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European Wax Center released the brand’s new advertising campaign, “Don’t Hesitate”, aimed to embolden the women to be unapologetically confident and to get what they want. The concept is made in collaboration with Pereira O’Dell New York.

Eugenio Recuenco, award-winning European photographer and director  visualises the campaign. His vision for the campaign was encapsulated by the scenes that convey a bold, can-do and confident attitude that speaks to the brand’s essence.

The campaign’s storyline centres around a diverse group of women shown in a variety of European vignettes where they have chosen to not hesitate in capturing the moment. The campaign unfolds in a series of moments shot in Prague that align with the underlying “Don’t Hesitate” theme and feature the bold looks and smooth skin that bolster a woman’s innate confidence. “This new campaign sidesteps some of the clichés of the category,” says Sherry Baker, President, Marketing and Product Development, European Wax Center. “We have always recognised how our services and products can enhance a woman’s feeling of confidence that compels her to take action in her world. This feels right for the zeitgeist today.”

The “Don’t Hesitate” messaging is reflected through imagery highlighting themes of “making the first move”, “playing to win”, “rolling your own way”, and “stepping into the limelight among others.” Launching across video, digital and print platforms, the debut vignette, titled “Statue” features a woman embracing a statue who, in true EWC fashion, never hesitates to “follow her heart;” so when she encounters a handsome man made of stone, she doesn’t hesitate to share her New Year’s secret with him because she knows he’ll never tell. Another vignette titled “Bass” features a woman who doesn’t hesitate to “steal the limelight” and play the bass in front of the famous Prague Municipal House, where Mozart once played, because she believes the world is a stage.

“We think Eugenio has captured the essence of the EWC woman and the notion that life is in the moments you dare to take,” says Baker. “We encourage our guests to walk into our centres and strut out feeling unapologetically confident. That confidence gives them the courage to take action and boldly go for whatever they want, at work, at home or at play, without hesitation.”

Dave Arnold, Executive Creative Director of POD, adds, “In working with Eugenio we were able to develop a campaign that takes EWC to the next level in the beauty lifestyle space. Part of that was bringing the truth of the brand’s guest’s experience to life with imagination and beauty.”

Women everywhere will raise an arched brow at the underlying wit of the moments that range in location and theme from haute art to low camp. “We believe that our audience is united by their courage, humour and appreciation of the real moments in life. They don’t need a beauty brand to spell everything out for them – that’s not the attitude they have. They want to see the results and the attitude. We are a brand with a female-first point of view, which is about having the confidence to spot the risk worth taking – and the bravery to follow it through,” adds Baker.