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WIRE Consulting, an independent Italian consulting services company says that, the real estate property in Paris, France will continue to see a strong demand from foreign buyers.

After facing political issues and an overvalued market in 2016, the French capital remains stable as it moves along its three-year path to recovery. The high demand from international buyers has  increased the number of real estate transactions which was over 10,000 in 2017. Around 30 per cent includes high-value properties (with an average price of over $1,000/sq. ft.) are mainly from international buyers.

Last year, Italians made up the largest group of buyers with 16 per cent of total foreign property purchases and US with 7.5 per cent. Paris is predicted to become one of the leading European countries for American real estate investors.

Urban requalification projects and less closed markets seem to have a higher appeal for the interested investor. To heighten investment in the French capital means a possible increase of 50 per cent in average prices per square foot for luxury properties.