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BnB Chat has tied up with PayPal in its new vacation rental app. The app enables hosts, property managers, and hotel owners to receive credit card payments directly into their PayPal accounts. It is noteworthy that it does not collect any user data or charge any traveller fees.

BnB Chat is a platform by which business owners in the fast short-term rental (STR) vertical can solve all their frequent everyday problems. Its main features are the following:

  • Hosts can receive direct booking from travellers without any third-party interference from any online travel agent (OTA).
  • BnB Chat does not charge the traveller any booking fees or commissions.
  • BnB Chat does not collect any personal data from hosts or travellers.
  • Travellers can pay for their bookings with either Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, or Discover Card, and full payments are always deposited directly into the host’s PayPal account without delay.
  • Travellers and hosts can communicate via chat or email prior to any booking commitment.
  • Travellers can “bid” on a room (i.e. change the room rental price to fit their budget and length of stay.)
  • Hosts are permitted to add a “brand name” to each listing for quick search results by travellers.