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Only months after its launch, Roots vape pens have become the best-selling brand on LeafLink, the cannabis e-commerce platform connecting 2500 retailers in twelve US States. The pens are manufactured by Taproot Holdings, a craft cannabis extraction company from Las Vegas which has grown exponentially through customer recommendations without marketing investments. “It´s amazing to see how powerfully retailers respond to high quality, beautifully branded products”, said LeafLink CEO Ryan G. Smith who picked Roots as the Number 1 category winner from more than 700 contenders.

“Providing our customers with the most up-to-date, distinctive and enjoyable products is of the utmost importance to the Essence Vegas team,” said Armen Yemenidjian, CEO of dispensary chain Essence Vegas. “Since its introduction to our Tropicana and Henderson locations, our customers have quickly grown fond of Roots for being a full-flavored and naturally-derived product, without any additives. In addition, Shane and the TapRoot team provide exceptional customer service and industry leadership, which not only lines up with the objectives of Essence Vegas, but has helped pioneer growth in Nevada’s cannabis community.”

The Roots pens have some of the highest THC concentration in the industry which makes them last 20-30% longer than competing products, offering more bang for the buck. These features have recently caught the attention of one of the largest US dispensary chains, who signed a supply contract to secure over 20% of Taproot´s production capacity.

“We are deeply honoured to have received this award, said Taproot co-founder and CEO Shane Terry, a former US Air Force Top Gun commander turned cannabis entrepreneur. “It is a recognition of the tremendous efforts our team has made over the last year, and confirms our view that there is a market for natural, handcrafted products offering superior taste with good design at an affordable price point.”

With the demand for its Roots pens skyrocketing, Taproot – which is 100% management owned and self-funded – has been approached by investors to fund their expansion plans. “We are currently examining several options and are very excited about the interest we have received”, says Taproot CEO Terry.