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Halo‘s Most Interesting Nurse in the World Contest winner is Christina Van Der Weide of Mercy Health St. Mary’s in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is Chosen from five finalist nurses across the U.S. As the winner, Christina gets to enjoy a $5,000 vacation. The voting began two weeks ago when the finalists were announced.

“It’s super exciting,” said Christina. “I’m so grateful for this amazing opportunity and to my colleagues who were so supportive and more optimistic than I was that I had a chance to win. The idea that there’s a prize for living my dream is unbelievable. I never expected to be rewarded for doing what I love. Thank you so much for this, Halo and all the people who voted for me.”

Christina began her nursing career in Alberta, Canada, when she was 19. She has worked in both Canada and the U.S. in different capacities, including general and ortho surgery, medical telemetry, palliative/oncology, LTC on a Native American reservation, in pain clinics, rehab, ambulatory care and the ER.

Christina is trained and competed in Thai boxing, Brazilian Jujitsu, mixed martial arts and Krav Maga (Israeli self-defense). She has also run half and full marathons, and spent eight months training for an Olympic triathlon, half marathon, and the Ironman to raise funds for cancer research in honour of her brother.

Christina travels and volunteers extensively both nationally and internationally, including completing medical missions all over the world. She loves wild adventures and has done everything from white water rafting, paragliding and hang gliding, riding ostriches, caving, bungee-jumping and more.

Currently, Christina is working full-time nights in the emergency room of Mercy Health St. Mary’s, which is its own adventure.