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The executive search industry is being disrupted by the entrance of a new business model and technology: Carpe Diem Partners

Solving many of the challenges that clients experience when hiring a retained executive search firm, a new player has arrived with faster service, balanced candidate assessments, and the only retained executive search firm nationally certified in Diversity & Inclusion. With a unique operating platform and a refreshing approach to performance, Carpe Diem Partners has established itself as a truly disruptive firm, end to end, in an industry long overdue for disruption.

This innovative operating model allows Carpe Diem Partners to rapidly scale globally, provide a bespoke performance-based service, and offer the opportunity to powerfully integrate key attributes of Diversity & Inclusion recruiting.

“At Carpe Diem our purpose is to solve, in record time, a client’s most crucial leadership challenges, delivering the best and most qualified leaders who can transform organizations and cultures,” said Jeff DeFazio, Founder and Managing Partner of Carpe Diem Partners. DeFazio is a former board member, CEO, CMO and accomplished executive search leader himself. Over the past decade DeFazio has established a reputation for benchmark results and genuine collaboration with clients as a top three partner globally for several of the industry’s largest global firms.

“What truly sets Carpe Diem Partners apart,” DeFazio adds, “is a more aligned performance-based fee structure that drives team behavior, efficiently faster delivery, a fully transparent end to end process, unbiased assessments, and more critical today, being the only Board and C-Suite executive search firm nationally certified in Diversity & Inclusion.” Given the national focus and California’s pioneering legislative mandate on board diversity, Carpe Diem Partners brings a more rigorous process and trusted results in the selection process for Boards, nominating committee’s and CEO’s.

Collectively, this innovative operating model and unique service offering allows Carpe Diem Partners to be a more progressive, trusted partner solving the most complicated challenges, from the board and C-suite to national, regional and global engagements.