them were placed in Europe. and the most insecure routers of the European Union are located in France and Spain, with
63% and 54% respectively. North American countries such as US and Canada also showed a large proportion them. All these detected industrial targets are configured with default credentials and totally unprotected.  

“Our aim was to improve, systematize and extend the results of previous studies. We target not only robots powered by the Robot Operating System (ROS), but also other setups (SROS, ROS 2.0) and technologies . Beyond robotics frameworks, our work also targets other robots that do not necessarily employ these popular middlewares”, says David Mayoral, CEO of Alias Robotics.

  As the University of Brown research team did, Alias Robotics’ authors have notified the owners of the bots whenever they came across a vulnerable robot. But the have also gone a step further: They have opened up the code. “We argue against the security by obscurity approach and instead, advocate for robot security powered by continuous assessments, including quality assurance practices in software. Of course, by no means we encourage unauthorized tampering of running robotic systems. Instead we value the importance to empower security researchers and aim to raise security-awareness among roboticists,
by releasing this robot security auditing tool” aztarna
is ready to be used by security researchers interested in robot footprinting. Throughout the article published on the preprint server arXiv sections, they’ve disclosed and
described how their work can be reproduced, and how it allows for future extensions thanks to
its modular architecture.

Authors argue that the release of these tools is a natural consequence of the general lack of concern among robot manufacturers towards security and cybersecurity.
“It’s not only that they are very slow patching their flaws when we warn them. Many just don’t care and say: We know our  robots have a set of reported vulnerabilities, but we leave security up to the end user”. Researchers from Alias Robotics invite for contributions to extend aztarna’s auditing capacities.

Hacking into 1 out of 3 industrial routers in the world is effortless While hunting for robots, researchers at Alias Robotics stumbled upon a frightening reality. As part of the search of industrial robots, a single internet wide scan was launched targeting industrial end-points, the routers. This scan has revealed a vast amount of connected devices, many of them using default, weak credentials, or having no authentication mechanisms at all. Most popular industrial routers from Ewon, Moxa, Westermo and Sierra Wireless manufacturers were scanned as they represent the majority of industrial routers nowadays.
26801 routers were found, out of which 8958 (a stunning 33%) were tagged as insecure. Results showed that most countries follow a similar balance between correctly configured and misconfigured devices, being Colombia, with 26 connected devices of which 100% were using default credentials, the most insecure country. Regarding European countries with a larger
number of connected routers, France stands out in the proportion of misconfigured devices, reported to display a total of 416 devices, 261 of them (63%) exposing default credentials. Spain follows with 54% of the studied industrial routers being configured with default credentials. North American countries showed the highest amount of industrial routers detected, with poor security settings in 36% in the US and 41% in Canadian routers. 

106 ROS systems detected by aztarnatool in a few hours 

Alias Robotics team has performed two different scans through the whole internet address space searching for open ROS Master in the 11311 port. Then, aztarna was used to verify that
the found hosts actually correspond to machines running ROS. A striking amount of 106 ROS Systems were detected, most of them in the US (52) and Korea (16). Some the ROS instances found corresponded to empty systems or simulations, but a
considerable proportion of real robots were identified. Including an array of research oriented machines, but also a series of robots in industrial environments (Figure; showing a trashclassifying robot).

Example of snaphsot by camara of an industrial trash-classification robot found with aztarna




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Vitalik Buterin to Keynote World’s First Ethereum SuperMeetup in Hong Kong

Vlad Poptamas



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Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin, alongside regional leaders from the Ethereum Meetup communities of Asia, are set to gather in Hong Kong to host the inaugural Asia Region Ethereum SuperMeetup. Organized by Ethereum Hong Kong and Singapore, and attended by Meetups including Ethereum Taipei, SeoulTokyoPhilippinesSydneyHanoi, and Jakarta, the event is the first major community-led regional gathering. Supported by Ethereum, TOKEN2049, Kenetic, and Digix, the Meetup will take place in the Kerry Hotel, March 13, 2019. Congregating 500 attendees, the SuperMeetup will act as a platform for discussion on the past, present, and future of the ever-larger growing Ethereum ecosystem.

The SuperMeetup will provide participants with the opportunity to learn from the leading voices in the Ethereum ecosystem as key members of the Ethereum Foundation and Ethereum Community Leaders from all across Asia come together for an informative evening of keynotes, panel discussions, and AMAs.

Speaking at the event, Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin will provide invaluable insight into what 2019 has in store for the development of the decentralised platform. Additional confirmed speakers include Jehan Chu, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Kenetic Capital; Shaun Djie, Co-founder and COO of Digix; Kazuki Obata of Smart Contract Capital; Brian Cheong of TTC Protocol; Chih-Cheng Liang of Ethereum Research, James Zaki of Ethereum Sydney, Veronica Andrino of Ethereum Boracay, and Teguh Kurniawan Harmanda of TokoCrypto.

Participating communities include Ethereum Hong Kong, SingaporeShanghaiTaipeiPhilippinesJapanIndonesia, and Seoul.

The event is free to attend and will take place at 6:30 PM on March 13, 2019, at TOKEN2049 in the Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong.

For more information and to register please visit:


SOURCE Ethereum SuperMeetup

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Immersion – India’s First International VR Film Festival and Conference From 1st and 2nd March 2019 at Mumbai’s Nehru Centre

Vlad Poptamas



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Reading Time: 3 minutes


Immersion, India’s first international VR Film Festival and Conference, has been imagined and conceived to be India’smost purposeful and credible IP platform in the field of VR & Immersive Technology. Immersive technology is impacting industries and revolutionising them including and not limited to gaming, wearables, education, tourism, healthcare, social change, engineering, entertainment and retail. Immersion has been imagined, designed and produced by Immerge Knowledge Labs (a partnership between VR Storytellers and NYUCT Design Labs). Immerge Knowledge Labs believes there are very interesting applications in industry, content & brand experience, empathy and social impact.

Immersion 2019 will bring together industry leaders, futurists, creators, enterprise, start-ups, change agents and technology advocates across speaker forums, workshops, brand showcases and of course the film festival. The IP will also see very interesting legs during the course of the year going across design campuses and institutes. The Immersion Thinkfest will feature both speakers from across industry categories and domain experts in VR and immersive technology, including Nathan Gaydhani (SystemActive Digital-Immersive Technology Business Consultant), Chaitanya Chunduri (Google-India Head AR/VR), Arnav Neel (Blippar- MD), John Kuruvilla (Kalpnik VR -Co Founder), Srivatsan Jayashankar (XR Labs-Co Founder-CEO) and Pankaj Raut from NXG Dimension – Ajnalens. There will be a host of other speakers and panellists. They will speak on topics such as Immersive Advertising, Immersive Experiential Gaming, Surgery in Augmented Reality, Cinematic VR – Future of Storytelling, Future of Education, VR and design thinking, Training and simulation in VR and many more.

A pulpit to inspire, evangelize and market immersive technology and its adoption, Immersion will help not only streamline business interaction for the VR eco-space, but also attract newer talent and younger minds. Immersion will see participation of VR/AR/MR experts, creators, innovators & investors who are complimenting the growth of its ecosystem.

For bookings and registration click on

Arpito Gope, Co-Founding Director of Immerge Knowledge Labs, says, “We are standing at the cusp of time when technology is challenging, enhancing and altering the very essence of living. Virtual Reality as a technology will push the boundaries of many fields of science and enterprise in ways unimaginable. Immerge Knowledge Labs and Immersion intends to be the platform where you get a ringside view of this change with creators, innovators and techno enthusiasts who are charting a new course.

Eddie Avil, Co-Founding Director of Immerge Knowledge Labs has been a VR evangelist with his partner Ashley, having produced India’s first stereoscopic cinematic VR horror short film, Crackle. He commented, Virtual reality will either take us into the matrix or make us realise we were in one all along. Immersion is an international forum and festival that brings all stakeholders in the immersive tech space together to ideate, share, explore and celebrate.

The field of VR and immersive technology has seen plenty of action from reputed global brands like Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, EA, Imagine Labs.

In India, despite the relatively slower pace of adoption of augmented – and virtual- reality technologies, the nascent Indian AR/VR market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 76 per cent over the next five years, fuelled by demand from business and consumer sectors. The movement though nascent has stirred up in Indiaand promises to be big and needs support and a platform like Immersion.

The impact of VR promises to be a domino as has been evidenced globally. It spans right from social change and empathy, media and entertainment, use by industry and enterprise for safe engineering, healthcare and mechanics. Be it the ground breaking project by PETA using VR films to make audiences empathize with a chicken and its life (I Chicken) or a whale (I Orca) or The Clouds of Sidra which helped boost the UN’s efforts to raise more money, awareness and empathy during the Syrian refugee crisis, immersive experiences pack a wallop.

Don’t miss India’s first International VR Film Festival and Conference. Watch reality bend on the 01st and 02nd March, 2019 at Nehru Centre Worli. Book Now –

For bookings and registration click on


SOURCE NYUCT Design Labs Private Limited

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Computer Electronics

Telit Introduces OneEdge and Shortens Path to IoT Monetization

Vlad Poptamas



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Telit, a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced Telit OneEdge, a new initiative developed to speed IoT deployments and reduce the time required to monetize the digitalization of businesses.

OneEdge is an innovative software suite enabling solutions for a new generation of Telit’s cellular LPWA IoT modules. With integrated, secure, easy-to-use tools, it dramatically simplifies design, deployment and management of IoT products and solutions, enabling a leap ahead into the new 5G super-connected world.

OneEdge solves long-standing challenges related to integration, scalability, management and costs that solution architects and their enterprise customers face as they implement IoT to transform their businesses. The offering is designed to accelerate solutions to market in an industry that is expected to scale to three million-plus new cellular connections per day by 20231.

OneEdge provides faster implementation and shortens time to value by providing:

  • Zero touch on-boarding – making products operate automatically “out of the box,” lowering costs of initial deployment, making it simpler, and more secure.
  • Device management – managing data and cellular systems needed to connect devices to the Cloud or Enterprise ensuring each device has the most up to date firmware and application software.
  • Security built-in at point of manufacture – hardening products to attacks, leveraging layers of security from the module through cellular transport to the delivery of information to customer’s systems.
  • SIM-less cellular subscription management – integrating directly into the LPWA module, simWISE is a subscriber identification solution that provides an unparalleled reduction in cost and complexity for IoT deployments (e.g. spanning multiple geographies / multiple carrier coverage for guaranteed SLAs).
  • Edge programmability – providing tools to normalize data and define the logic and behavior of devices. It also simplifies and automates key tasks of sending and receiving data and managing cellular connections between devices, clouds and enterprises.
  • Simplified enterprise integration – enabling the critical integration of IoT solutions into customers enterprise systems and business processes to consume and extract value from device data.

“Endpoint intelligence is becoming more critical as the market progresses to use of smarter devices and solutions. And at the edge, low power, low cost and small size are key drivers for larger-scale device deployments,” said Dan Shey, Managing Director and Vice President, ABI Research. “IoT-ready modules built on OneEdge address multiple market needs and challenges – reducing the complexity and lifecycle cost of IoT solution deployment, provision and management – in a single solution.”

“With OneEdge, we simplify all aspects of IoT implementation for our customers by saving them time and money, reducing their risks and speeding time to revenue by easing deployment. OneEdge-based products “are born” IoT-ready to connect, to interact and to deliver the next wave of productivity through successful, beyond-the-hype digital transformation,” said Alon Segal, Senior Vice President, Software and Services, Telit. “OneEdge, leverages Telit’s vast experience and pioneering work in the IoT, delivering intelligence at the edge for a more connected and secure IoT.”

OneEdge will first be available on Telit’s ME910C1 category M1 and NB1 module series with generally available in the first half of 2019. For more information, visit:

To learn more, visit Telit during Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany, located in hall 3 booth 3-539.



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