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Coin News Channel, the news channel will provide information sought by more than 125 million people who are closely interested in cryptocurrency economy will commence broadcasting soon.

Their aim is to be the news channel of anybody who leads, invests in, is investees of or is interested in cryptocurrency economy which will have the biggest market volume in the upcoming years.

Coin News Channel will broadcast 24/7 in English, to an audience via satellite, cable, internet and all similar platforms, taking the pulse of the cryptocurrency market, blockchain technologies and releasing breaking news in the fastest, most reliable, and most objective way. Furthermore, by obtaining the news from trusted sources, it aims to protect cryptocurrency investors from misinformation that may be distributed from unknown and unreliable sources.

Coin News Channel, which will broadcast live around the world and 24/7 from the news centers in New York and London, will host experts, analysts, and academicians who have in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrency economy to give up-to-date and exact information and comment on the developments.

News crews located in Frankfurt, Paris, Moscow, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo will be following the breaking news on the cryptocurrency market continuously.

Coin News Channel is edited by experienced sector professionals who have established and managed many news channels.