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Delphi Technologies PLC, a premier solutions developer in advanced automotive propulsion, is collaborating with TomTom, a developer of navigation, traffic and map products. The two companies will together design and develop electronic and software applications for optimising vehicle fuel efficiency and emissions through the use of real-time mapping data.

Delphi’s Intelligent Driving controls will make use of real-time mapping data to predict changing driving conditions, such as route infrastructure and topography, traffic congestion and weather, which will improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and shorten commute times.

Mary Gustanski, chief technology officer, Delphi Technologies said “Smart propulsion solutions are the next logical step in transportation. Our collaboration with TomTom will help us to find new opportunities to integrate more information about a driver’s route, in order to enhance our proprietary Intelligent Driving controls and allow vehicles to drive better, cleaner and further.”