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Transport Canada announces that Canadian Minister Garneau has given official permission to Santa Claus for taking a round-the-world flight this year to deliver presents to millions of good boys and girls everywhere.

Minister Garneau also revealed that this year’s journey will see a special co-pilot—Mrs. Claus, who is passionate obout flying, apparently. He said: “I am pleased to clear Santa and Mrs. Claus for flight in Canadian airspace. Now that Santa and Mrs. Claus have passed all of their required pre-flight tests and inspections, their paperwork is in order and their flight plan has been filed, children across Canada and around the world can sleep tight knowing that Santa and Mrs. Claus are ready and cleared to take to the skies safely this Christmas Eve. I am especially thrilled to congratulate Mrs. Claus on getting her pilot’s license. Encouraging more women to pursue careers in aviation is a priority for me and my department and Mrs. Claus will make a great role model in helping us accomplish this.”

Transport Canada inspectors travelled to the North Pole, earlier this month, to inspect Santa’s sleigh and its safety systems. While at the North Pole, the inspectors also had the opportunity to visit Santa’s recently completed drone testing facility where they observed the elves piloting gift delivery drones, a new technology that Santa is exploring for future Christmas deliveries.