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FanCentro, the world’s largest platform for influencer fan-clubs, issued a statement in opposition to Tumblr’s ban of adult content on its platform.

“In a world full of gun violence, fights for equality among races and gender, and serious political turmoil, Tumblr has decided to turn its powerful lens on the major issue of nipples,” said Stan Fiskin, CEO of FanCentro. “I am not sure why companies like Starbucks and Tumblr have such massive issues with sex and the human body, but it is rather frightening that these are the issues they choose to be outraged about.”

“In solidarity with all our adult influencers we are taken down our Tumblr blog and created a new one at We encourage all companies to support sex workers and join us in this boycott,” added Fiskin.

Tumblr announced on Monday they would be shutting down and removing accounts with any form of adult content. This on the heels of Starbucks announcing it would no longer allow access to adult website from its store WiFi.

“I find it amazing the a person can play a first person shooter game on Starbucks WiFi or log into an account where people will claim the earth is flat on Tumblr, but show half a nipple and they lose their minds. Pornhub gets over a 100 million people daily. We have thousands of influences and over a billion users, porn is mainstream,” added Fiskin.

Adult entertainment is on the high rise as the billion-dollar industry continues to grow year after year. Adult workers are on the lookout for the best services and tools to generate more revenue and grow their brand. Tumblr’s shortsighted action, that fly in the face of freedom of speech, continues the alarming trend of persecuting sex workers for no reason at all.

“FanCentro will continue to support all adult performers, entertainers, and sex workers by providing them with a platform designed and made for them to build their online brand to generate revenue. We are here to empower and let performers have control of their business. It’s their life, their brand, and their enterprise,” said Fiskin.

“Content creators looking for an avenue to blog can do so on the FanCentro platform and will have premium options as well as free. This feature will also include the ability to import all your Tumblr content and will be launched before the ban goes into effect,” concluded Fiskin.