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Dan & Patti Hunt, a US-based motivators and documentary makers, has introduced an online course that would help people alleviate everyday stress.  “The course was designed with a hands on interactive approach to help the everyday person improve his/her life,” says Patti Hunt, Co-Creater of the course and producer of the Law of Attraction Film.

“So many people wanted more but just didn’t know what to do,” said Dan Hunt course Co-Creater and Director of the LOA Documentary. “There are so many books and movies that talk about LOA and personal growth, but few actually show people how to apply the concepts in their life.”

The course is spread over nine chapters that introduce the steps to not only understand The Law of Attraction but apply the principles in their lives as they are taking the course. Subjects like Mindset, Fear, Mediation and EFT (Tapping) are covered in the course. The course is targeted to women 25-45, but both men and women that have taken the course have reported positive change.

Most online courses actually add stress to the lives when the initial excitement is over. This one, on the other hand, is set to reduce it permanently.