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Ardene Stores in Canada has joined hands with Starlight™ Canada’s Ward + Robes™ program to provide unique hospital gowns to teens suffering from serious illness during this holiday season. The companies have raised $350,000 to help the ailing teens to feel the fashion vibes and express themselves better.

Mark Dervishian, Ardene’s COO, says: “Starlight’s mandate to empower young adults through the Ward + Robes program is aligned with our belief that fashion should be celebrated with fearless enthusiasm. Through the Ardene Foundation, our company’s dedicated charity organisation, we hope to bring the joy of self-expression to teens in need. We’ve also been longtime supporters of Starlight, previously sponsoring initiatives across the country, which makes this partnership that much more special.”

Leading up to the New Year, the Ardene Foundation has pledged to raise $350,000 for Starlight, through a combination of slipper sales (ranging from $6.90 to $29.90) and customer $1 donations at checkout.

“Many teens feel a loss of control when their lives become taken over by treatments, therapies and appointments,” says Starlight Canada Executive Director Brian Bringolf. “The simple act of having a choice in their hospital gown can help them feel more relaxed and comfortable, while also maintaining a sense of their individuality. We know that Ardene and their customers understand the importance of empowerment and individuality, and we’re so grateful to receive their generosity and support through this meaningful fundraising campaign.”

This marks a new step in the holiday gifts market. This will surely make an ailing teenager feel good.