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Maxonrow was present as a Diamond Sponsor at the Blockchain Expo North America this past November 28th and 29th. The Maxonrow team also hosted four speaking sessions and announced they will be launching a private testnet for a select group of people who register through a special link starting November 30th.

Four Speaking Sessions/Panels

The four speaking sessions and panel were led by Maxonrow’s CEO, Jin Tai, CTO, Mayur Moudhgalyaand Senior Product Manager, Remy Couedic.

JT spoke about Maxonrow’s ecosystem and highlighted Maxonrow’s features and its uses. “Change doesn’t occur in an instant, it is a gradual process and at Maxonrow our bet is to influence public policy around the world by working together with governments, corporations and businesses and make their jobs easier and to ensure a better service for everybody involved. Our goal from day 1 is to create products that make sense for our users and have an impact on their day to day lives,” he said.

Mayur spoke about real use cases of blockchain technology and how Maxonrow can be applied to enterprise and government. Finally, Remy went over how to build scalable solutions in the blockchain industry. “What we are providing with Maxonrow is a braided KYC blockchain. Because of this, we will avoid fraudulent transactions and any sort of illegal behavior. This foundation is very malleable and because of its structure you can build whatever you want on it,” he said.

The Big Reveal

During Mayur’s keynote, he revealed that Maxonrow will be providing a private access to its testnet to those who register starting November 30th using this link:

“The code roadmap that we have for the blockchain itself is getting the testnet demo and private networks from both enterprises and governments to step in and see what it can do, what the limitations are and give us some feedback. Based on that we are going to make the changes necessary to support the mainland,” Mayur said.

Take advantage of this opportunity and sign up to have priority access to Maxonrow’s ecosystem.