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MeitY, NITI Aayog and Global Tech Leaders Congregate at World AI Show in Mumbai

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World AI Show (PRNewsfoto/Trescon)
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After successful editions across the globe, the World AI Show concluded yet another victorious edition in Mumbai

World AI Show marked its grand entry into the Indian sub-continent with another eventful show this year. Hosted by Trescon, the conference took place at The Lalit Plaza in Mumbai on the 22-23 November, to support the government’s AI vision that enables enterprises and industries to implement the latest innovations across multiple domains.

In support of the developing Artificial Intelligence industry in India, the event commenced with an opening keynote delivered by Shri Ajay Prakash Sawhney, Secretary for the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India, followed by a special address by Shri Kaustubh Dhavse , Joint Secretary & Officer on Special Duty to the Hon. Chief Minister, Govt. of Maharashtra, who touched upon the topic of making governments ready for the advent of AI.

Speaking at the event, Kaustubh said, “The key here is that when you are going to see the magic of AI being delivered, it is important to also monitor how effectively you can use it in your applications.”

The event was officially supported by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India; Government of Maharashtra; Maharashtra State Innovation Society along with NITI Aayog. The event was also powered by Microsoft.

Apart from numerous discussions and tech-talks at the event, the most popular among them was regarding the scope of business opportunities for Artificial Intelligence in India being discussed at length. Founder of Swades Foundation, Dr. Gaurav Pradhan was also present on the panel.

During the panel discussion, Dr. Pradhan said, “Technology is not an expense; it is a capability for the competitive advantage which can only be effective when simplified.”

The insightful sessions were followed by two engaging workshops held by Microsoft and IBM respectively. ‘Startup World Cup – Regional Competition’ featured 18 startups showcasing their ideas and innovations to an esteemed panel of judges. ‘Facilio‘ won the competition, who will now receive a free trip to compete at the grand finale ‘Startup World Cup’ 2019 in San Francisco, for US$ 1 Milliongrand prize.

The event played host to some of the notable personalities from the AI industry such as Chetan Krishnamurthy, Asia Pacific Business Leader, Watson AI, IBM; Aparna Gupta, GM India, Commercial Software Engineering (CSE), Microsoft, and Dinis Guarda, CEO & Founder, Ztudium – Block Dna – Intelligenthq among others.

At the event Dinis Guarda ecstatically exclaimed, “Artificial Intelligence is as revolutionary as Fire orElectricity before. AI is now the driving force technology together with Blockchain, Big data and IoT. The governments and businesses that will lead this will be the next global leaders in a fast shifting connected industry 4.0 economy.”

After the event, Mohammed Saleem, CEO of Trescon said, “We are really excited about how theMumbai edition of World AI Show shaped up. It’s about time that India becomes self-compliant, keeping up with the race for technical parity. This show provided a platform to government functionaries and key industry experts to explore new possibilities in the realm of AI and Machine Learning in order to improve and enhance.”

Following the Mumbai edition, the global AI series is set to touch-down in Mauritius later on this month, thereby concluding the series for the year 2018.

Editor - With a passion photo photography, webdesign and content, it made sense for me to also integrate news editing and press release publishing. I am also passionate about the car industry, so you will surely find some exciting news reporting from my side about the automotive industry.


Banking/Financial Services

Finablr UAE Exchange With Ripple Launching Blockchain payment solutions By Q1 2019

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Photo by Worldspectrum from Pexels
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Marketing & Innovation: Understanding Millennials – eSports, Daily Fantasy Sport, Virtual sports
UAE Exchange based in Abu Dhabi is set to begin blockchain payment service in the first quarter of 2019. According to the latest report, UAE Exchange in partnership with Ripple strives to capture the huge Asian market.

Consequently, RippleNet will be used in UAE Exchange’s payment and transfer services. Executive director and chief executive at Finablr, Promoth Manghat said that

“We expect to go live with Ripple by Q1, 2019 with one or two Asian banks. This is for remittances to start with, from across the globe into Asia.”

UAE Exchange Employs RippleNet To Provide Blockchain Solution

Finablr is the international Foreign exchange, remittance and billing firm where UAE exchange is also a networking firm. Back in February 2018, UAE Exchange partnered with Ripple to become the major firm in the Middle East providing blockchain based payment solutions based on Ripple Technology.

By employing RippleNet, UAE Exchange will soon stand under the roof of 100 plus banks already benefiting from the RippleNet. Manghat sees a huge potential of blockchain in near future and he aims to explore in the industry before it reaches to masses.

“Blockchain holds tremendous promise for the industry but there is progress to be made before we see it go fully mainstream,”

UAE Exchange outlined the millions of funds that were being transferred to the Asian marketing in remittance and to do this, various firms were using their mobile app or websites. As a result, blockchain technology can help enhance instant payment solutions. Moreover, blockchain is not just one aspect UAE exchange is looking at, they are more keen to focus on other aspects like ‘becoming partner of choice of banks and technology companies’.


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Dunya Labs Brings EOS Blockchain to India With Catalyst

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Dunya Labs , a blockchain product company, hosted the inaugural sessions of its Catalyst Series in Bengaluru. Catalyst, a programme of hands-on blockchain developer workshops, was launched in partnership with the Government of Telangana Blockchain District as part of the State’s blockchain education efforts.

The aim of the Catalyst Series is to guide technologists in understanding, experimenting with, and developing cutting-edge public blockchain protocols. In India, less than 1% of the country’s developers have exposure to blockchain development, and experience is limited to platforms such as Hyperledger and Ethereum. Catalyst aims to bring India to the global blockchain frontier through community participation and developer education.

This series is a first-of-its-kind EOS workshop and hackathon, kicking off with a three-weekend-long curriculum covering the EOS protocol architectural design, developer tooling/environments, and smart contract and dApp (decentralized application) development. Hundreds of applicants sought the opportunity to attend the workshops, which featured sessions by international blockchain experts across Ukraine, China, Korea and the United States.

The workshop concluded with India’s first EOS Hackathon on November 24, 2018. Teams were tasked with building an EOS dApp within one day for a prize of INR 70,000. Numerous innovative ideas and use-cases emerged from the hackathon, such as utilizing blockchain to streamline and audit government benefit schemes, decentralized predictive markets and augmented reality-based gaming platforms with tokenized virtual goods.

Dunya Labs launched and conducted this event in partnership with pioneers from the blockchain industry including local leaders Incrypt and Koinex, as well as international EOS block producers EOS Canon, EOSYS, CryptoLions, Attic Lab, AlohaEOS, EOS Nation and Meet.One.

“The Catalyst Series is the first blockchain programme in India focused on the frontier protocols which are emerging in the space. Our goal is to give the Indian developer community a taste of cutting-edge innovations in decentralized technologies, and equip them with the knowledge and skills to build on the decentralized Internet of the future,” said Cathy Guo, Co-Founder and CEO, Dunya Labs.

“Through our collaboration with Government of Telangana, we aim to provide more collective opportunities for developers to build decentralized blockchain applications, in turn propelling Indiatowards leadership in the global blockchain industry,” added Srikar Varadaraj, Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer, Dunya Labs. “We praise the forward-looking stance and initiatives taken by the IT Minister and IT department for blockchain and its potential in the state.”

EOS is a general-purpose smart contract platform developed by Dan Larimer, who also built application-specific blockchain platforms Steemit and Bitshares. EOS is often considered as an alternative to Ethereum, which was launched in July 2015. Since the EOS mainnet launch six months back, the EOS platform has witnessed explosive innovation, activities and community engagement with over 500,000 account holders, more than 5 million transactions made per day, and one of the most exciting infrastructures and dApp development platforms in existence. (

“I was amazed by the vibrancy and infectious energy of all participants. It was incredible to see so many technology enthusiasts choosing to spend their weekends with us. One of my favourite aspects of hosting these workshops was interacting with each participant – from blockchain newcomers to dedicated believers. There’s already strong demand for teams to continue working together on building dApp ideas. We plan on expanding these workshops in 2019 to cover more world-class protocol projects, and are excited to bring more hands-on building opportunities to India,” said Grace Guo, Head of Business Development, Dunya Labs.

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NFT.NYC Exploring the Non-Fungible Token Ecosystem February 20, Times Square NYC

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Event insights will be broadcast on Social Channels and the PlayStation Theater Times Square Billboard throughout the day.
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NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are a new way of creating unique digital assets that we control.

On February 20, 2019, NFT.NYC will bring the Digital Collectibles Ecosystem to Times Square, New York City.

NFT.NYC will bring together gamers, artists, blockchain developers and fans to showcase how Non-Fungible Tokens will, and are already, impacting their experiences of ownership and identity with digital assets.

It is the first major US event of its kind. Event insights will be broadcast on Social Channels and the PlayStation Theater Times Square Billboard throughout the day.

A sample of the Topics include:

  • Why NFTs are important
  • NFT Trends and Early Successes
  • CryptoKitties – Journey and Roadmap
  • Collectible Maximalism – Why Collectibles are the Killer App for Blockchain
  • Tokenizing the World – Mass Adoption of NFTs
  • NFTs that Unlock the Value of Real World Objects
  • NFT Smart Contracts for Beginners
  • NFT Regulation – Challenges and Opportunities
  • Brand Champions for NFTs
  • The Collectible Token as an Identity Protocol, and the Right to Forget

Joining the event as a keynote speaker and moderator will be noted thought leader, investor and blockchain theorist, William Mougayar, best-selling author of The Business Blockchain.

Other Speakers from Cryptokitties, Ark Fund, the Ethereum Foundation, OpenSea, Rarebits, Hashletes, Token Fest, Coin.Kred and PeopleBrowsr include:

  • Richard Titus – Managing Partner of Ark
  • Benny Giang – Co-Founder of CryptoKitties
  • Virgil Griffith – Special Projects at Ethereum
  • Devin Finzer – Co-Founder and CEO of OpenSea
  • Jodee Rich – CEO of PeopleBrowsr
  • Jonny Howle – Product Design Lead at Consensys
  • Michael Anderson – Co-Founder of Hashletes
  • Alex Atallah – Co-Founder and CTO of OpenSea
  • Brinkley Warren – Co-Founder of Token Fest
  • William Entriken – Lead author of ERC-721
  • Lou Kerner – Founding Partner of CryptoOracle
  • Brian Flynn – Founder of NFTY.News

Get your early bird ticket, apply to speak or nominate a speaker at NFT.NYC.

Contact Cameron Bale – cameronbale +1 438 883 4389

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