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Volvo Trucks Shares 4 Helpful Recommendations to Help Avoid Accidents this Holiday Season

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Volvo Active Driver Assist, standard on all Volvo VNR and VNL models, is among the most recent innovations designed to help keep motorists and professional truck drivers safe.
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A record number of travelers are expected to travel the holidays this year, buoyed by higher wages and additional disposable income. According to AAA, more than 54 million Americans traveled farther than 50 miles from home during the Thanksgiving holiday, with more expected during the Christmas break. Maintaining safety on the roads is a shared responsibility of all drivers. Since 1927, safety has been the guiding principle for all Volvo Trucks innovations, like the three-point safety belt, and standard features like the driver-side airbag, effective LED lighting, full roll stability and collision mitigation technologies.

“Safety is in Volvo Trucks’ DNA and has been a top priority from Day One,” said Magnus Koeck, vice president of marketing and brand management for Volvo Trucks North America. “We are committed to helping keep the nation’s roads safe, which starts by equipping our trucks with comprehensive lineup of passive and active safety features. These features translate to enhanced protection for the professional driver at the wheel and extended to surrounding vehicles, which is particularly important at high-traffic times during the holidays.”

In addition to offering innovative technologies to help improve roadway safety, Volvo Trucks is offering some recommendations to help motorists remain safe during the holiday travel season.

  1. Consider planning your route ahead of time. Construction and general traffic congestion are inevitable. Take a look at your route before hitting the road to see if an alternate route may be effective to avoid extended delays. Drivers should also research when roads are expected to be especially busy – AAA provides such details for large cities. Late afternoons are typically expected to have an influx of traffic with people leaving work a little early to get a head start for their trip.
  2. Avoid driving while fatigued. Driving tired is just as dangerous for short trips as it is for extended drive times. Make sure to take breaks every two hours to get up and move around. If needed, pull over to rest and make sure you get a good night’s sleep before hitting the road.
  3. Carefully manage stress. The holiday season is notorious for causing stress and can negatively impact driving habits. Try to avoid mental distractions while driving, stay calm and do not rush, even in traffic jams.
  4. Be aware of the presence of deer during the holiday season. Numerous studies have shown October to December sees more than double the amount of accidents caused by deer. Dusk to dawn are the most dangerous times for drivers. With many drivers headed out on trips late in the afternoon, it is crucial to be extra cautious and know how to safely handle a deer encounter. For instance, it is important to avoid swerving – brake as definitively as possible.

While the trucking industry is undergoing numerous transformations, including electronic logging device (ELD) mandates and hours-of-service regulations, Volvo Trucks is a consistent, driving force focused on the safety and well-being of all motorists. That impact is demonstrated by the company’s Zero Accident Vision and new technologies such as Volvo Active Driver Assist.

Now standard on all VNR and VNL models, Volvo Active Driver Assist is always operating while the vehicle is in motion. Delivering warnings up to 3.5 seconds before a potential impact with a vehicle, the technology helps drivers effectively adjust and react to ever-changing traffic conditions. Drivers receive visual and audible alerts for situations like lane departure, as well as a red warning light reflection on the windshield if a forward collision is possible. It specifically disengages cruise if needed, engages the engine brake, downshifts and reduces the throttle. The safety feature couples camera and radar technology, so if an object is not picked up on the radar, the windshield’s mounted camera has a 42 degree viewing angle that detects lane position and crucial characteristics of an object nearby.


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Jeep® Cherokee Named ‘Most American’ Vehicle on’s American-Made Index for Second Consecutive Year

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  • Jeep® Cherokee earns top spot on’s annual American-Made Index
  • Cherokee boasts a new-for-2019 premium design, along with a new turbocharged 2.0-liter engine that enhances performance and fuel efficiency

For the second consecutive year, Jeep® Cherokee – the most capable midsize sport-utility vehicle – is ranked first on’s annual American-Made Index (AMI).

“The Jeep Cherokee tops’s American-Made Index for the second year in a row, taking the number-one position, thanks to high scores across the five major factors analyzed in the index,” said Kelsey Mays, Senior Consumer Affairs Editor,

Now in the second year of its revised methodology, the AMI considers five major factors to zero in on the economic impact of a given model: assembly location, domestic-parts content as determined by the American Automobile Labeling Act, engine sourcing, transmission sourcing and factory jobs provided by each automaker’s U.S. plants.

“As we approach the Fourth of July holiday, we are especially pleased to celebrate Cherokee’s place as the most American vehicle on’s American-Made Index for the second consecutive year,” said Jim Morrison, Head of Jeep Brand – North America. “We salute the dedicated employees who build the Cherokee, the most capable midsize SUV on the planet, as well as all the loyal Jeep owners who drive it.”

Jeep Cherokee boasts an authentic and more premium design for 2019, along with the addition of an advanced 2.0-liter direct-injection inline four-cylinder engine that enhances performance and fuel efficiency up to 31 mpg.

Complete with a refreshed fascia, lightweight hood, LED headlamps, daytime running lamps (DRL), fog lamps and liftgate, the Jeep Cherokee is a vehicle that offers a fresh look, and maintains its unmatched capability in all weather conditions, on the road or trail.

Jeep Cherokee is manufactured at the Belvidere Assembly Plant in Belvidere, Illinois. It competes in the largest SUV segment in the United States, with more than 2 million sales annually.



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Artificial Intelligence

GAC Motor Collaborates With Tata Elxsi to Develop Smart Gateway Module

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Reading Time: 1 minute


Tata Elxsi announced today that it is developing an AUTOSAR-compliant Smart Gateway module for GAC Motors R&D Center. This module will feature in their new range of Electric Vehicles expected to launch in the second half of 2020.

The Smart Gateway module consists of multiple CAN, Ethernet and LIN channels and will act as the communication centre to control the inter-bus communications between various other ECUs like ADAS, IVI, BMS, HUD cluster.

“Tata Elxsi has rich experience in the development of automotive electronics software. We are very happy to leverage Tata Elxsi’s experience on the central gateway product and jointly go for development. This will accelerate our software technology development in the intelligent connected vehicle,” said Zhang Ying, Project Director of Ethernet Gateway, GAC R&D Center.

“We are delighted to partner with GAC R&D Center in the development of the smart gateway to help better manage the increasing complexity of automotive electronic architecture and network, with enhanced safety and security. This win also enables us to leverage our expertise and contribute to the development of intelligent connected vehicles inChina, one of the world’s leading hubs for next-generation mobility systems,” said Nitin Pai, SVP and Global Head of Marketing, Tata Elxsi.

Tata Elxsi works with leading global automotive OEMs, suppliers and chip vendors in system and software development for the next generation of intelligent, autonomous and electric vehicles. This is complemented by a proven suite of software for classic and adaptive Autosar, ADAS and autonomous software and tools for automated testing and validation.


SOURCE Tata Elxsi

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Artificial Intelligence

Ideanomics signs MoU with Beijing Foton Motor Company; Definitive Agreement to Follow

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Ideanomics (NASDAQ: IDEX) (“Ideanomics” or the “Company”), a global Fintech and AI catalyst for transformative industries, today announced the signing of a MoU with Beijing Foton Motor Company(“Foton”), which will serve as a pre-cursor to a definitive agreement, to allow the two parties to begin working immediately.

The agreement for China-based activities is a 2-year deal, at 5 Billion RMB (approximately $750 Million) per year, making the overall deal valued at 10 Billion RMB (approximately US $1.5 Billion). Ideanomics will provide ABS lease financing of 10 Billion RMB over two years, and fulfill with for Foton on orders of 60,000 EV buses, broken down as follows: 1) not less than 20,000 vehicles from state-owned large-scale tourism groups and referred to as “Tourist bus orders”; 2) no less than 20,000 bus orders from local governments or local bus transportation systems; 3) no less than 20,000 Tourist bus orders from major domestic tourism associations and/or their members. Furthermore, for bus orders introduced by Ideanomics, a commission will be paid for each bus unit sold, at an amount to be determined according to each respective order.

For Malaysia-based activities, including cooperation for the extended ASEAN region, the supply of bus parts and systems, including EV batteries, and a cooperation on the implementation of a charging network, for which Ideanomics shall source no less than 6,000 vehicles from the Malaysian central government and its departmental agencies including EV buses and Police passenger vehicles (cars and motorcycles). For orders within Malaysia and the ASEAN region, Ideanomics shall be entitled to commission per unit sold, at an amount to be determined according to each respective order.

For Vietnam-based activities, Ideanomics shall source no less than 20,000 vehicles, both EV Bus and passenger car for e-taxi conversion, with Foton making available its 30,000-part bus system and technology for assembly in Vietnam. The agreement allows for negotiations with the Vietnam state electrical grid, to introduce a national charging network.

The agreement also allows for projects in other geographical areas, including Europe and the Americas, on a project-by-project basis.

“We are very grateful for the efforts of Dr. Wu, Avis Zhu and the entire China-based Ideanomics team, with support from our colleagues at Treeletrik in Malaysia, for successfully delivering on this deal. Foton is arguably the premier EV bus manufacturer globally, and this agreement positions us to further consolidate our position as a global EV advisory services company, as well as enable us to expand our footprint beyond China with the leading EV bus product available today. The fact Foton promoted signing a MoU, to allow the parties to begin activities immediately while the broader definitive agreement is signed, is testament to our growing reputation as the advisory partner of choice for large-scale EV initiatives in Asia,” said Alf Poor, CEO of Ideanomics.

Beijing Foton’s commercial division is focused on building a future of efficient and environmentally friendly EV Buses and other commercial vehicles, as a vehicle manufacturer. Ideanomics is leading the way for the future of ABS financing, technology enablement with the application of blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies as part of the next-generation of financial services,” said Mr. Liang Shaowen, of Beijing Auto Foton Commercial Vehicle. “Together, Foton and Ideanomics will seize upon the opportunity of large-scale EV and Hydrogen replacement of public and private transportation infrastructure in major markets and the same time raise the standard for technologically advanced vehicles which offer dependability, reliability and improved customer satisfaction. This, coupled with compelling, economically viable, financing programs for the cities and bus operators that manage these fleets will serve a much-needed gap in the market.”


SOURCE Ideanomics

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