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The home of Santa Claus on Zillow at the NorthPole, consisting of three bedrooms, two bathrooms and state-of-the-art toy workshop, has added new features including new photos that offer a glimpse into Santa’s life.

Originally constructed in the 1800s, 2,500-square foot home made of wood now boasts of a gourmet kitchen with hot cocoa on tap, and all the essentials needed to bake big batches of cookies. A new floor-to-ceiling fireplace composed of river rocks is a central focus in the cozy, yet luxurious home.

Jeremy Wacksman, president of Zilla, a leading data-driven real estate and rental company, said: “It’s always fun to get a peek inside famous and well-known houses, and Santa’s North Pole home is one of the most famous in the world. We’re excited to let kids around the world get a first-hand look at how Santa lives when he’s not out delivering presents.”

The North Pole home of Santa Clause will offer an imaginary peek into Santa’s life, especially when it does not visit you.