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The global autonomous driving industry experienced fierce competition in 2018. The two key words in the autonomous driving industry is mass production and industry structure change. At CES 2019, autonomous driving is still a hot topic. Chinese enterprises are showing their strong technology and advantages to their counterparts in Europe and the United States.

To achieve autonomous driving, High-definition Maps and the self-positioning module are indispensable. At CES 2019, Kuandeng Technology from China has changed the data collection, measuring, and drawing methodology used by traditional mapping companies. Through continuous technical iteration, the company completed accurate and abundant map data production, quality inspection and update. China’s autonomous driving might soon overrun European countries and the United States.

The main products of Kuandeng Technology include pre-installed high-definition maps, high precision localisation, and crowdsourcing map Cloud Solution. On the one hand, Kuandeng Technology adopted a vision-focused survey mode, and solved the contradiction problem between high precision and low cost. The number of survey units of Kuandeng Technology is increasing, and the coverage will gradually expend to more specific and complex roads. Kuandeng has more than 20 map Survey vehicle engaged in large scale acquisitions in China, and it is expected that there will be more than 50 map Survey vehicle by the first quarter of 2019.